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Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

On a busy street, Noah walked as Rentaro followed behind him .

They brushed against the shoulders of a lot of people due to the dense crowd here . Noah and Rentaro only paid attention to the traffic lights as they don’t look like they wanted to share a nice chat together . They kept going forward to a destination known only to them .

A heavy mood slowly brewed between Noah and Rentaro . After an indeterminate period, Rentaro finally spoke out .

“Ten years ago, Gastrea monsters entered Kisara-san’s home, they ate Kisara’s parents in front of her . ”

Rentaro dropped this on him without any signs .

Even Noah with all his composure couldn’t help but stop for a short while . He recovered his pace and he kept walking without continuing the conversation .

“Kisara-san somehow got out of that ordeal alive . Her kidneys started failing since then . Now, she needs to go to the hospital regularly to get dialysis treatments . She would die if she doesn’t get her treatments on time . I also lost count of the times she fainted from the pain of her ailments . ”

Rentaro didn’t wait for Noah to say anything . He continued telling his story .

“After that, Kisara-san left the Tendo Clan and she set up her own shop . She lived for the sake of burying the Tendo Clan . I am afraid it’s her only motivation in life . ”

Noah kept listening . After a brief silence, he said something without turning his head back .

“Was her parents’ death related to the Tendo Clan?”

Rentaro said nothing, his silence was his affirmative reply .

It wasn’t hard to guess .

Kisara’s parents died, she left the Tendo Clan as a result, she would choose a life of poverty than to crawl back to them .

How old was Kisara back then?

Judging from Rentaro’s tone, Kisara left since long ago, surely this didn’t happen recently, right?

Kisara doesn’t regret the choice she made, a life of hardship and financial difficulties never tempted her to go back to the Tendo Clan . Her unwillingness to return to her clansmen only served to reinforce his theory .

That point was only a minor thing compared to the next thing he noted .

More importantly, Kisara swore to bury her clansmen herself . She wants to kill her own people, that is a very big red flag right there .

Piecing together the information available to him, it’s not hard to guess that Kisara’s parents died due to the Tendo Clan .

“The Tendo Clan ten years ago, in a world that was still untainted by Gastrea, back then, the clan was already a powerhouse . When the Tokyo Area got its own independence, the Tendo Clan under Tendo Kikunojou’s leadership got into politics and they seized a large amount of power . ”

Rentaro said as he looked in front of him .

“Tendo Kikunojou became Seitenshi’s aide due to how well he can deploy scrupulous and unscrupulous means . Under his influence, his cronies inside the Tendo Clan all had significant power or authority . Like their backers, they are all not as ‘clean’ as they looked . ”

Rentaro turned his attention towards the folder Noah is holding, specifically, the doc.u.ments he had with him .

“I am sure you are well-aware of that, after reading that pile of doc.u.ments . ”

“I reckoned that given the copious amount of officials with the surname Tendo, it’s only natural for there to be bad apples in the mix . After that, I got Miori to gather up some evidence for me . ”

Noah shook his head as he raised the folder in his hand .

“In reality, you should know that there are only minor characters in this folder . p.a.w.ns that can be discarded anytime, the big fishes like Kikunojou and other big shots are not named inside!”

“Then, why did you gather that intel?”

Rentaro can’t help but ask .

“Even if you made it all public information, it wouldn’t even hurt the Tendo Clan enough to itch them . What’s the point if you can’t even bring them down?”

“That is why I said I am saving this as nails to put in the coffin when it’s time . ”

Noah glanced at Rentaro, he intentionally appeared mysterious .

“The heart is very complex, most hearts are dark and easily manipulated . A seemingly harmless thing can critically injure when applied at the right timing . Although, at this point, I am preaching to the choir, huh?”

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Rentaro was a bit stunned by his take on the matter . He continued asking Noah .

“How is that possible?”

Rentaro laughed out loud, he didn’t notice the awkwardness of his own laughter . His lacking retort only served to make people more convinced of their own conjectures .

“Do I look like the type that would die young?”

“Maybe . ”

Noah ambiguously smiled . With serious eyes, he continued .

“But, I am not you, Rentaro . I must tell you this, if anyone around me gets hurt, I can’t let the culprit go on the basis of the greater good . Fairy Tail will forever be the place where family and comrades reside!”

Noah turned around, facing Rentaro .

“Hence, unlike Kisara, I won’t fall into darkness due to grievances . But, for revenge, I will not spare anyone who tried to harm my family or my comrades!”

Ignoring Rentaro who was astounded, Noah changed directions and he never looked back, leaving him with one final sentence .

“I hope you keep this point in mind…”

Rentaro stared in silence as Noah walked further and further away . Even after Noah had already disappeared from sight, he still didn’t come back to his senses .

Noah failed to pick up a presence among the sea of people here .

Not far away, a figure listened in on Noah and Rentaro .

Lifting an arm, the figure watched them with vacant eyes . The pair of eye soon returned to an eery pitch black .

“Even if I fall into the darkness I will not spare anyone who hurts my family…”

“The Tendo shall not escape their fates…”

The figure used that sentence to reinforce the hatred in the figure’s heart . The owner of the voice balled her palms into fists as she disappeared after confirming that Noah is gone from her field of vision .

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