Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 161

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The next day.

Noah was enjoying the scenery outside.

It's a scene that made one question reality and dreams.

The sky is a dull shade of metallic gray.

Thick clouds shrouded the sky from view, it's also raining misty droplets.

However, the rain droplets were black in color.

The whole morning, Tokyo Area was baptized by a black rain.

This was not an act of nature.

Rather, it's because Monolith 32 collapsed yesterday.

The dust that flew into the sky formed thick rainclouds, the sun also got blocked so Tokyo Area will probably experience a few more days of no sunlight.

The earthquake that came from the collapse of Monolith 32 also echoed throughout the nation. The shockwave reached as far as Hakata Area and Hokkaido Area.

The remnants of the shockwave reached the other side of Earth. The observatory on Pikes Summit in Colorado measured a 0.3 Pascal raise in air pressure.

From recent weather data, the dust from the corrupted monolith got swept up north by western winds, it's estimated that Hokkaido area will be experiencing dust rain too.

This dark rain was the result of the dust of the collapsed monolith and its residue mixing with rainclouds.

According to official news, this dark rain is not toxic or poisonous, people can still go out in this rain without any harm to their health.

But, many remained indoors out of caution.

n.o.body wanted to take that chance, who would try to see if the dark rain would corrode their bodies?

This included Fairy Tail members. Everybody stayed indoors.

Noah would also like to stay inside.

However, reality has another plan in store for him, crushing his small dream of staying indoors for a few days.

Noah's door opened up.

Kayo and Tina who are in one piece dress entered Noah's room. They hesitated before calling out to Noah who watched the dark clouds outside his window.

"Guild master (Onii-san)."

Noah continued looking at the scenery outside.


Kayo and Tina exchanged a look. Kayo reported to Noah.

"There are guests outside."


Noah sounded self-derisive.

"Are there really here as guests?"

Tina and Kayo didn't reply.


Noah sighed as he turned around.

"Where are they?"

"Outside Fairy Tail."

Tina chimed in.

"Due to their numbers, they chose to wait outside Fairy Tail."


Noah realized he needed to step outside in order to meet the guests, he sighed when he thought about being in that dark rain. He started making his way to the door.

The rain continued pouring down, dyeing the ground dark, painting the land and cracks black.

Rainwater, soil, and dirt mixed together. Walking on this muddy ground felt like one is traversing a swamp, it also felt very uncomfortable.

With umbrellas deployed, Noah led Tina, Kayo, and the other Fairy Tail civil defense officers out to meet their guests.

Outside, there are people gathered in tidy formations. They waited patiently for Noah to arrive.

Rentaro and Enju were included.

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However, they were not leading this Adjuvant group.

Noah stared back at Gadou with an equally firm look. He stayed silent for a short while, when the others almost lost patience, Noah replied.

"Is that all?"

"Guild master Noah!"

Gadou looked at Noah with furious eyes.

"We desperately need your help to protect Tokyo Area, do you want to go down the annals of history as the one who sit idly by while Tokyo Area gets razed?!"

"I see."

Noah ignored Gadou's question. Instead he gave him a non-friendly smile.

"You're here to criticize me?"


The warrior girl by Gadou's side wanted to stand up for her promoter. With an angry look, she stepped for ward.


Gadou stopped her.

"Return at once!"

Asaka paused and she stepped back into her position.

"I don't care if Fairy Tail has a way to safeguard its survival, but, if you're staying in the safety of Tokyo Area, then you're citizens of Tokyo Area!"

"Guild master Noah, do you know what we call citizens who watch their home country burn down to the ground with cold eyes and indifference? We call them traitors of the state. You are all committing treason!"

Other than Enju and Rentaro who looked like they had something to say, the other IP pairs with Gadou also roamed furious gazes over Noah.

The civil defense officers on Noah's side looked like they were offended. They wanted to rush out and give them a good hiding or two.

"You want to use your moral high ground against me?"

Noah watched Gadou with disinterested eyes.

"Even the old fart Kikunojou wouldn't stoop so low as to use this kind of boring lines on me, I didn't think you would use it first."

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