Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 20

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Noah’s arming sword embedded itself into the ground not far away with a clear sound of the earth cracking open. The sharp blade blew away quite a lot of stone on impact, it leaves one to imagine what would have happened if one were to be hit by something like this.

“And this ends it here!”

Erza’s lip curved upwards as she stabbed her thrust her sword.

The target: Noah’s throat.

With Erza’s abilities, she probably could stop her weapon precisely at around 1 inch away from his throat.

When Erza is sure that the battle has ended, Noah suddenly lifted his head and struck out his bandaged left arm. A black shadow flashed and collided heavily with the oncoming sword thrust.


The next second, a loud ring sounded between Noah and Erza. Startled by the suddeness of it all, it wasn’t until she felt the force coming from her arming sword and being sent back a step before she understood what transpired.

In his offhand, there is still one more weapon at his disposal.

The sheath!

It was the sheath that was in his other hand all this time.

He utilized the sheath and wield it like a sword to nullify her sure-win strike by blocking it and turning the tide of the battle around!

Seeing the astonishment on her face, Noah slammed his feet on the ground and blinked in front of Erza like a lightning.

“It’s still too early for it to end!”

Under Erza’s rapidly contracting pupil, he grabbed his sheath and spun half a circle in mid air by taking advantage of his inertia. Weirdly enough, he landed right within her arms. Stopping for an instant, he slammed the sheath at her chest with a force that could generate whistling sound while tearing through air.

Feeling the power behind those moves, even Erza can’t help having her expression distorted as she rapidly charged up her magic power.


A silver glow flashed from Erza.

The flash of [Requip].

When the light dissipated, a silver buckler appeared out of thin air.

Noah stopped for a brief moment when he saw this.


He has seen Erza using [Requip] many times in the 3 months they are together, he has also seen countless weapons she stored away but this is the first time he has actually seen her using a shield.

Does this mean that the battle has turned into a situation where she has no choice but to use a shield?

While thinking something along that line, his hand didn’t stop or slow down, in fact the sheath sped up and slammed the shield hard.


The dull thud reverberated outwards like a formless wave with Noah and Erza at the epicenter.


Though from the feel of it the force isn’t enough to cause any significant harm, it was enough to sent her originally retreating body back even more.

It is only some twenty steps back did she finally managed to steady herself.

But, she can’t move any longer.

The reason being a figure is in front of her with sheath roughly 1 inch away from her throat.

This scene is exactly like what she imagined when she knocked away his arming sword.

The only difference being the roles should have been the reverse of what is going on now.

“This is the real end!”

Noah laughed while pointing the sheath at her throat.

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“Erza, you underestimated the enemy ya know!”

Erza has heard from guild mates how when Makarov just took Noah in, Noah would always almost level the guild due to emotional fluctuations causing his magic power to rampage out of control.

Because of this, before he could fully control his magic power, he will always worry about various factors.

Plus, the foe this time is Erza, not a true foe but a comrade on the same path towards improving oneself. That’s why he subconsciously restrained himself from using magic power in that battle.

Regarding the second method…

Erza glanced at the clear as Ice arming sword Noah just picked up. She could feel faint aura coming off that blade.. Thinking back to the first time Noah wield that blade, she bitterly laughed and shook her head.

“To think just 3 months ago you can’t even see the trajectory of a swing of my sword. Now 3 months later, not only can you keep up with my speed, you are even able to best me…”

“Giving up just like this? That isn’t something you would say now is it?”

He brandished the blade while teasing Erza.

“How about it? One more round?”

“No problem!”

Erza retorted, but she took it back a second later.

“Is what i would like to say but I ran an errand to the guild before coming here and the guild master told me to fetch you.”

“he wants me to go back?”

Noah muttered.

“What happened?”

Erza beamed and left a line.

“We have a new comrade!”

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