Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 69

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 69: The cause of the disruption in Tenrou Island

"Ne, Noah Nii-san…"

Lisanna had a doubtful expression.

"Is it just me or did our magic power increase?"

"I thought I was hallucinating."

Noah closed his eyes and felt his gargantuan amount of magic power before reaffirming his statement.

"It's a marginal increase but i can feel that my magic power had grown somewhat stronger."

"Noah Nii-san already has a ton of magic power to throw around so the increase felt very little. On the other hand, I feel that my magic power had grown by about 10%."

Lisanna couldn't contain her surprise.

"Maybe it's a result of us entering Tenrou Island?"

"It has to be."

Noah looked at the biggest tree in the seas of trees in front of him, Tenrou tree.

"I sense that the magic increase came from the direction of Tenrou tree. I think it must be a blessing given to us, more specifically, a blessing for all Fairy Tail members.

Noah chose to omit one point.

He chose to omit the fact that these externally derived magic power adding to his stockpile of magic power is currently being absorbed at a rapid pace. These magic power are then integrated into his internal magic power.

Originally, these externally sourced magic power would recede away on their own when Noah leaves Tenrou Island. But, these external magic power are being internalized by Noah.

Noah knows all too well the reason why.

Makarov had pointed out to him four years ago that his body had very unique characteristics, three unique characteristics in fact.

1: Negate any indirect negative energy and effects acting upon Noah.

2: Absorb any foreign power that enters Noah's body.

3: Mana regeneration

The energy entering him as a result of being on Tenrou Island is probably triggering his second characteristic.

His body is greedily absorbing and integrating the magic power like a tyrant subjugating others, leaving Noah as the sole beneficiary.

The magic power that became his is relatively small compared to the magic power he already had in the first place. Yet, if one were to view the amount according to a more average benchmark of say an average magician, the amount he had obtained is equivalent to 1 or 2 years of cultivation.

He managed to obtain something just by being here and he feels pretty d.a.m.n good about it.


Noah's perception picked up something out of ordinary.

The ma.s.sive magic power coursing through Tenrou Island had experienced some sort of disturbance as magic power started rampaging around.


Noah squat down and placed his hands on the ground to grab a sense of what is going on.

Lisanna figured out that Noah had detected something and decided to watch quietly from the side.

Just because she didn't plan on disturbing him that doesn't mean other creatures would do the same.


With a long howl, a head appeared from inside one of the great trees there.

Its head is longer than even a giant anaconda and it resembled a fish more than it does a snake. It also had four elephant legs and it looked like a tortoise without a sh.e.l.l. To sum it up, it's a pretty weird looking creature of enormous size.

It isn't a creature that is out to hunt humans specifically but with the way it is eyeing both Noah and Lisanna, one could tell that this beast is no herbivore.


The weird chimera cried out like a steam whistle and charged at both Noah and Lisanna with ridiculous momentum.


Lisanna was surprised but she didn't panic. Seeing as Noah isn't going to take any action, she gathered together her courage and ran towards the creature.

Magic light covered LIsanna's pet.i.te body. In a matter of seconds, Lisanna's size increased tremendously.

A rabbit with purple fur appeared, it had what appears to be a dining cloth around its neck and its size is comparable to the weird chimera creature.


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A dull thud rang and it was followed by a cry of pain. The charging monster stopped its charge.

"According to my a.n.a.lysis, the thing looked pretty ugly but not many in our guild could have challenged it and won. Perhaps Natsu would be able to put up a good fight with it. It's quite an impressive feat for you to stand against it and stall for time."

"Is that so?"

Lisanna perked herself up and looked at Noah.

"Oh yeah, Noah Nii-san did you find something?"

Noah didn't reply in affirmative or denial. Instead, he looked at the faraway Tenrou tree and his eyes flashed before he continued.

"If my senses are not fooling me, there is something here that is disrupting the flow of magic power on Tenrou Island!"

"So the reason why Tenrou Island could be discovered by the outside world is because of this disruption in magic flow?"

Lisanna tilted her head in confusion.

"What should we do then?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

Noah laughed.

"We are going to search for the source of this disturbance!"

As if angered by Noah's words, the skies of Tenrou Island became an overcast.


Came the thunder.

Drip drip drop

It started raining and the ground started getting wet.

His expression froze up as the rain hit him hard and made him wet.


Looking at Noah who was pretty cool with his declaration froze up made Lisanna laugh out loud. She grabbed his hand and continued.

"Before we do that, why don't we find a place to hide from the rain!"

Noah helplessly nodded.

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