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Chapter 71

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 71: The inscrutable boy and girl

If one were to find one word to describe Noah and Lisanna's feeling then one word would stick out the most.


The girl stood there in the middle of the rain and yet no droplets could be observed on her robe or hair. She even had a little bit of sheen to her that hinted at her phantasmal nature.

The young girl smiled when she noticed Noah and Lisanna looking at her. She tilted her head while standing there without any shoes. But, Noah and Lisanna didn't think it odd that she was without a pair of shoes.

If she did wear a pair of shoes it would damage her image as a fantastic fairy.

The fairy in the rain smiled at Lisanna and she forgot the important words she was about to tell Noah. She lightly tugged Noah's arm and mumbled.

"Noah Nii-san, is that the rumored fairy living on Tenrou Island?"

The fairies of Tenrou Island, the very same rumor that earned Tenrou Island the nickname Fairy Island, a term appropriate for Fairy Tail's holy land.

Whether or not there are fairies on Tenrou Island is unknown to everyone else but if Noah and Lisanna were told the same rumor now, they would believe it.

This young girl who looked like she walked out of a fairy tale could very well be the fairy of legends.


Maybe because she heard Lisanna talking, the bare feet young girl giggled and turned around before walking away.


Lisanna called out subconsciously.


Noah finally came back to his senses as he grabbed his cloth sack and chased after the girl while grabbing Lisanna who is still too dazed to react.

♦ ♦ ♦

Sound of torrential rain splashing down

It continued raining on Tenrou Island, Noah and Lisanna didn't mind the rain, they were too busy following the fairy-like girl running in front of them. They didn't go any closer to her willingly because she seemed to exude an aura that compelled people to keep a distance.

One of them ran in the front and two others followed behind, they continued in this fashion for some time until the environment around them changed to one with better lighting. Even the rain somehow stopped falling in their region.

Noah and Lisanna both stopped and looked around.

The place they are in is very wide and has walls on all sides. Tree roots made up the walls more than concrete. Weird firefly-esque light danced around them. To sum it up, it's as though they walked into a scene in a dream.

Lisanna is already captivated by what she saw. Meanwhile, Noah looked intensely at a place not far away from him. He is currently looking at a gigantic tree. The important thing isn't the tree itself but what is there with the tree.

Under the tree is a giant cavity growing with dry gra.s.s and there's a grave there that looked like it had seen quite some years.

A plaque is there on the grave, it seemed to be constructed by placing two plaques together, leaving a gap between the two plaques and a central cavity in the middle of that gap.

In that cavity, something seemed to be burning there, taking up the whole of that cavity.

His heart started racing the moment he saw that scene. It is the same scene he saw when he was still at Fairy Tail yesterday.

The vision he had is obviously not some hallucinations but a vision based on a real place. This means that the flame-like thing there is something he is very interested in.

It's one of the feathers he saw in the white dream.

If his vision is real… then…

Noah walked towards it.

"Noah Nii-san?"

Lisanna looked at Noah who is making his way towards the grave in slight confusion, she wasn't sure whether or not to stop him.

Soon, Noah arrived in front of the grave and he stared at the flame within the cavity. He tensed up and reached out for the flame.


When he reached out for the flame, a bright light sprouted forth and illuminated every corner of the place.

"Noah Nii-san!"

Lisanna cried out but the bright light engulfed her.

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The girl beamed widely and introduced herself.

"My name's Mavis! Mavis Vermillion!"

"Mavis Vermillion?"

Noah frowned and mumbled the name.

"This name, why is it so familiar?"

Noah realized the next instant why this name struck a chord.

That's the name of the first Guild master of Fairy Tail!


Noah couldn't believe his eyes. This bare feet fairy girl currently smiling at him is actually the…

"You're the first guild master?!"

"I am so happy someone still remembered me even after all this time!"

Mavis' energetic voice hit him. She ran over to Noah while tracing ripples emanated where her feet touched the ground. She came in front of him and examined him curiously.

"Hey mysterious boy, what's your name?"

Mysterious boy?


From his point of view, Mavis is the one who seemed more enigmatic.

Why is the already deceased first guildmaster manifesting herself to him?

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