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Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

Tokyo Area, the Holy Palace .

Powerful members of society gathered as they prepared for another conference .

Seitenshi sat at the head of the table as the leader . She placed her hands on her legs while spotting a poker face .

“Did you guys receive a copy of the brief report on the mysterious tremors and phenomena?”

Seitenshi revealed the topic of this meeting without delay .

An aide not far away stood up and he bowed respectfully towards Seitenshi .

“Seitenshi-sama, the civilian unrest has been resolved for now . However, reporters from all the media companies are already on their way to the source of the event . It is my belief that articles on this will be issued in a few more hours . ”

“Good job, keep me up to date . ”

Seitenshi praised her subordinate .

“What about the detailed investigative reports?”

“We are still gathering information on it . ”

A subordinate hurriedly replied .

“Preliminary findings revealed the source of the mysterious tremors in the Outer Zone . We dispatched personnel to investigate before the reporters took action . We should be able to obtain accurate information in a more timely fashion than the media . ”

Seitenshi sighed in relief, this message soothed a bit of the burden she carried .

The mysterious events and the pillar of radiant light left a wake of civilian witnesses .

If she didn’t get to the bottom of that, anxiety would be the least of her worries .

After this series of events, there are people spouting c.r.a.p like it’s the end of the world or something .

Without appropriate measures, ma.s.s panic would set in and cause more chaos within the Tokyo Area .

This is the root of Seitenshi’s unease .

Given the events that transpired, she couldn’t rule out the possibility of it being an omen of worse events to come .

This is why they needed to get to the bottom of this immediately .

If it was a force of nature, they can leak it out without worrying too much about it .

If it’s truly an ominous portent, then, they needed to prepare for whatever that is coming their way . At least, they need to make sure they aren’t taken by surprise .

Firstly, they need to make sure the media didn’t get the scoop before them . That would start a ma.s.s panic .


An intelligent-looking girl with gla.s.ses entered after knocking on the door . Everyone took notice of her as she entered .

The secretary took out a vibrating phone as she reported to Seitenshi .

“Seitenshi-sama, it’s a call for you . ”

“A call?”

Seitenshi didn’t turn around before she continued .

“After the meeting . ”


The secretary hesitated .

“It’s a call from Guild master Noah . ”

“Guild master Noah?”

She did a 180 as she picked up the phone .

“h.e.l.lo . ”

A soothing voice came from the other side of the phone, it was a very grim and low tone .

“Do you know where Saitake Sougen lives?”

Seitenshi trembled for a second .

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That voice, it was like a gust of air coming from the coldest recesses of h.e.l.l .

Seitenshi continued .

“NEXT is the American counterpart to the New Human Creation Plan, Ayn Rand is the leader of this research program . ”

“Ayn Rand…”

Noah repeated the name as he carved it into his memories . He landed his sights on Seitenshi .

“This project, are cursed children dragged into this too?”

“You mean modifications on cursed children?”

Seitenshi looked genuinely surprised as she shook her head .

“No, only terminally filled or doomed humans are offered to take part in the program, how can cursed children be modified?”

She had a point, the process of conversion to a mechanized human is excruciatingly painful, it would be a travesty to human rights to drag a perfectly healthy and fine human into this .

Plus, cursed children are very resilient to diseases and injuries, barring extraordinary physical harm, it’s impossible to kill them . In other words, there is a 0% chance that a cursed child would be so grievously harmed to be allowed entry to this program .

This meant that someone out there experimented on cursed children to create mechanized cursed children .

They used their surgical knives on perfectly healthy cursed children!

To complete this modification, they most likely used varanium-enhanced alloys to cut and maim cursed children .

“The chances of successfully completing an operation and the subsequent survival of the subject is extremely low . This is even more unlikely if Varanium were used in the process, the survival chance is astronomically low . ”

Seitenshi said with a very grave look on her face .

“I shudder to think how many cursed children died on the surgical table in order to complete this task . ”

Noah’s eyes flashed with a cold glint, he couldn’t hold back his own hostility from leaking out .


The elevator door slowly opened as Noah and Seitenshi looked at the person on the couch .

There are four bodyguards in suit around Sougen, he stood at attention, unlike his c.o.c.ky self during their first meeting . Noah and Seitenshi looked into the dictator’s eyes .

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