Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 172

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Even small events can s...o...b..ll into huge events, using the right pivot at the right time can yield unexpected results.

For old veterans like Kikunojou, it's almost a cliche, everybody's heard about what being at the right place and the right time can do.

Kikunojou finally understood the true essence of striking vital points.

The crimes were misdeeds that the Tendo Clan can shrug off. However, with the wrath of the Tokyo Area's residents bearing down on them, a plethora of scandals only threw the Tendo Clan into a bottomless pit.

When Kikunojou found out about this, it wasn't hard to guess who screwed them over.

Who else but Noah?

Kikunojou didn't think Noah could play him like a fiddle.

First, he used the citizens' wrath against the Tendo Clan, cleverly shifting public opinion against the Tendo Clan by linking Kazumitsu's great sin with the Tendo clan's other petty thieves. After that, it was just a waiting game for the Tendo Clan to be ousted. He placed the Tendo clan at the center of the public backlash in order to maximize this negative fallout into forcing the other Tendo members to either run or surrender themselves.

This wasn't anything. They could have let Kazumitsu take the fall himself, with time, and some PR effort, perhaps the citizen's outrage could be quelled and the Tendo Clan will still be able to hold their jobs.

Yet, almost like clockwork, the ousted clan members were replaced one by one. Even Kikunojou who held a high office relative to others got forced out of his post.

Tendo Kikunojou finally realized how badly Tendo Clan got done in. This is game over.

Kikunojou is also defeated by Noah.

"You arranged those subst.i.tutes?"

Tendo asked with clenched fists.

"Where did you find so many capable individuals to replace my clan members?"

It's not a straight ladder up the political ladder.

The removal of all Tendo clan members from their posts necessitated capable individuals to replace the old corrupt ones. That's another task in itself.

Kikunojou didn't understand how Noah got his hands on so many candidates.

Noah reached his arm out, Rentaro pa.s.sed him a doc.u.ment with a complicated look on his face.

"I am guessing you guys never got a good look at the name list?"

Noah tossed the name list over.

"I am sure you recognize these names."

Kikunojou's eyes widened when he read the doc.u.ment.



Noah chortled.

"Who else but your old nemesis, the Shibas?"

Noah already planned to use the Shibas as his p.a.w.ns when he started his plans to take Tendo Clan down.

The Tendos and the Shibas were never good foot with one another.

Tendo clan had political clout while the Shiba dominated the business realm. The Tendos had political influence like no other through their various plots while the Shibas did business and grew to a mammoth conglomerate.

A business giant and a political giant, naturally, the two wanted to consume each other to enjoy further benefits.

The Shibas and the Tendos fought behind the scene for supremacy. This is also why Kisara and Miori never got along.

Noah got to know the young heiress of the Shiba clan during one chance encounter, he roped Miori into his plots.

After the incidents around trying to get his magic bullets, Miori found Noah to negotiate. Instead, Noah nudged her in a different direction, he wanted her to become his ally, the one in charge of slaying the Tendo Clan when the time is right.

Miori did her job well, digging up the dirt Noah wanted. Miori also pulled a lot of strings to propagate the Tendo Clan's misdeeds throughout the Tokyo Area.

Shiba clan members seized this opportunity to rise to top political offices, with the removal of Tendo clan members, this process became as easy as taking candy from a baby. The new Shiba public officers steadied the government of the Tokyo Area, preventing total anarchy.

"I see... I see..."

Kikunojou's hand shook, the name list trembled under his intense trepidation.

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"No wonder you got your hands on Kazumitsu's smoking gun..."

"With almost all political clout revoked, it won't be long before the authorities are here to investigate the Tendo Clan. With Kisara here, the secured storage unit is also compromised. Soon, all the dirty laundry Tendo clan kept will be revealed for all to see."

"Tendo Clan is no more."

Noah left the room with steady steps.

Kikunojou who looked even older sighed one last time. He left the room after Noah departed.

Kisara lifted her blade, she placed her hand on the sword.

Tendo Kikunojou raised his head, he looked at Kisara with muddy eyes.

"Are you planning on killing me?"

"Your crimes are more than enough for capital punishment."

Kisara opened her mouth.

"Noah spoke with Seitenshi-sama, your executor will be me!"

"Well, I'll be d.a.m.ned."

Kikunojou sarcastically added.

"Who would have thought the ghost of vengeance can climb all the way up here from h.e.l.l and exact her vengeance."

"I am very thankful towards the person who made this possible.

"It's over, Tendo Kikunojou—!"

A cold flash of sword strike greeted the room.


Blood rained down on the floor, staining the floor red.

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