Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 75

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 75: Challenge, the duel before leaving the guild.

Sunlight chased away the darkness and light returned to Magnolia, accentuating Fairy Tail's guild in the center of the city.

Lisanna's busy packing clothes and other miscellaneous items into Noah's baggage.

"What else are we missing?"

Noah looked at Lisanna with a powerless expression.

"I say, Lisanna, I am just going out on a trip, not hunkering down for doomsday. Why are you trying to make a dense matter out of the baggage?"

"Oh, what are you going on about now?"

Lisanna replied without looking back.

"Noah-niisan, you're going to Tenrou Island, you're far from Magnolia. You might be able to find food on the island but can you find all these stuff I am packing for you there?"

"Well, fair point but you didn't need to pack so many stuff right?"

Noah looked at his baggage that is now larger than his bed before he rolled his eyes.

"Just one or two pair of clothes and other stuff is enough for the trip isn't it?"

"And what are you going to do when you need them huh?"

"I will find a way to work around it, I am going to an island, not a desert. What am I going to die of? Hunger and thirst?"


Lisanna seemed like she isn't going to give this up, he decided to cut this short.

"Well, anyway, I am not bringing a ton of luggage with me because it's a pain in the b.u.t.t to haul around. I am not Erza, I don't have to bring a cargo of luggage with me whenever I go out on missions!"

As Lissana watched with puppy eyes, he took out all the extra fluff and reduced his baggage to the size of a moderate-sized package before he hanged it on his arming sword's cloth sack and he slung it over his shoulders.

"This is about right."


Lisanna still looked a bit dissatisfied so Noah rubbed her head.

"I am going very far away this time for sure but I survived the wilderness, high mountains, dense forests, I think I can live pretty much anywhere."

Lisanna brightened up a bit and she nodded.


With Lisanna following closely, he came down to the first floor and when everyone saw him, the rowdy crowd piped down.

Each of them had different expressions, some had an expression that wished him well, others were amused, yet others had looks of reluctance and the remaining had looks of confusion.

Noah felt no emotional turbulence. Erza, Natsu, Gray, Elfman, and Levy who is in the corner of the room didn't look like they had anything to say.

Mira had a complicated expression but she huffed and turned the other way.

Makarov walked towards Noah and looked up at him before asking a question.

"Are you ready?"

Noah didn't say anything but nod. Makarov sighed and continued.

"You're a very smart kid, you are way too smart for your own age, you know the value of hard work and you can take care of yourself. You also had years of experience living and cultivating yourself in the outside world. I have no doubt you can handle an independent life."

Makarov smiled warmly.

"If you're missing home, just come right back, ya hear?"

Noah suppressed his emotions but he can't help but respond with a smile as well.

"Understood, gramps."

"Tenrou Island is our sacred place since you're going to live there, you have a duty to protect it."

Makarov said with a stern face.

"The first guildmaster, Mavis had tremendous power, she also had wisdom and knowledge. She is familiar with most any type of magic since she decided to tutor you, you need to make sure you learn properly."

Makarov said in a somewhat excited manner.

"With your talent and gargantuan magic power, maybe you can even learn the 3 great Fairy Tail magic devised by Mavis!"

A bunch of the guild members seemed elated at this prospect as well, they wanted to see the 3 Great Magic of fairy tail as well.

Noah silently apologized to these people.

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He's not going to study under Mavis for real.

Gray's voice gradually lessened because he saw Natsu's serious expression that didn't look anything like his usual att.i.tude.

Noah stared back at Noah with a stern face as well.

"Natsu, are you sure about this?"

"Since coming to Fairy Tail and losing to you for the first time. I had been training for 4 years for this very day!"

"Now that you're going away, you will be stronger the next time you're back. I can't hold myself back anymore!"


The heat from his flaming hand was enough to warm up the whole guild. His current expression is like that of a ferocious beast.

"You can go if you want to go but you have to fight a round with me first!"

The guild was silent. Feeling the magical fluctuations that resembled real flame. He shut his eyes for a moment before he opened it.

"Alright, I accept your challenge!"

Natsu exuded a hot-blooded grin.

"I am getting all fired up!"


Fairy Tail guild, main gate.

"Thinking about it, the last time we had a duel like this was 4 years ago."

He took down his luggage and he placed his luggage at the side before facing Natsu with a smile.

"The fight between me and you, between me and Gildarts happened here, how 4 years fly past us like that is beyond me."

"I am not the same as the me 4 years ago!"

Natsu lowered his center of gravity like a cheetah ready to pounce on a target, in this case, Noah.

"This time, I am going to beat you!"

Noah lifted the corner of his lips, he grabbed the cloth sack containing his arm sword and he continued.

"Let me have it!"

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