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Chapter 159

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Chapter 159

The monolith that looked like it's going to pierce the heaven with its height, Monolith 32 .

Unlike the other monoliths, Monolith 32 lost its dark l.u.s.ter, it's a structure with white spots of corrosion .

This was one of the Monolith that protected the Tokyo Area from Gastrea invasion for 5 years . Now, it was emitting an eerie sound .


While the citizens were far away from the location of Monolith 32, they could hear a shrill noise coming from the tower .

The citizens looked in that direction and they saw it .

Monolith 32, rather, the top of that monolith started crumbling .

Thud thud thud

From top to bottom, the cracks widened until the monolith started breaking apart . It was like an invisible giant gave it the final push that destroyed the monolith .

Boom boom boom

The bits of the monolith crashed to the ground with thunderous booms . The corroded varanium were raining down like a meteor storm .

Due to the sheer height of the monolith, the crumbling bits looked like they were falling at an incredibly slow rate .

Boom boom boom boom boom

The fragments of the monolith made violent contact with the ground below . Buildings, trees, equipment, all were crushed to bits .

Crumble crumble

Dust shot up into the air as the ensuing gust started spreading with the monolith as the center of event .

A jet of mushroom-shaped dust pillar rose up, it threatened to cover the entire Toyko Area with its fallout . It was like a giant smoke signal that signaled the start of a war .

"Ho-how . . . what . . . "

Noah and Kisara said nothing . Meanwhile, Rentaro mumbled with a dazed look .

"This is impossible . . . "

There was still a day left in the estimated destruction date .

Did Seitenshi's scientists mess up the calculations?

"It's the wind!"

Noah pointed his lips at the pillar of dust that swayed in the wind .

"The wind, that's what toppled the monolith . "

Kisara reacted .


Kisara yelled at Rentaro .

"Quick! The third Kanto is about to begin!"


Rentaro looked anxiously at Noah .

"Are you really not going to help?!"

Noah gave him one last glance and he turned his back on Rentaro . That's his answer .


Rentaro cursed as he dashed out of Noah's room . He's heading in Monolith 32's direction .

Area 40 was the closest region to monolith 32, the authorities were ready to intercept the Gastrea horde that's about to descend on them .

Without Fairy Tail and their immense fighting power . The defensive force is less impressive than expected especially when the snubbed civil defense officers also chose to sit this one out .

The Self-Defense Force was the vanguard of this defensive battle .

If they can win, all would be well .

If they lost, the remaining Adjuvants who chose to fight will be facing the Gastrea that breached the Self Defense force's defenses .

It won't be a pretty sight to say the least .

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"Seriously, you're not going?"

Noah pushed open the main door .

"Guild master!"

Almost all the guild members were here, when they saw Noah, they greeted him in unison .

Noah nodded as he arrived in front of a giant screen .

This is the electronic display they used to display critical info and news from Tokyo Area .

The screen was showing the scene after Monolith 32 crumbled .

Normally, it's hard to get live footage of an ongoing battlefield .

But, Noah ordered his subordinates to install a drone that can relay audio and visual information near monolith 32's airs.p.a.ce .

This is how they got live feed from the battlefield .

The thick dust clouds spread far and wide, covering the entire Tokyo Area .

The Self Defense force were swept up by the dust .

Under poor visual conditions, the soldiers were about to face off against the sea of monsters .




The high-performance drone accurately transmitted the battle cries of the monsters there .

Through the screen, he also saw the hulking monster protected by swarms of Gastreas . The horde of monster was heading to Tokyo Area while led by that sinister figure .

Noah slowed revealed a cold gleam in his eyes .

"Aldebaran, the right-hand of Taurus . "

. . .

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