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Chapter 122

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Chapter 122


Saitake Sougen noticed Noah’s presence and he lifted an eyebrow .

“Hey, aren’t you that brat from Fairy Tail?”

Seitenshi already had a bad impression of this man the moment he talked like that, Noah’s personal feelings aside .

They are both rulers of their regions but Saitake chose to address her bodyguard before talking to her .

This was a very clear show of his disregard for Seitenshi who he deemed too young for him to respectfully greet .

Noah smiled and he replied .

“Is it that odd to see me here?”

“I am more curious as to why you’re doing a job like being someone’s bodyguard .

His mustache twitched as he scoffed .

“Why not let Fairy Tail join me? I can give you more power and responsibilities than a mere bodyguard, that’s for sure!”

His brutal honesty was something that Seitenshi noted other than his malicious intent .

Noah snickered .

“Well, maybe you didn’t hear me the last time we spoke, you have nothing of value to offer me!”


Saitake glared at him .

“I see you’re just as rude as the last two times we spoke on the phone . For a menial civil defense officer, you’ve got a lot of hot air coming out of your mouth!”

“Oh, I am sure you have perfected your skills of using the appropriate tone with people based on your half-hearted a.s.sessment of people’s ident.i.ty, old villain . ’

Noah reserved no energy to take verbal jabs at this man .

“ ‘Menial civil defense officer’? Please, the strongest civil defense officers can affect the military affairs on an international or even global scale . Your skills of patronizing people and kissing b.u.t.ts are about as obsolete as you . Open your eyes, we are entering a new age where power speaks louder than political power . If you can’t even read that with your big eyes, you might as well go back to Osaka, you hick . ”

From the way Saitake’s looking at him, Noah knew he p.i.s.sed him off .

He leered back at the man without shrinking back . He also didn’t forget to give him a smug smile .

Saitake decided to stop this and he gave way for them .

Noah shrugged and he took a quick glance at Seitenshi who is clenching her hands under her gloves . He was surprised that she’s this nervous .

Come on, Seitenshi-sama, get your act together . This is just the prologue . The good stuff isn’t here yet, what will happen to you later?

He couldn’t blame Seitenshi for behaving like this .

In her previous summits, the bigshots would always watch what they say . They wouldn’t go at each other like Noah and Saitake . They wouldn’t let personal business affect the really important matters .

In such a hostile and confrontational meeting, truth be told, Seitenshi has never experienced one like this . Then again, she’s technically just someone who recently entered the world of adults .

Noah decided to cover for her .

“I am just here as a bodyguard . President Saitake, I think it’s time we take a seat and get this thing rolling?”

Saitake nodded and he sat down, motioning for her to take a seat .

He grabbed her hands and this jolted Seitenshi back into reality . She inhaled deeply to calm herself down before she proceeded to take a seat facing Saitake after giving Noah a thankful look .

Noah moved behind Seitenshi and he stood like a guardian statue, unmoving and solemn .

Saitake looked at Noah once more . He wanted to get rid of this matter first before they got down to bra.s.s tacks .

“What about the matter last time? Have you thought about it?”

“The matter last time?”

Noah narrowed his eyes .

“You mean the Bullets?”

“I can let you slide when you turned me down on restructuring Fairy Tail into my fangs and claws . There is nothing I can do but concede on that . But, those Bullets are an entirely different matter altogether . ”

Saitake had greedy eyes, those are the eyes of a ravenous wolf that wanted to take everything for himself .

“You have something that is equivalent to a strategic weapon that can terminate stage 5 Gastreas, I must have it!”

Saitake bluntly said without hiding his intentions .

Seitenshi’s inexperienced so she decided to keep quiet . She thought about her next moves, how can she pull the ball back into her court?

Noah crossed his arms . He can legitimately look down at Saitake since he’s the only one standing here .

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“I believe you won’t be so desperate if you just the Bullets to kill Gastreas, am I wrong?”

Suddenly, Noah spoke out .

“A lot of little birdies told me about a certain situation in Osaka Area . Is it true that you were plotted against on multiple occasions for your over-the-top tax on your people?

“Those rumors are true . ”

Saitake was a bit puzzled why Noah would bring this up at this point .

“What? You got something to say about that?”

“What’s more is there to say?”

Noah didn’t even deign to look Saitake in the eyes .

“I wonder, which dictator in the books of history managed to hold out until the end of their regimes?’

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

He glared at Noah .

“The whole Osaka is mine . I am the will that moves that Area . As long as I continue acting in the interest of the Osaka Area, those maggots can’t do anything from their dark hiding spots . That’s because they know they can’t do anything to me or they will die!”

“We need a strong and merciless leader in a chaotic time like to pacify everyone!”

Saitake stood up and he declared . Then, he pointed at Seitenshi .

“Seitenshi, you’re just harming yourself with your warmth and kindness . Know this, you will never be the ruler of this troubled world!”


Noah pressed Seitenshi’s shoulder down when she tried to retort .

Noah continued .

“It is as you said, this kind princess-sama is the farthest candidate from the dictator’s throne of a troubled world . ”

Seitenshi was blown away that Noah would say something like this about her .

Saitake revealed a victorious grin .

Noah wiped away his smug smile with his next sentence .

“Fine, then I vote we put her up on the throne of the ruler of a peaceful era, how’s that?”

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