Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 58

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 58: What has changed and what has not changed since then

"Let's settle this once and for all~~~!"

What nostalgic sounds.

What nostalgic words.

Those nostalgic figures.

These familiar scenes.

This nostalgic scene dispelled the out of place feeling he had due to being away from this place for 4 straight years. It also made him grin at the sight of it all.

This scene seems like it just happened yesterday, and he reacted as if he had just done the same feat yesterday as well. Noah lifted his arm and clenched his fist before striking the pink haired youth in the solar plexus with speed many times faster than what the youth could muster.



With a moan, the pink haired youth went stiff while his eyes started to bulge before he fell to the ground in a limp.

"I just came back and I could use some rest. Can we continue this the next time?"

Noah withdrew his fist and smiled at the collapsed youth before greeting him under the speechless gazes of the other guild members.

"It's been a while! Natsu!"

"He… Hehe…"

Natsu grew much taller and his face also matured a lot since the last time he saw him. However, his refreshing smile is still plastered onto his countenance as the guy shouted out loud while holding down his aching stomach.

"Still so excitingly strong as usual!"

Noah smiled but before he could say anything, a small figure descended from above and landed beside Natsu.

"Natsu, are you okay?"


Noah is amazed.

For no other reason than because the creature that landed at Natsu's side is but a cat. It's a blue cat with a pair of pure white wings.

"I am alright!"

Natsu energetically jumped up and rubbed his stomach before turning towards the cat with wings.

"This kind of damage is nothing, Happy!"


Noah curiously examined the cat with wings.

"You're Happy?"


The blue cat named Happy responded with vigor.

"Happy hatched from an egg that squinty eyes picked up from somewhere, it happened not long after you were gone!"

From within the crowd, a black-haired kid with the guild insignia on his right chest walked out. He was bare-chested of course, with only a short pants he came and hugged Noah.

"Finally home, ya b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"


Noah returned his hug and then laughed.

"It's been so long since we last see each other and I see that you still haven't changed, you are still not a big fan of shirts."

"c.r.a.p! I forgot!"

Gray looked like he just realized this now, the guild members can't help but laugh in an uproar.


A tender voice came and a figure appeared behind Noah before lifting her legs and kicking at his Noah's direction.

Even before he heard the noise, he already sensed her appeared behind him.

The rapid kick turned into afterimages as it approached him, the winds the attack drew also started hitting his back. Noah kept smiling like he hadn't noticed a thing. His figure shifted half a step to the side in a deceptively slow speed which in reality was a very rapid dodge.


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The kick cut through the air around where he was standing just a short while ago.

"You girls changed drastically as well."

He expressed that line very emotively especially after inadvertently seeing those big a.s.s jugs that her small vest can barely hold. (Tl: "inadvertently". Er huh.)

"So much in fact that quite frankly I almost didn't recognize you girls."

"Noah, surely you haven't forgotten about us!"

At one of the table on the sides, a tanned beefcake with white hair wearing a high school uniform stood up while grinning at Noah.

"We are over here!"

"Oh, you've returned?"

A young girl in a bikini who had curly long black hair called out to him after chugging down a huge barrel of booze, she is clearly intoxicated.

"Finally, a fine specimen of a man in this guild!"

"You guys are… Elfman and Cana?"

Noah asked in a startled manner.

"Wow had you guys changed or what, and you Cana, when did you start drinking?"

"Maa maa…."

Cana heartily laughed while flushing from the inside of her.

"Don't mind the small stuff!"

He glanced through those faces and recalled what his childhood friends used to look like and he compared them to what they looked like now. He could only sigh at how time can change anything.

At this point, a midget of an old man walked over from the bar and arrived in front of Noah.

The guild stood still as Noah looked eye to eye with this old man who he hadn't see for 4 years. The emotional turbulence within their eyes is something that not many could detect.

After quite some time, the old man finally opened his mouth.

"You've grown…"

Noah nodded and responded with all his feelings in his sentence.

"I am back, gramps…"

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