Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 16

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Double chapter thanks to dracula who can’t spell his name in the right order and that gay horse guy. (There’s also one other guy who got it right not shown here.)


Inside onf of the rooms at the top of Fairy Tail guild, Makarov is looking ata bedridden Noah who’s clenching his teeth while dealing with the pain. His expression might not be changing but those eyes surrounded by wrinkles gave off a sense of panic undetectable to normal people.

“, is he okay?”

He said to an old lady who’s bandaging Noah’s left arm and shoulder at the side of the bed.

“Shut up!”

The old lady named Polysica shushed him without changing her expression. She continued moving her hands and only snapped at the old man.

“If you keep making noises, I am going home!”

Makarov immediately zipped his mouth and didn’t dare to speak further.

That’s because he knows she meant what she said.

The two might be tight companions of many years but Polyusica is a misanthrope to the core. For her, a place like Fairy Tail with its rambunctious atmosphere is definitely one of the place she absolutely don’t want to stay long in.

If he push her any further, Polyusica will definitely pack up and leave.

Maybe it’s because she can’t stand seeing Makarov holding back his anxiety on his own, Polyusica sighed.

“You’re already so old and yet are still as impatient as ever. Your grandson’s injuries cannot be said to be minor but it isn’t so deep as to affect the bones. With [Healing magic], full recovery would be made within 3 days, the h.e.l.l are you panicking about?”


Makarov heaved a big sigh of relief.

“Well that’s truly just great.”

“Thank you, granny.”

Noah thanked her while still on the bed.

“I’m sorry for the trouble.”

“Don’t misunderstand me, I just can’t tolerate being bugged by this old man over here!”

Polyusica expressionlessly tightened his bandage. She immediately stood up after finishing.

“If it were not for this, I wouldn’t have came to a place with so many nasty humans around!”

Noah laughed and Makarov spotted an expression of helplessness.

“Well whatever you say, thanks.”

“Save me the pointless chit chat.”

Polyusica turned around and walked towards the exit.

“If you really wanted to thank me, don’t make me come to this kind of place again.”

She said and slammed the door on her way out, anyone would have been able to feel the displeasure coming off of her.

“Even at such an age, she still hates human…”

Makarov curled his lips and then turned to Noah. When he saw his relaxed appearance post treatment, his eyes looked to be a mix of anguish and pity.

“Sorry Noah, if i knew something like this woul dhappend I would have never let you on this quest.”

“Gramps, what are you spouting?”

He waved his undamaged hand to dismiss this notion.

“n.o.body knew Phantom Lord would have appeared isn’t it? It’s not your falt.”

“Don’t you worry, Noah!”

Makarov tightened his fist and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“I will get them back for this sooner or later!”

“And Laxus!”

His frosty eyes turned into one of anger as he shouted the tsundere’s name.

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“I specifically told him to protect you and now look at you all roughed up, when I get bank I need to give him a good hiding!”

“I know that, but this bout with Phantom Lord made me think if I learnt magic, could I have protected my comrades?”

“What are you saing?”

Makarov had a toothy grin on him.

“I have already heard from Erza, didn’t you covered for her pretty well?”

“You call that protection?”

Noah frowned.

“I am just helping out Erza as a meatshield.”

“You didn’t let those Phantom Lord harm your comrade, that is protecting!”

He patted his skinny little shoulder while staring straight at him.

“If you really want to pursue strength then I won’t stop you forcibly but I hope that you choose the correct way to obtain power!”

“The correct method?”

He murmured perplexed.

“Magic isn’t the be all end all of power!”

Makarov said in a deep way.

“Erza’s the same, while training her magic she’s also training her sword skills yes?”

Noah instantly realized the meaning behind his words and he started to cheer up.

“I believe that you will be able to find your own path of magic!”

Seeing him brightening up more and more, Makarov perked him up more.

“But before that, no matter what happens, gramps has got your back covered…”

Noah inhaled deeply and stored away the grat.i.tude he feels for Makarov and nodded heavily. Looking outside the window, his face turned into a resolute one.

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