Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 145

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Chapter 145

Tina, Noah, and Rentaro aren't the only ones in this training ground .

While Tina immersed herself in sniping, she just increased the distance between herself and the target, Rentaro and Noah looked at the other corner of the training ground .

It's where the arena for sparring is built .

Kisara in her usual sailor uniform stood in opposition to Enju .

However, they were in difference stances .

Kisara lowered her center of gravity, her hand was placed upon her katana . She appeared to be in a state of focus .

Unlike Kisara, Enju only had her guard up . She looked like she's too giddy to hold herself back .

The cursed child with dolphin-strain Gastrea virus coursing within her, Kayo, acted as the referee .

Rentaro praised Kisara's stance .

"That's the Tendo Sword Style's Nirvana Clear Heart stance, an offensive stance . "

Noah nodded after a glance at Kisara .

Although he knows little about the Tendo's sword skill, he absorbed countless forms of art and battle techniques through his ridiculous memory and internalization skills so he could more or less guess if her stance is defensive or offensive .

Moreover, he spotted zero gaps in her stance . No matter how Enju approached, she will be struck down by Kisara once she enters Kisara's striking range . Swift and deadly just like a bolt of metallic lightning .

Enju doesn't know about this sword skill, however, her battle intution told her to act carefully, bidding for her chance to strike .

But, her patience is her bane .

Noah and Rentaro saw her impatient look and they knew .

She's about to move .

Noah and Rentaro's prediction came true .


Her eyes turned crimson as she shot out like a mini-cannonball .

"Tendo sword style, first style, first phase!"

Kisara drew her sword with a visible sound .

"Frozen droplets!"

She looked like she just whipped the air with her sword .

However, the next instant, a sword beam sliced through the air .


The sword beam went forward, leaving her sword .

Everyone could see it, the ranged attack that was born from a single sword slash .


Enju has never seen something like this before, a sword beam?

Even Rentaro is watching with an 'O'-shaped mouth . Meanwhile, Noah looked slightly surprised .

Kisara's mastery of her sword skill reached a level so high she can slash at her enemy at a distance .

In any case, Enju who was taught by Noah himself recovered quickly and she jumped up .


Enju dodged the attack and she flipped in the air to dive at Kisara like a torpedo .


Kisara gasped and she backed away while unleashing more sword beams .

Clang clang clang

The sword beams went after Enju like flying swords .

Kisara made a mistake .

Although she's correct when she a.s.sumed Enju can't change direction while falling down, she miscalculated Enju's action .

Enju can't dodge, but, she can ram her way through the attacks .


Enju used her varanium boots to stomp on the incoming sword beams .


She dissipated the sword beams with her boots, adding speed to her descent .

Kisara started jumping back .

But, this was a big mistake .

Enju is a rabbit-type Initiator .

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Kicking isn't just her strong point, she's quick too!

Rentaro looked the other way awkwardly .

Kisara is practically a master in her own arts whereas Rentaro is just scratching the surface of the Tendo Combat Style . How can the two be compared on the same level?

Noah chuckled when he saw Rentaro's low-energy vibe .

Rentaro looks like the type of male who would get henpecked after marriage .

Kayo's phone rang .

Kayo accepted the call with a calm look . She looked surprised for a moment but she quickly ended the call after a few curt responses . She approached Noah .

"Guild master . "

Kayo reported to her guild master like a proper aide .

"there is a guest here . "

"A guest?"

Noah flinched .

"Why were you taken aback by a guest?"

"Hmph . "

Kisara snorted .

"Don't tell me it's that vixen, Miori?"

Kayo hesitated . She spoke up after clearing her mind .

"It's Tendo Kikunojou . "

The air froze .

"Tendo Kikunojou?"

Rentaro yelled in shock .

"Tendo Kikunojou!"

Kisara's eyes flashed with malice .

"Tendo Kikunojou . . . "

Noah narrowed his eyes . He strapped his modified gun back to his waist and he gave Enju and Tina a gentle pat on the head . He started moving forward .

The others exchanged a look before they tagged along .

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