Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 45

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 45: The maiden heart men can’t grasp


Inside the giant library, an ineffable silence filled the air.

Noah had a very thick book in his hands but his attention isn’t on it at all. Instead he glanced in front of him and he had slight emotional turbulence within his eyes.

Sitting opposite to him is the two sisters, Mira and Lisanna. However, there’s no ruckus like in the past. If one were to look closer the two girls are acting very weird. Firstly, Mira, unlike her delinquent girl image she used to have, she is now sitting there looking very awkward while blushing pink. Although this is very cute, she’s not the Mira he used to know.

Meanwhile, Lisanna looked completely different. Her age might be the smallest among them but she’s the most precocious of them all. Yet, today she looked like a kid her age, what with her pouting and she seemed to be angry at something.

This scene persisted since he got woken up by a steaming Lisanna a while back.

He’s very anxious about the abnormal behaviour of the two ridiculously cute sisters. The result of this being his inability to focus on his book at hand. Thus, Noah decided to avert his attention away from the book and looked towards Lisanna.


Lisanna turned the other way after that snort, looks like she’s still pretty angry. Opening and closing his eyes rapidly for a few times, he then turned to Mira.


Mira jolted with an exaggerated motion. Her pink cheeks turned into a deeper tone of red. She glared at him and yelled with bashful intonation.

“What? Wanna fight?!”


Noah became bewildered.

Mira picking a fight isn’t anything new. What’s odd is that her usual dominating and sa.s.sy tone when she said ‘wanna fight?’ in the past is in stark contrast to today’s shy attempt at ‘wanna fight?’, that and her red face. What is going on here?

Noah didn’t know what happened with the sisters so he decided to stop thinking about it and just ask straight away.

“I say, are you girls hiding something from me?”

When the sisters heard this, they each had different reaction altogether.

Mira flinched and then looked away like a guilty criminal.

Lisanna seemed to be even more furious, she even howled.

“Noah Onii-san is a big idiot!”


Noah’s bewilderment grew towards the sky.

Could this perhaps be the legendary thing about how men cannot understand a maiden’s heart?

“I-If you have so much time to chat, why don’t you hurry up and settle on a magic you like!”

Mira awkwardly tried to divert the subject.

“Are you giving up on learning magic?”

“Of course I want to…”

Noah felt that even if he kept pursuing the matter, no answers will come to him so he sighed and waved the magic tome in his hand.

“Don’t you see me trying to do it here?”

Seeing as the topic got back on the right track, Lisanna gradually returned to her normal appearance and asked with a tilted head.

“You were at it the whole night and you still can’t find a suitable one?”

“Basically all the magic tomes stored in the guild’s library are already here!”

Noah patted the small mountain of books beside him and at the same time, he seemed to be at wit’s end.

“But even if I spent a night at it, I still don’t feel like I found the right one.”

“Is it that hard?”

Mira mumbled and grabbed a book before turning its pages.

“It’s just choosing a magic, you’re not choosing a cloth to wear. Just pick the strongest, most awesome and practical magic will do is it not?”

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“It’s not a matter of awesomeness of magic, take for example your [Takeover] magic, it’s completely normal in comparison to Natsu’s [Dragon Slayer Magic]. His magic is a precious and ancient magic but you’re still stronger than Natsu by a lot of margin yes?”

Before Noah, Mira and Lisanna could react, a loud stir happened outside the library within the guild.


“It’s Gildarts!”

“Gildarts is back!”

Amidst the commotion, Noah, Mira and Lisanna could hear siren in thes ky.

“Magnolia will be changing into Gildarts Shift! All citizens please evacuate to designated areas!”

When the alarm fell, Noah, Mira and Lisanna could feel the earth beneath them starting to tremble.

“What’s.. going on?”

Looking at the earthquake like tremor around them and the resulting shaking of the various bookshelves, Noah stood up while Mira reflexively grabbed Lisanna and shielded her from the front with Lisanna behind her back.


The racket inside the guild didn’t stop.


Mira and Lisanna exchanged looks.

“Who’s Gildarts?”

Noah also frowned, he didn’t reply and went straight for the door with Mira and Lisanna hurrying to follow him as they made their way out of the library.

♦ ♦ ♦

When the three of them got out and descended down to the bar on the ground floor they saw such a scene.

As cene where every magician in the guild silenced themselves, the racket uproar before disappeared like an illusion. They all had their eyes concentrated at the main door of the guild.

At the main door, a figure could be seen slowly approaching.

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