Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 56

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 56: Return, how 4 years pa.s.sed in a flash

The wind blew from beyond the horizon making the air take on a cooler temperature.

Magnolia is still surrounded by countless forests and mountains. If one were to listen a bit closer one would intermittently hear the sound of hawkers going about their usual business promoting their products and people bragging or just fooling around. All in all not much had changed and the city is as rowdy as it ever was.

It is currently autumn and the temperature in Magnolia had plummeted giving the town a cool air around it. Naturally, if there were no winds, even if it’s autumn the moist air can still drive people insane.

Rustle rustle.

Inside an even more humid part of Magnolia’s forests. The sound of leaves dancing could be heard coming from a corner of the forest, the sound got more and more intense as if something is approaching.


The next instant, a figure appeared from amidst the trees, he cut through the wind with his immense speed as he ran. The figure is a youngster around the age of 17 who is wearing only a brief, no shoes, no shirt.

The youngster had a huge boulder, several times his own size on top of his hands. The weight didn’t seem to matter as he traversed the land with unfathomable agility like that of a panther. While causing minor tremors with each step he took, he slid through the trees and dodged any that obstructed him while maintaining his pace.


After quite some time, the youth finally stopped and nonchalantly threw the boulder he had to the side like it’s a twig.


The boulder smashed everything at the point of impact be it twigs or gra.s.s. It also created a ma.s.sive crater on the ground while drawing up dust.

Finished with all these, the youth lifted his head and stared at the sky. He revealed his face that had little of the innocence he once had in exchange for a more mature one. His eyes that could draw in anyone were also revealed under the sun.

This is the face that went through a 4 year period of growth, how time flies. It was just a blink of the eye and now 4 years is gone.

It’s not just his appearance and height that grew. Now at 17, one couldn’t fathom where is the limit of his strength that grew all this while.

After hearing the news about Laxus rising to S-Cla.s.s magician, Noah had never returned to Fairy Tail. he would train himself to the limit every day for the past 4 years. He didn’t just train his magic, he also trained his body, his sword skills, his martial arts and his magic power manipulation. He even went as far as to make sure his dexterity, sensitivity, reflex, and sensing abilities kept up with his training at his utmost limit.

Comparing the him before and after 4 years is a gap that can’t be described with just drastic change.

Noah is confident that if he fought with the past version of himself, he wouldn’t need to use his magic and sword skills. Heck, he wouldn’t even need to move once half a step, he just needed to use his bare fists to beat the past version of himself.

This is part of his strength anyway. Regarding his magic…

He glanced at the boulder beside him and placed his hand upon it. He tapped it once and walked into the forest.


When his figure disappeared between the trees, the ma.s.sive boulder shined and following the cracks that appeared, the boulder shattered into neat little cubes.

The cubes exploded outwards and littered the floor with what was once a ma.s.sive boulder. Dust cloud began rising again.

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♦ ♦ ♦

Now he can say with 100 percent confidence that:

“Even Gildarts won’t be able to compete with me in terms of control over [Crush]!”

He can’t suppress how much he missed his old town, a rare elated smile appeared on his face. He picked up the cloth bag containing his arming sword and walked towards Magnolia.

♦ ♦ ♦

Magnolia, Fairy Tail…

He stared at the familiar building in front of him in a daze.

4 years, it’s been 4 years that I haven’t returned.

Even after 4 years, Fairy Tail didn’t seem to have undergone much change. Well, except for the door that looked like it had been replaced many times. Thinking about it, surely it’s not due to wear and tear but because of the boisterous guys in it right?

Deeply inhaling, he pushed open the door.

The sun had just broken through the horizon for a short while, that is why there is n.o.body at the first-floor bar.

He looked at the nostalgic scene and he toured around the bar for a bit before heading up to the third floor. He reached out and opened the door to his own room. The room stayed the same way it had always been in his mind. There is not even any dust or change as though he never even left. He stood at the door and looked at his room for a while before a voice slowly rang in the simple room.

“I’m back…”

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