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Chapter 121

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Chapter 121

The weather today is exceptionally great . It’s like the G.o.ds themselves are looking raining down their blessings on the ruler of the Tokyo Area . It’s definitely a great day for a walk outside .

A limo was currently making its way through a highway with escort cars protecting the car from the front, back, left, and right .

Inside the limousine, Noah and Seitenshi sat facing each other .

She elegantly sat on the cushion that was more luxurious than high-end sofas . She gazed at Noah without looking away, her angelic face didn’t twitch for even a second .

Noah acted like he didn’t notice her gaze . He nonchalantly sat there while looking through the car windows to spot any irregularities . He would furtively scan his surroundings from time to time as well .

Seitenshi knows that Noah is not admiring the scenery, he’s keeping a lookout on potential threats .

Seitenshi was a little surprised .

“How surprising . ”


Noah threw her a confused look .

“What do you mean by that?”

“According to my knowledge, Guild master Noah spent most of his time on the management of Fairy Tail . While you have obtained your civil defense officer license, there wasn’t any record on you taking on routine civil defense work, I can hardly find any files on you . ”

Seitenshi said with a bit of admiration in her voice .

“However, you look like you have done this for ages, why is that?”

Noah was stunned for a moment but he gave her a smile as a reply .

Indeed, he spent most of his 1 year in this world building up Fairy Tail and he wasn’t very active in the civil defense scene . According to this, he shouldn’t have a lot of experience doing jobs like escort and bodyguard services .

It’s understandable that she found his proficiency puzzling .

She might be smart but her information gathering abilities couldn’t possibly give her any details on what Noah did in his original world . He was already doing jobs way before he arrived in this world, among the quests and jobs he did, there was a lot of bodyguard or escort-related jobs .

It would be weird if Seitenshi knew about his original world .

Instead, Noah retorted .

“If you know that I lacked the experience, why did you still go out of your way to hire me as a bodyguard? You’re putting me in a very awkward position here, do you understand that?”

Seitenshi chuckled .

“I Just think Guild master Noah is very trustworthy . ”

“Me? Trustworthy?”

Noah felt the urge to laugh out loud .

“If I remember correctly, we only met like 5 times at most, right?”

“This has nothing to do with how many times we talked or saw each other . ”

Seitenshi continued beaming at him .

“If it’s that hard for you to understand then just think of it as a selfish whim of mine . ”

“This is the first time I met someone who would risk their lives on a selfish whim . Or, maybe, I should say as expected of the great princess-sama?”

Noah rolled his eyes at her .

“Now, if only you can use your selfish whims to prevent yourself from losing your negotiating power during your summit with that annoying ruler from another ward . ”

“Oh, right, I wanted to ask you some questions about Saitake Sougen . ”

Seitenshi thought she should ask about him since Noah brought him up .

“What is that Saitake Sougen like?”

Noah flinched in shock .

“Don’t tell me you’ve never talked with Sougen before?”

“Whenever you two, you and Kikunojou, talked about him, you two would always grumble about that man with displeased looks . This got me curious about his character . ”

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Seitenshi’s question made Noah think about a proper response before he replied .

“Relax . ”

Noah replied with a brilliant glint in his eyes .

“At least, with me around, n.o.body can harm you . ”

Seitenshi placed her hands on top of her chest when she heard those rea.s.suring words coming from his mouth . His deep black eyes also pierced her anxiety and worry .

In this tight s.p.a.ce, a certain heart started pumping faster and faster .

The venue for the summit was placed on the 86th floor of a tall hotel .

After the Gastrea war, humanity lost with it, humanity lost control of a large portion of available landma.s.s, n.o.body could stop the Gastrea from taking over .

In such an environment, every available piece of land that can shelter humans had buildings built that were taller than the last to accommodate the survivors .

Proper planning of building development was rewarded with generous tax deductions and other benefits so countless skysc.r.a.pers were built at astounding speed .

Even in the Tokyo Area, there are more taller-than-mountains buildings than one can possibly count .

This hotel is also very special . Rumor has it that this place is like the other emba.s.sies in the other Areas since a lot of top officials bought or leased suites to use this Hotel in case of emergencies .

Inside here, it’s a networker’s paradise . You can’t go past two rooms without one of them being inhabited by an influential person . Heck, one might even encounter them talking about dirty under-the-table stuff, you know, standard politicians’ stuff .

The summit between Seitenshi and Saitake Sougen was scheduled at the top floor of this hotel .

Rather than a meeting room, this floor was more like a posh private penthouse with binoculars on the balcony .

Noah and Seitenshi spotted the man upon exiting the lift .

He was wearing a suit with a pale-green tie when they saw him . This man looked like the type of man who would turn into a dictator the moment the world bowed down to him .

“Nice to meet you, Seitenshi-sama . ”

Saitake Sougen revealed a grin that resembled the wide mouth of a starving lion . Anyone who wasn’t careful enough would fall into his maw, Seitenshi took note of his vibe .

He’s not here to play nice .

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