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Chapter 112

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Chapter 112

Peering through the cracks in the closet, Noah can see Rentaro who is drinking water lazily outside .

It’s amazing how he can be so unenthusiastic about his job .

After hiding inside here, Noah prayed that Rentaro would exit this rooms on so they can resolve their current hot situation .

Rentaro poured himself a cup of tea so Noah had a bad feeling that he won’t be leaving anytime soon .

Noah started cursing his own luck . His body tensed up .

Haa haa

Maybe it’s because it’s so sultry inside the closet, the other person in here with him started panting .

Noah’s heart started racing and he shifted his gaze down .

He’s not sure if this counts as lucky or unfortunate, this closet is awfully empty . Because it’s rather wide without anything in it, the two of them could squeeze inside here . Kisara doesn’t look like she’s planning on storing her clothes in here anytime soon .

With her present financial situation, it’s not likely she’s going to buy a new closet soon .

Hence, they are stuck with this closet devoid of stuff, but, it’s still a small closet .

So, they are stuck with each other, like really closes with each other, they can feel each other’s breath .


Due to the limited s.p.a.ce here, Kisara is basically pressing herself up against Noah’s body . This sent jolts of electricity up Noah’s spine .

Because Kisara dragged him into this closet in a hurry, they didn’t have the time to adjust their positions . If they even twitched, the two of them could feel it since they are so close to each other .

Noah’s heart is throbbing out of control right now because of this steamy situation .

Noah and Kisara only noticed their situation now .

Kisara’s hands are above her head so when Noah shifted his gaze, he got a good look at her body, not that he had the mind to pay attention . His current position is rather awkward .

His left hand is pressed against the other side of the closet, worse yet, Kisara’s b.u.t.t is pinning his hand .

Meanwhile, his right hand is on her hooters . He got a good taste of her knockers . In other words, Kisara’s impossibly intimate distance notwithstanding, his hands are on her sensitive areas . If the closet is transparent, it would look like he’s going second base with Kisara right now .

Noticing this, Noah stiffened his body as his thoughts became jumbled . Sweat started pouring down his head .

Haa… Haa…

Kisara is also red as an apple . She’s performing relatively worse than Noah . Every inch of her skin is drenched in sweat . She mewled in a coquettish tone after noticing that she’s being fondled by Noah .

“Yo-your hands…”

Her reminder caused him to move .

He shouldn’t have done that . In this tight s.p.a.ce, the moment he moved his hands, he actually delved deeper into an embrace with Kisara .


Kisara leaked out a moan due to how hard Noah squeezed her tatas .

“Do-don’t move…”

Noah stopped squirming as more sweat appeared on his head . Kisara started sobbing .

“You-your hands…”

Noah wanted to cry too .

Move, he’s screwed, don’t move, he’s still screwed . It’s hard to get out of his situation without stimulating her b.u.t.t or jugs . It’s also very dangerous if this situation persists .

Noah used an exasperated tone with her .

“Why did you drag me inside here?”

“I-I just moved on reflex, it’s not like I want to do this…”

Kisara started moving around slightly, this embarra.s.sment is going to kill her before the heat does .

“A-anyway, just do something about your hands…”

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Kisara didn’t think about the consequences of her actions . Her movements caused a new wave of pleasure to a.s.sault Noah’s nervous system .

One of them is b.u.t.t naked while the other has his hands on a girl like they are doing some kind of kinky play . 10 out of 10 people who think so .

Even G.o.d started pitying them .

Rentaro locked his brows and he approached the closet .


Kisara whimpered . She gave up and she desperately threw herself into Noah’s arms to hide as much of her body as possible while shutting her eyes in despair .

Noah noticed this and he sighed in silence . Adjusting his body, he put himself between the closet door and Kisara .

Even if Rentaro opened the closet he wouldn’t be able to see Kisara’s divine figure .

Kisara also perceived that Noah accepted her desperate bid to hide her body behind his .

He’s warmer than I thought…

They steeled themselves up for the imminent reveal .

At this time .


A loud collision sound came from outside the office, it seemed to have come from the street outside the building .

“Wh-what the?”

Rentaro ran over to the window to find out what happened .

Noah jumped in surprise .



He quickly opened the closet and he brought Kisara out of the office after grabbing the clothes she left on the office table . They left the office in a blur .

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