Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 176

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Tendo Civil Defense Corporation was dissolved.

Kisara made it official on the second day. She paid all the rent dues and moved into Fairy Tail with Rentaro.

Kisara and Rentaro officially became members of Fairy Tail.

Kisara also took over as the vice-guild master of Fairy Tail along with Kayo the advisor, and Tina the a.s.sistant. The trio formed something like a ruling council in Fairy Tail.

Rentaro is paired up with Enju where they are in charge of creating a squad of like-minded individuals that will travel the whole world.

It looks like tourism but it's actually a covert operation for Rentaro to survey the Cursed Children condition overseas. They are also given the role of recruiting all cursed children that they come across in their journey.

Currently, Rentaro is the only group undertaking this operation.

When Fairy Tail grows, there will be more squads like this one. Sooner or later, all the cursed children of this world will be in Fairy Tail and their lives will change. The whole world will change.

Noah and Kisara also started moving to secure the resources needed for the large intake of cursed children from all over the world.

Noah personally went into the Unexplored Regions to find a suitable base. He exterminated all the Gastreas in a certain region to eke out a base.

Kisara started buying a large amount of Varanium to make Monoliths. She also arranged for the materials to be transported to Noah's chosen base. They are going to build a base similar in size to Tokyo Area but it's going to be Fairy Tail's holy land.

Noah, Kisara, Rentaro, Kayo, Tina, and Enju all put in honest hard work. It won't take long before a new safe area known as Fairy Tail will be discovered. When they do find out, they will have realized something shocking.

Fairy Tail has grown to a level where no one can challenge its status.

When that time comes around, Fairy Tail will be one of the top powers in this world. They will change the treatment of cursed children and all the survivors can only rely on Fairy Tail when monsters come attacking.

They are still at the early stages of this master plan. If they want to mature, there is still a long list of tasks ahead of them.

Noah gave Kisara, Rentaro, Kayo, Enju, and Tina those jobs while he slowly retreated into the background.

Although they know why Noah's backing off the management team, Rentaro & co still couldn't help but feel sad. Noah also told them why he's doing this.

Even if it's tough news to break, Kisara & co still stood by Noah's decision. They full-heartedly threw themselves into their work. Everyone gave full teamwork to make the dream work.

Tokyo Area 1...

Seitenshi's currently playing her piano in her room.

The piano was a conversational piece until a while ago. It was part of Seitenshi's decor.

After learning piano from Noah, Seitenshi would always find the time to practice.

Soon, playing the piano became her daily routine.

However, she couldn't focus on her piano. She clicked the wrong keys or got the timing wrong, her heart and mind aren't in the same place.

Every time she pressed the keys, a figure would emerge in her mind.

It's the figure of a certain someone when he's being forceful.

She saw scenes of that person being as caring as a nurse.

She also scenes of that person fuming in anger.

Then, she recalled his gallant marksman poses.

And so on and so forth...

She knew he was trouble the first time he came up to her and started berating her.

As the ruler of the Tokyo Area, she needs the political wits, appearance, temperament, personality, and tact to keep up appearance.

She had the looks, the fame, the status, the wealth, and anything one could possibly score her on. From every point of view, she's the perfect girl, who would be so heartless as to berate a girl like her?

Yet, he did just that. He didn't give a rat's furry a.s.s about Seitenshi's standing or status. He came and go as he pleased, like a storm, no one could stop him.

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After that first meeting, Seitenshi started paying attention to that man.

Seitenshi doesn't know what move he used. The others also didn't know.

When she asked him, he said: "It's a weapon I stumbled across like the bullets from before."

Most of that was probably made up but it's a mystery anyway.

This sense of mystery is the root cause of her unease.

Seitenshi realizes she still doesn't know that man as well as she thought she did.

This instilled an urge in Seitenshi to known the man better.

Alas, after the fall of the Tendo Clan, that man never contacted her again.

It's also the reason why she can't focus.

Naturally, it's not just this sense of abandonment from that man. She also had another nagging urge.

She wanted to see him.

Seitenshi doesn't know why she had this feeling.

Something's telling her that if she didn't talk to him now, another chance to do so might not come.

Seitenshi sighed as she tried to calm her throbbing heart.

She looked at the sky outside. She looked at her schedule and there's a vacant slot. Seitenshi started wavering between action and inaction.

As long as she picked up that phone, she can surely reach that man.

But, Seitenshi didn't consider calling. She wanted to meet him.

Seitenshi made up her mind, she exited her room.

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