Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 74

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter

Night time.

Noah laid there on his bed in a pensive manner as he stared at the ceiling.

He reached out and touched his chest, feeling the strong throbbing sensation coming from there.

It's a sensation only he would know.

He is trying to figure out why his heart kept throbbing so hard. But, he had a slight feeling that something is calling for him.

If he answered this call, he would have to leave Fairy Tail. This throbbing sensation began when he took the feather from Mavis.

Even if the idea alone is ridiculous, the fact that it probably had something to do with the feather meant that this scenario might happen.

He sighed, the thought of answering this summon never occurred. Fairy Tail is his home, everything started after coming to Fairy Tail.

From the looks of things, this feather had something to do with his background, existence, and birth.

After the feather came into his possession, something inside him told him that he needs to go. If Noah really answered it, he would probably embark on a journey to unravel his origins and existence.

But if it came at the price of leaving Fairy Tail, he would rather give up on the idea.

That was his original thoughts on the matter anyway.

He experienced a change in thought after talking with Mavis.

"A heart that is tied with Fairy Tail huh?…"

Noah grabbed his chest and he could distinctly feel the abnormal throbbing within. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep thought.

"If that is so, does that mean no matter where I go, I will return someday?"

This thought had no logical base behind it, a pure feeling that it is true.

If so, doesn't that mean the urge to leave Fairy Tail is one with an illogical source as well?

If both are essentially the same, why would he believe one but not the other?

The throbbing in his chest stopped after he calmed down.

He had to try it out, he is probably never going to let this go if he didn't do it soon. He didn't want to worry Gramps or the people around him so he said something like that during the day before.

If he said he was going to study magic under the tutelage of Mavis then everyone wouldn't be so worried. And, he was right. Makarov howled in excitement after hearing that Mavis will be teaching Noah magic personally. He didn't object to the idea and left Noah to decide for himself.

Erza, Gray, Natsu and the others made a fuss after Noah said he was going on a training trip right just a short period after returning. Needless to say, they had various opinions but none of them tried to stop Noah, they all supported him.

Lisanna is the only one with her head down who stayed silent after Noah suggested he is going to Tenrou Island for a long time.

Mira, on the other hand, stared at Noah with eyes so malevolent it's like he did something really bad towards her.

They were all having fun with him but Noah is dead set on setting out tomorrow. Almost all the guild members know he is going to Tenrou Island to temporarily live there.

Noah also decided to answer the call tomorrow.

It' just that…

"What about Lisanna?"

He muttered. As soon as he did, the door opened. He immediately got up.

Of all the people that came to his room, only one would enter without knocking.



Lisanna entered with her usual warm smile.

"No plans on sleeping soon?"


Noah answered from his bed as he observed Lisanna. After finding out that she seemed to be doing relatively okay, he smiled and asked her.

"What about you? Why are you here when it's so late?"

"To talk with you."

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Lisanna answered while walking up to him and she sat down by his side. She stared intently at Noah.

"How long will you be gone this time?"

Lisanna finally brought herself to this question that is most relevant to her.

"Another 4 years?"

Lisanna sounded like she really didn't want to part with him.

For a brief moment, Noah actually thought that it would be okay to give up on his idea and stay in Fairy Tail.

Truth be told, even he himself isn't too sure when he will be back.

If he did, he would probably only identify himself as a freak that is different from everyone else, he wouldn't know where he came from.

Is he really okay with that?

Noah closed his eyes before opening them.

"3 years!"

Lisanna flinched.

"3 years?"


Noah nodded with a resolute expression.

"I will take no more than 3 years to return!"

He didn't have any proof he could do that but he had decided that he will drag his b.u.t.t back to Fairy Tail in 3 years at most. He would figure a way to come back if he couldn't, even if he must die trying.

He had made up his mind in this regard.

Maybe she gleaned something from Noah's att.i.tude, she tightened her hold on his hand and laid her head on his shoulder as she closed her eyes.

Her action touched his heart, he rested his head against hers and closed his eyes as well. There was a peaceful silence between the two of them. They let themselves become so engrossed in their intimacy that they didn't notice a figure leaving after witnessing what had transpired.

The figure had left only a brief display of her white ponytail before she the area.

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