Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 32

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The next day…

The warm rays of the sun chased away the frigid air in the forest making it take on a more summer like appearance.


The tattooed boy woke up from his dreams and slowly opened his eyes.


Right when he is opening his eyes, the tattooed boy heard a very cute and tender yell.

“Noah onii-san, he woke up!”


The tattooed boy’s eyes snapped wide open in response and his body shot up like a compressed spring being released. He vigilantly looked around.

The tattooed boy noticed that he’s in a cave in an unknown location.

The cave isn’t that big but it’s bigger than a room inside a normal family home. He could clearly see the intense sunlight also the cave emanating in as well as the cavern walls.

He also found out that he’s currently on a stone platform jutting out of the innermost cavern wall.

The tattooed boy saw two people near the entrance of the cave. One of them had jet black short and fine hair, eyes deep as the stars and a rod shaped cloth bag at his side likely concealing some sort of weapon. It is a boy around the age of 11-12 with an unusual aura around him. The other one is a little girl around the age of 7-8 with blue haired little girl hiding behind beside young boy. She revealed only her head as she stared weakly and curiously at him from the side of the boy.

The boy is currently on the ground with his back against the wall. He gently rubbed the head of the blue haired little girl hiding at his side. He turned his head over to the tattooed boy before grinning.

“Just woke up?”

The tatooed boy didn’t reply instantly but his vigilance reduce drastically. He stayed silent for a bit before finally opening his mouth.

“Who are you?”

“Fairy Tail’s Noah Dreyar, Noah would do!”

Noah concisely introduced himself before patting the head of the blue haired little girl beside him.

“And this girl’s name is Wendy!”

“Nice… Nice to meet you…”

Wendy sheepishly said before clamming her mouth tight.

“Fairy Tail….”

The tattooed boy’s eyes brightened up. He lowered his head and hesitated for a bit before introducing himself.

“I am.. Jellal, did you guys saved me?”

“I didn’t save you.”

Noah shrugged before patting Wendy’s head.

“Wendy saved you, it was her who used restorative magic to heal you. Honestly, I am quite surprised myself.”

It’s the truth. Since Natsu’s Fire [Dragon Slayer Magic] has abnormal destructive power, he could display a power output that would give normal magicians a run for their money despite Natsu not being able to display its full potential because of his young age.

Thinking about it, perhaps since [Dragon Slayer Magic] is a magic used to fight dragons, it would only be natural that it had this kind of power.

What Noah didn’t expect is that Wendy’s [Dragon Slayer Magic] don’t have the destructive power of Natsu’s [Dragon Slayer Magic] but it had supportive and restorative characteristics.

According to Wendy, it’s because she didn’t have the knack for fighting. That’s why she advanced faster in learning supportive magic belonging to sky dragon slayer magic but did poorly on combative magic. At the moment, her mastery over them is barely commendable, she didn’t have the destructive ability Natsu had.

In other words, if one were to compare them both, Natsu’s [Dragon Slayer Magic] is purely for fighting while Wendy can use her sky [Dragon Slayer Magic] for combat in addition to supporting battle and healing through her various enhancements and buffs, it’s a pretty rare and well rounded magic.

If Wendy were older, perhaps this young boy named Jellal would wake up instantly after having been cured by Wendy instead of remaining unconscious for the whole night.

Given of course, without her healing, Jellal might still be unconscious.

After listening to Noah’s explanation, Jellal had a shocked face as he gawked at Wendy making her shy. She hid her face inside Noah’s chest out of embarra.s.sment.

Jellal’s guard disappeared and he earnestly thanked Wendy.

“Thank you very much for helping me.”

“I… I just helped out a little that’s all.”

Wendy mumbled while being bashful.

“It was big brother Noah who carried you all the way here, you should thank big brother Noah instead.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

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Noah shook his head and then looked at Jellal.

However, only Jellal understood what Noah was trying to convey by reiterating. Finally, he laughed.

“You don’t have to worry. [Anima] had been casted upon this place multiple times but I had put a stop to it every time. Last night’s instance should be the last time, the next [Anima] won’t occur around here. I don’t know about the spirit crying part though.”

“I solved the spirit crying part of the mystery.”

Noah bitterly smiled and glanced at an oblivious Wendy beside him before continuing in a helpless tone.

“It’s a crybaby spirit but she’s pretty cute.”

Noah more or less understood the situation and how it came to be.

If he’s not wrong, the crying spirit told by village chief should be Wendy’s crying over not being able to find Grandeeney in this forest.

And the part where the sky would break apart whenever a spirit cried is probably due to not knowing about the inter-dimensional magic called [Anima].

To put it in another way, Wendy’s crying and the [Anima] event were just coincidences and this caused the villagers hunting in these parts of the woods to panic thereby spreading rumours about this whole crying spirit curses the sky thingy.

Everything was just a perfect blend of chance and misunderstanding.

Noah laughed when he thought about this but he subconsciously exclaimed something as well.

As expected, there’s no such thing as spirit.


Question marks surrounded Wendy who’s not in the loop.

Jellal seemed to have got the whole thing figured out as well and he helplessly laughed.

“Now that the truth has been revealed, there shouldn’t be anymore talks about spirit crying & [Anima], I guess my job is done here. Anything else is not my problem so I won’t pursue this matter anymore.”

Noah said as he stood up and deftly reached out and grabbed Wendy’s incoming hand.

“We are planning on a trip back to the village, you coming?”

Jellal gratefully looked at Noah before bodding and getting up.

The 3 grouped up, exited the cave and walked towards the exit of the forest.

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