Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 165

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Using mechanical propulsion, Rentaro turned into a shady silhouette. His right prosthetic arm looked like it had fused with his body. Like a giant spear, he went for Noah.

This version of Rentaro isn't like his usual lazy self, he stomped and disappeared rom the spot.

Rentaro was shocked that his target disappeared, however, he quickly scanned the surrounding for Noah.

Zing zwee

His robotic eye darted around, capturing details of the environment and scanning for his target.

Rentaro did a roundhouse punch when his instincts kicked in, he spared no energy to smash whatever is behind him.


Sparks flew as his arm collided with something hard.

Rentaro looked at the arming sword grinding against his arm, this sword attack came out of nowhere.


Noah was caught by surprise, his prosthetic arm carried more power than he had antic.i.p.ated.

Noah went through inhuman training regime, doping himself with Gastrea virus only further enhanced his superhuman physique.

Even so, Rentaro resisted his attack.

This punch is powerful, he thought.

Unknown to Noah, Rentaro had the shock of his life.

His prosthetic arm isn't made with vanilla varanium, it's an alloy known as super-varanium.

It's a special metal made with varanium as its base under zero gravity conditions to fuse with other precious metals. It's an alloy that's dozens of times tougher than normal varanium, it also boasted incredibly high heat resistance.

He also deployed the 10 canisters of gunpowder in his arm and 15 canisters of gunpowder in his legs to magnify his attack power, it's an attack that can one shot a Stage IV Gastrea.

However, Noah blocked his attack.

Noah withdrew his sword and he smashed down one more time, causing a tiny storm just with the swing of his blade.

Rentaro used up more gunpowder canisters to retreat explosively. Like a jet, he flew backwards.

The arming sword and the sword beam emitted from it gouged the ground where Rentaro once stood.

Noah got into a stance, his muscles tightened up and he chased after Rentaro like an arrow.


It took them no time to exchange another bout of attacks.

Arming sword versus metal fist, the two fighters clashed.

Tap tap tap tap tap

Rentaro got forced back 5 steps while Noah stood his ground.

With Rentaro's mechanical soldier mode revealed, Noah still had the upper hand in power.

Noah charged at Rentaro with the force of a hurricane. Every step left a footprint an inch deep in the ground. It was like fighting a humanoid Gastrea, the visual scene alone is enough to demoralize anyone.

Seeing Noah's thunderous steps, Rentaro realized he had underestimated Noah.

"Tendo Combat Style: Second style, number 14—!"

Rentaro's robotic eye strained itself to lock onto Noah. He got into a stance with his right foot as the pivot. Then, he roared.

"Hidden Bullet: Subtle Shining Cave—!"

Rentaro whipped out his right leg like black lightning and he used gunpowder canisters for good measure.

Every time he kicked, an afterimage can be seen.

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In an instant, Rentaro created a wall of kicks, catching Noah just in time in this whirlwind of kicks.

Booom boom boom boom boom

Knowing his punch is futile without further enhancement, Rentaro fired off 5 canisters, bringing his punch to another level.


Noah felt the punch getting heavier, this power is already approaching Noah's acceptable threshold.


Rentaro continued screaming with his veins bulging near his temples. He wanted to push the arming sword out of the way.

The propulsion caused strong gusts in the area.

Noah got pushed back 3 meters before he steadied himself.


Explosives were used again.

Rentaro announced his next attack.

"Tendo combat style: Second style, Number 11!"

Rentaro lifted his leg up high, then he spiraled around with tremendous power, the kick fast approaching Noah's torso.

"Hidden Bullet, howling!"

He did a powered low-kick at Noah's arming sword.


The explosive collision caused a visible tremor and dust wave to spread.

The hard ground started cracking with Noah as the center of event, a spiderweb crack pattern emerged.

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