Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 73

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 73: The three grand fairy magic

"Noah-niisan… Noah-niisan… Noah-niisan!"

A familiar sound that had a hint of anxiety in it woke Noah up from his dream-like state.


The voice that had woke him up didn't sound so worried now that he's awake, in fact, it had a joyful tone to it.

Lisanna's beaming face entered his view.



Lisanna nodded. She released a long sigh of relief when she confirmed that he is indeed okay.

"I am so glad, Noah-niisan, you're finally awake. I thought something had happened to you!"

Noah felt a bit of guilt for making Lisanna worried, he patted her head and continued.

"I am sorry I made you worried."

"As long as you're okay."

Lisanna shook her head as she replied.

"Noah-niisan, what happened, why did you suddenly pa.s.s out like that?"

"Ah, that…"

Noah scratched his cheek and bitterly laughed.

"I don't know how to explain it but even I am not quite sure what happened. If I am not wrong, the first guild master pulled me into a psychic world or something like that?"

"The first guild master did?"

Lisanna tilted her head in confusion.

Noah didn't explain any more details, he kept rubbing her head while looking at a certain direction.

The grave of Fairy Tail's founding guild master had not changed in the slightest. The hole in the middle of the plaque still had what appears to be a flame like radiance in it. but, this light didn't give off a searing heat, it had a warm sheen to it.

Noah didn't know what that burning fire was. However, he now knew what it was.

Anyone who knew about Mavis Vermillion probably had heard tales about .

These spells were created by the first guild master Mavis herself. These magic can only be wielded by Fairy Tail members.

These grand magic aren't called Grand magic for nothing, to wield them properly, one must have a tremendous amount of magic power. Certain conditions are even needed for activation. Their potency is on par with the ancient and lost magic, if not outright surpa.s.sing them. These magic can turn tides and wreak utter havoc on the enemies.

Spells with this kind of potency is matched only by its rarity, the 10 wizard saints standing at the apex of all magicians probably don't have any spell like this. These kinds of spells could be said to be the envy of other magicians.

Fairy Tail has three such grand spells.

After the death of the first guild master, only one of the three spells got pa.s.sed down, currently, the only known user of this spell is the current guild master.

The other two grand spells were lost and as such, technically those two counts as Lost Magic.

The flame in the hole has one of the three grand spells sealed into it. It was here all this time at the grave of the first guild master.

If other magicians caught wind of this news, Tenrou Island would probably have a mage battle royale.

The master of one such grand magic would allow one to control a part of this world if not outright making them one of the ten wizard saints. Even Noah had his interest piqued.

Well, the him in the past, that is.

Noah closed his eyes and recalled the memories that were implanted into him.

Recorded in the memories were the 3 grand spells of fairy tail.

When the current guild master can only use 1 such grand magic, Noah already had information about the 3 grand magic.

If he so chooses, he could begin practicing anytime he wanted.

That is the reason why the grand magic sealed within the flame in the tomb could not arouse his interest.


Noah exhaled.

He opened his eyes and continued while paying respect to the grave in front of him.

"What an outrageous gift…"


Lisanna blinked her eyes.

"Noah-niisan, what did you say?"


Noah calmed down and turned around towards the exit.

"Let's go! Lisanna!"


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Lisanna catched up to him.

"A ghost?"

Natsu thought deeply about this while holding his arms. He then asked Happy who was at his side.

"Hey, are ghost delicious?"


Happy narrowed his eyes.

"This guy lost in terms of intelligence relative to a cat…"


Mira crept up on them with a furious look.

"You guys didn't bring me along!"

"You two are speaking the trust is that right?"

Makarov said with a stern look.

"This is no joking matter!"

"Actually, I am not quite sure whether or not to believe this, I just believed what Noah-niisan told me."

Lisanna placed her chin on her index finger as she recalled the series of event that led up to the issue at hand.

"It's true that we did see a girl on Tenrou Island, but, I don't if that's the first guild master."


Makarov thought for a bit before turning his attention to Noah.

"What did Mavis tell you?"

Noah looked around and after finding out that everyone's attention is on him, he lowered his head. He looked like he's pressed about something.

Should he tell everyone everything that happened?

He had this thought but his feelings were getting in the way.

After a brief delay, he made up his mind.


Noah told Makarov.

"The first guild master wanted me to stay there and learn magic with her!"

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