Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 51

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 51: Decision and the start of the magic learning journey

At first, Noah was still on the fence on whether or not to learn magic from Gildarts.

He wasn’t sure just how strong this supposedly ultra destructive [Crush] is. But judging by how Gildarts who boasts strength on par with a ten saint couldn’t completely rein in this magic and would inadvertently destroy stuff making Magnolia renovate as a result, one could see just how strong this [Crush] is.

Noah has magic power like none has ever seen before, he will definitely see a drastic increase in power after learning magic. With a foundation like this augmented by [Crush], one cannot put an upper limit on just how much strength he will gain at the end of this journey.

But then, there’s a tiny issue.

If even Gildarts couldn’t control his [Crush], once he learned [Crush], what will happen then?

His magic power rampage could cause disasters just by the sheer amount. Now if he were to use [Crush] with that ridiculous amount of magic power and cause a calamity, it probably won’t be the kind that happens with Gildarts!

Noah went through h.e.l.l trying to control his magic power, but realizing that his magic may yet cause more disasters, can he really go ahead without hesitations?

He started learning how to control his magic power so that he wouldn’t cause problems for those close to him after learning magic. But it would beat the whole purpose if he would still cause troubles after learning [Crush].

Furthermore, after a magician learns magic, his magic power would increase with practice and strengthening of his magic. If Noah doesn’t want to cause troubles for others around him, he still needs to work hard after this.

This journey will be both strenuous and long in nature.

Noah pondered over this for quite some time before finally making up his mind on learning [Crush] from Gildarts.

Noah inhaled deeply and nodded seriously.

“I haven’t told gramps yet but I think gramps would not object to it.”


Gildarts exlaimed with intrigue.

“Why’s that?”

“Because I have made up my mind!”

Noah brought up his head and said such a line.

“Once I begin learning [Crush], for each day that I can’t control it properly, I shall not return to Fairy Tail!”


Everyone around them was surprised.

“Noah(Noah Onii-san)!”

Mira, Lisanna, Erza and the rest got agitated.

But, Noah kept his eyes on Gildarts, his unwavering eyes seem to be conveying how he steadfast he is in this decision.

Gildarts scratched his head.

“Now this is a bit troubling…”

Just when Gildarts is anxious, an old voice came from beyound the crowd.


Everybody parted to form a path and Makarov who walked over appeared in front of everyone.

“Guild master!”

The surrounding members all greeted.


Natsu and Gray hurriedly greeted Makarov as well.

“You came at just the right time, persuade Noah!”


Noah turned towards Makarov who walked over in slow strides, he remianed silent.

“Guild master.”

Gildarts glanced at Makarov and shurgged.

“Your timing is just right, I don’t know what to make of this.”


Makarov smiled.

“Why don’t you help Noah!”

“Guild master!”

Mira, Lisanna and the others all cried out.

Makarov lifted a hand to quell the surrounding sounds. He arrived in front of NOah and stared straight at him.

“Are you sure?”


Noah who spent the whole day yesterday ruminating had no doubt now.

“I have made up my mind!”

“That is all one ever needs!”

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Makarov didn’t hesitate either and turned back to Gildarts.

Erza looked like she has some objections about this idea as well.

“I think everyone has a point, you should reconsider!”

Natsu, Cana, and Elfman nodded to the others opinion.

He looked at the youth gang in front of him before sighing.

“Hey, can you guys have a little faith in me please? Just because Gildarts couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean I can’t ya know?”

“I did say I won’t return to Fairy Tail but I won’t be going anywhere.”

Without giving them any moment to retort, Noah continued.

“I will just find a place nearby with no population and diligently practice magic, even if I don’t return to the guild, I won’t be running off to G.o.d knows where.”


Lisanna asked.

“You mean the river side?”

“No, I am planning to go towards a mountain nearby!”

Noah smiled.

“[Crush] can bring about destruction on a peerless scale, an instance of carelessness can cause wide spread destruction. That would be troubling as I don’t want to destroy the place I had been training at for 2 years.”


Everyone exchanged looks.

“Have some faith in me!”

Noah cut the story short.

“I will be back!”

Seeing as Noah doesn’t intend to change his decision, n.o.body could say anything and they all helplessly nodded.

♦ ♦ ♦

The next morning.

A medium sized mountain near Magnolia found an arming sword armed backpacking youth named Noah among its inhabitants.

Lifting his head, he gazed at this mountain that is not too big or small and looked at his hand.

Within it, there are papers with scribbles all over it.

The corners of his raised and he walked towards the mountain top.

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