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Chapter 149

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Chapter 149

The smell of disinfectant filled the air, stinging the noses of anyone smelling it .

Noah and Rentaro sat on the bench with their eyes on one of the doors along this hallway .

That's the door to a surgery room in this hospital .

The red light with characters "Surgery ongoing" on it lit up, telling everyone that door is meant to stayed shut .

Rentaro and Noah sat there without talking . Naturally, it's not because Noah avoided conversations . Rather, it's because Rentaro's current state made conversations very hard to carry on .

Noah helplessly shook his head when he saw Rentaro who is sweating profusely from nervousness .

"Rentaro, calm down, alright?"

"Nn . "

Rentaro nodded but his distant look and sweating forehead suggested otherwise .

"I know that . "

Rentaro said, however, he clasped his hands together tightly which looked like he was just giving Noah lip service .

"No matter how anxious you are, it will not help her situation . "

Noah advised .

"The doctor also said the current medical service of Tokyo Area is so high level this operation cannot possibly fail, the risk is negligible so can you stop being a nervous Nelly?"

"Yeah, you're right . "

Rentaro sighed .

"I just can't help it . "

"I guess you have a point . "

Noah nodded with a troubled look .

"Right, how about you find a topic to talk about?"


Rentaro said .

"Thank you . "


Noah didn't know where this came from .

"What's with you?"

"Kisara-san would have never gone through with this if you didn't interrupt . "

Rentaro's eyes flashed with thoughts, he voiced the ideas in his head .

"Actually, I am starting to think her kidney problem goes beyond affecting her physical health, to some extent, I think it's affecting her mental health . "

"Mental disturbance?"

Noah urged him to go on .

"What is going on with you?"

Rentaro stopped for a second, he started explaining after this brief pause .

"Didn't you notice it? Whenever she talks about the Tendo Clan, isn't her reaction too extreme?"

"You mean that's abnormal?"

Noah tried to recall Kisara's reaction .

"Sure, but isn't that because she's so obsessed with ending the Tendo Clan?"

"It would have been fine if that was the case . "

Rentaro bitterly laughed .

"A friend of mine told me that isn't normal . For one, her entire mood changes completely . She thinks that Kisara's hatred got enhanced by the suffering she got from her kidney problems . It's like she can see her parents telling her to avenge them at all cost . "

Noah also felt a bit confused when Rentaro placed it like this .

He can sense her going off the rails whenever she goes on and on about how she wanted to destroy the Tendo clan .

Like a vengeful spirit returning from h.e.l.l, Noah frowned whenever he saw her acting like that .

Indeed, Rentaro might be right to call this a mental affliction .

"Kisara-san probably recognizes this so she didn't want to do the transplant procedure, right?"

Rentaro sighed repeatedly .

"Without those hallucinations, she's afraid she will forget her desire for revenge . She is probably relying on this health problem to continuously remember her vengeance through pain and hallucinations . "

Noah nodded and he loosened his expression .

"If so, you must be really happy now, right?"

"That's why I said thank you . "

Rentaro laughed .

"Honestly, I don't want to see her dirtying her hands with revenge or curse her own clan like that . It makes me very uncomfortable whenever she's like that . "

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Noah shared this sentiment .

Seitenshi gestured for everyone to sit down . Then, she looked at Kikunojou with a grim expression .

"What happened?"

"Yes . "

Kikunojou nodded .

"At 2130 today, Monolith no . 32 experienced a Gastrea infestation as the troops stationed there were attacked by an unknown number of Gastrea monsters . "

Seitenshi balled her hands into fists .

Gastreas appearing near the Monolith?

That should have been impossible .

Excluding Stage 5 Gastrea, weaker monsters should have stayed clear of the obelisk .

Kikunojou said nothing . He displayed the screen behind him .

"This was the last photo sent to us by a soldier there before he expired . "

Seitenshi looked at the screen .

On it, she can see a blurry photo taken in low-light setting .

Darker than the night itself, he saw a long-necked Gastrea attaching itself to that Monolith .

Seitenshi recalled something ominous .

"This Gastrea, I think I have seen it somewhere before . . . "

Seitenshi obtained her memories from her mental files as she immediately gasped in shock, covering her mouth, she voiced her disbelief .

"Stage 4 Gastrea, Aldebaran?!"

The room immediately went into a turmoil .


"The Gastrea that can produce varanium-corrupting fluid?"

Seitenshi's hair stood on ends as she rubbed her cold hands together .

Why did Aldebaran appear here?

Why did it attack Monolith 32?

Seitenshi couldn't find an answer for her questions .

However, she can confirm one thing . Tokyo Area is in big trouble .

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