Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 152

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Chapter 152

"Chase them out!"

"Chase them out!"

"Out with all the cursed children!"

In the outer regions of Area 39, mobs gathered to protest with their plaques which were written with b.l.o.o.d.y red characters . They used megaphones to make sure their voices were heard .

"No way!"

"Heck to the no!"

"We aren't cool with this!"

The mob yelled in unison . This crowd of 300-400 protesters had extremists in them .


"Kill them all!"

"Let the monsters die!"

The Fairy Tail Personnel gathered at the guild's entrance as they watch from afar . Some even stood atop the walls to observe the proceedings .

Kayo, Tina, and Enju watched this horrific scene .

Enju's cheeky and vibrant looks was all but gone . She's like a terrified mouse holding onto Tina's hand .

"Ne, when will guildmaster be back?"

"I do not know . "

Tina shook her head . She watched the scene outside with worried eyes .

"How did things turn out like this?"

"Simple . "

Kayo nonchalantly stated the motive behind this uprising .

"They couldn't deal with the fact that we have a share of the salvation granted to them, that is all . "

Yes .

The denizens of the Robbed era came protesting once more when otherwise, they would have stayed in their sad little homes or confines of safety .

The news of the collapsing Monolith 32 is pretty much stale news by now .

The bunkers were also more or less known by the populace by now .

Indeed, everyone wanted to be the 30% chosen to be granted entry into the bunkers .

n.o.body is a big enough saint to give up their own spot . n.o.body wanted to die in the jaws of the Gastreas .

Each citizen prayed to whichever G.o.d they believed in that the heavens would show divine providence and grace them with a name on the bunker quota list .

When news broke out about the Cursed Children's inclusion in the random number generator, the citizens totally lost their marbles .

The odds were already staked against them, now, they have to deal with dirty kids stained by the same virus fueling the Gastreas?

How can the narrow-minded citizens ever accept an arrangement like this? Over 90% of the population were hostile towards cursed children .

Because of the confusion and fear clouding their judgment . They decided that the only way to maximize their chances of getting picked is to weed out the monsters that were included in the random number generator picking those who can enter the bunkers . In other words, it's Tokyo Area's humanity at its worst .

They wanted to abolish the provision allowing cursed children equal chances to be picked for the bunkers .

The ones still with a bit of rationality in them went to Holy Residence to make sure Seitenshi change this decision .

Meanwhile, the ones who went dumb over something like this gathered here to spit and curse the cursed children inst.i.tution . As if this would increase their chances of getting picked, by showing discrimination and hostility towards the cursed children, they thought it would somehow increase their chances .

The town went crazy over this small provision in the bunker deal .

Shown with such brazen display of vulgarity and disdain, the Fairy Tail members were seething with outrage .

"Is the guildmaster back yet?"

"Are we going to let them strut around like that?"

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"Let's go blast them away!"

Enju, Tina, and Kayo heard the gunshot and they looked at the gunner . Smiles returned to their faces .

"Guild master!"

Noah rushed all the way here from the hospital .

He raised his gun high and he swept his cold gaze over the mob planning to storm Fairy Tail .

His frosty tone echoed in the air .

"In 10 seconds, I will invoke the self-defense right as guild master of Fairy Tail . Anyone unauthorized personnel in the immediate premise will be gunned down without exception . "

Without giving the mob a chance to explain themselves, he started counting down with a merciless look .

"10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . "

Noah also made sure to unleash his aura, immediately chilling the hearts of the protesters here . They instinctively felt a threat to their lives and they started scattering .


Someone yelped and they started running away in droves while leaving their weapons and banners behind . Like routed soldiers, the protesters fled in all directions .


The kids and the adults in Fairy Tail cheered for Noah .

"Noah nii-san!"

Tina and Enju glomped Noah after they dashed out from Fairy Tail .

"Guild master . . . "

Kayo's cool look couldn't hide the joy in her heart .

He nodded towards her and he gave Enju and Tina a big hug each . Then, he looked at the retreating fools who tried to start something on his turf .

His eyes flashed with a gloomy glow .

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