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Chapter 134

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Chapter 134

“I am surprised . ”

Sougen said as he played with his mustache .

“I didn’t think Seitenshi is the type of person to wake people up in the middle of the night to host meetings . What an eye-opener . ”

Seitenshi remained calm despite the verbal provocations . She nodded with an apologetic look .

“This is a rather pressing matter, please forgive me for bringing it up . ”

“Of course, I am not so petty as to get angry over such a small impa.s.se . ”

Sougen said with a very unpleasant look on his face .

“Alright, let’s not waste any more time, what is it?”

A hand held Seitenshi back from approaching him .

Sougen frowned when he saw this .

In front of two rulers of extremely large regions, Noah entered the scene as he stared at Sougen who looked like he really didn’t want to deal with him .

“Seitenshi-sama, leave this to me, okay?”

“Guild master Noah . ”

She stopped in shock, she didn’t think Noah would interrupt her job .


Sougen laughed out loud . He looked livid .

“Know your place, what makes you think you’re qualified to talk to me?”

“My qualifications?”

Noah didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to . The cold look he gave Sougen was enough to remind him of what transpired last time when Noah verbally wrecked Sougen over the issue of social standing .

Noah kept his eagle eyes on Sougen .

“Saitake Sougen, you’re the one who sent a.s.sa.s.sins after Seitenshi, right?”

The mood turned still .

She had a look of disbelief as he didn’t think Noah would accuse Saitake outright like this .

Clearly, Saitake wasn’t expecting this allegation, his facial muscles twitched .

Anyone could guess that it was him, after all, he had all the motives to do that and all to gain from Seitenshi’s untimely death . It would speed up his process of making the whole world bow to his will .

But, blaming a person without concrete proof, a ruler no ess, that is simply too foolish .

The bodyguards looked at Noah with judging glances . Seitenshi also got a bit anxious .

Taking a lesson from history, Sougen knew Noah is smarter than this, he knew he is up to something as a chill went down his spine . He used a leer on Noah .

“Civil defense officer, are you defaming me?”


Eyes still as the calm sea before a storm, he pressed on with immense pressure, even Sougen felt like he was pushed back by an invisible force .

“I think you’re the one who is clearest as to the veracity of my claims, isn’t that so?”


Sougen’s facial muscles twitched again .

The four bodyguards around Sougen whipped out their guns immediately .

“Stand your ground! Take another step closer and I will order my men to gun you down for threatening behaviors!”

Noah ignored him as he inched closer .

“Guild master Noah!”

Seitenshi completely lost control of the situation as she yelled inv ain for Noah to cease his actions .

The four guards took offense at Noah’s flagrant disregard for them . They pulled the triggers on their guns .

Bang bang bang bang

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Four well-aimed bullets flew in Noah’s direction .

“I like using the tricks other people draw up against themselves . ”

Noah stared at Sougen and he issued a cold edict .

“You tried to kill Seitenshi, now, it’s your turn . I will try to kill you . You have one hour to make your escape, I will come after you in an hour, If you can make it out of Tokyo Area by then, it’s your win and I will stop my pursuit . ”

“If you can’t even do that…”

Noah revealed a pair of eyes that would chill the cores of any mortal man .

“You can kiss your dream of world domination goodbye, watch as I quash it in my hands!”

Noah turned around .

“You have one hour . ”

Sougen didn’t doubt his words, the cold aura lingering around Noah notified him of his seriousness . He yelled in a hoa.r.s.e voice .

“Go! Bring me out of here!”

The four guards frantically helped Sougen to his feet as they rushed into the elevator .

“Gu-guild master Noah!”

Seitenshi finally got a chance to chime in .

“Wh-what are you doing?!”

“Enough . ”

He stopped her by raising an arm to block Seitenshi . He stared out the window at the night sky outside the building .

“If you still trust me, you will let me handle this . ”

Seitenshi opened her mouth wide but no words came out in the end . She nodded with a worried look .

This night is going to be a long one .

Especially, on a night like this…

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