Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 54

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 54: No choice but to become your bride?



A loud cry and a boom that resonates rang within this plain filled with craters.

At the same time, inside one of the craters, dense smoke wafted up and a figure jumped out from within the smoke and dust. He stopped retreating after moving several tens of meters from the area of effect. The figure stood firmly on the ground but he looked very ragged. And there’s a very good reason for his distraught appearance. If one were to describe what predicament is facing the figure, it would be manhunt. And it’s the type of manhunt where he can’t exactly retaliate.

Restricted, he still needs to face his opponent who had boasted a significant gap relative to his own abilities. How can Noah not look haggard under this kind of situation?

When the smoke and dust cleared, the situation inside the crater became apparent to outside view.

Standing there with an arm shielding her b.r.e.a.s.t.s is Mira. Her arm managed to block a part of her slender body but it’s only the chest part. Meanwhile, her other hand had transformed into a demonic arm and the dark aura coming off it is a reflection of how mad and embarra.s.sed Mira is at the moment.

Behind her, Lisanna squatted down and hugged her knees to shield her young and tender body from view. The corners of her eyes were wet and she looked like a victim of bullying. This somehow invoked a sense of guilt in him.

“W-wait wait!”

He hurriedly stopped her when Mira looked like she’s coming in for another swipe at him.

“W-what are you doing? You trying to kill me?”

“Yeah, any last words?”

Although her face is flushed and her eyes are moist with tears, she still tried to put on a menacing expression. The result being Mira looking like she’s been terribly wronged. Noah shivered inside and can’t help glancing over at that porcelain body of hers tinged in a healthy blush.

“You’re still looking?!”

She hugged the arm covering her chest even closer and she looked even more bashful and mad at the same time.

“You really wanna try dying one time?!”

“I-I didn’t meant to!”

Noah turned away. Before he could say anything, Mira’s said something.

“I only have one question for you!”

She bit down on her lip and slowly spat out the words in a low tone and voice.

“You… did you see?”

Noah’s body froze up, his brain recalled the scene which from various angles, could be said to be a scene that he won’t be forgetting for the rest of his life. Those fair skin, slender limbs, beautiful curves and exquisite figure, and those buds that are still in the middle of their growth along with the pink toppings on top of those twin mountains that can shake him down to his core.

Thinking back about all those things, Noah who never experienced anything like this blushed subconsciously and his eyes glazed over. Mira who saw this screamed at him while tearing up.

“You did saw them!”

“No… hold up wait!”

Noah panicked and his brain went into overdrive trying to think of a way to slide out of his predicament only to utter what seems to be ridiculous statements.

“In the end, it isn’t my fault. You’re the ones who got close, I-I didn’t want to see those kind of things!”

“You don’t want to see those kind of things you say?”

Mira who was bashful just a moment ago darkened and the embarra.s.sment she’s feeling all turned into fury.

“If that is so, then go die!”


Seeing as Mira charged over with that transformed hand of hers, Noah could only dodge to the side in a fl.u.s.ter.

However, he can’t retaliate or exactly argue back and Mira who is way ahead of him meant that he would be at an absolute disadvantage, even his dodging form can only be described as desperate.

Luckily for him, Mira’s rampage didn’t carry any killing intention, she’s just flailing around and as such it was not that big a threat for him despite forcing him to take on a more ragged appearance.

But, to him, this whole thing is a torture in itself.

Let’s not talk about Noah’s fear of actually getting hit by one of her attacks, keep in mind that Mira’s in her birthday suit at the moment so it didn’t matter what action she took, she would be revealing her beautiful form. Also, she’s only blocking her chest with one hand while chasing him down in a series of pursuing attack. Basically, at this point she’s just continuously treating his eyes.

In other words, Noah is both in pain and enjoying himself.

Funny enough, it was Lisanna who is still hugging her knees while squatting that discovered this and called out to Mira.

“Mira-nee! Body!”

In the process of chopping down on Noah’s head, she discovered her current attire and decided to rescind her attacks. She hurriedly cover her upper and lower region, she didn’t forget to throw him a seething sentence.

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“Noah! I hate you!”

“Wh-what is it? Did I say something wrong?”

“Noah Onii-san…”

Lisanna chastised him.

“Forgetting the accident after it had already occurred is something very irresponsible to say you know…”

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”

Noah bitterly smiled.


Mira huffed and turned away. She looked even more furious than when he saw her b.u.t.t naked, this is really turning into something confusing for him now.

So I can’t even forget it? Why are girls so hard to please?

Lisanna took this opportunity to sneak to his side and whisper something that almost made him fall to the ground.

“As it now stands, Noah Onii-san, looks like you will have to take someone as your bride now…”

(Tl: Note that raws 这样一来,诺亚哥哥,你以后就非得让人家做你的新娘不可了哦… where 人家 could be plural in the sense of “some people as your brides” in this case the strauss sisters as brides and that 新娘 can be plural as well but translated as singular form because normally there’s only one bride, just saying TL;DR she could have meant plural as well)


Noah’s shouted out so loud his voice turned into echoes.


Mira was stunned by his shout soon began to blush like mad as the word got registered inside her head. She stuttered her next lines.

“Wh-what do you mean by bride? Just because you got to see some skin that means I have to marry you? Y-you’re too naive! I-I will never become one!”

Noah bitterly laughed when he saw how Mira was stuttering all over like that. Lisanna grinned like she managed to pull off a prank. She continued to whisper into his ear.

“Don’t forget what I said, No-Ah-Onii-San…”

His bitter smile got even nastier after hearing what she said.

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