Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 10

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Under the sneering and constant teasing of Phantom Lord magicians, Noah proceeded through without regards to them and stood before the ritual platform. There’s no hint of agitation or anything of the like, only an eerie calmness.

Perhaps it’s because of that, the surrounding became quiet and they all shut their yappers and stopped laughing.

Seeing the small figure standing before him and the sudden heavy silence, Mogria’s became more and more upset. It led to him not being able to hold himself back from jabbing at Laxus with a question.

“One person? Has Fairy Tail decided to giev up on this a.s.signment?”

When he first heard Fairy Tail sent out only 3 people, he thought that this immature brats must have been here for formality’s sake, he grinned at the sheer foolishness of their undertaking, and now only Noah is going up?

Laxus gave a sideglance at Mogria, his malevolent face is all but gone and he can’t muster the energy to even talk with the fool. He simply kept his eyes on Noah and clenched his fist.

“Let’s see why gramps won’t stop talking about his magic power, how strong it is….”

Erza is also doing the same thing.

She’s different in the sense that she has personally seen it in action. Plus, she knows that the main partic.i.p.ant this time would be Noah and that the two of them is more like bodyguard then quest party member. In other words, she has no doubts in her mind that Noah would finish this quest.

What she’s really curious to find out though, is whether or not the magic power she has seen yesterday on the riverside is the limit of his power!

And so, in that place where each person has a different thought and no one made so much as a squeak,Noah breathed in deeply and calmed down the nervousness that cannot be seen by others. Finally, he stretched out his hands.

His small hands reached ritual platform and pressing down on it he closed his eyes to draw attention to his inner body, churning and guiding the enormous magic power bending the sea of magic power.


The air surrounding them started trembling as the gargantuan magic power gushed out and reached for the sky in a pillar of light growing in intensity.


With a force that could shake s.p.a.ce itself the magic power has done more than shock the magicians of phantom lord, Mogria’s pupils shrunk, Laxus and the mentally prepared Erza tensed up when they saw the sight, their eyes were filled with sheer shock.


Too strong!

If one were to talk in term of magic power, Noah definitely had the right to scoff at any one on this continent.

Laxus who has seen his grandpa’s terrifying magic power can testify that Noah’s could rival him for sure!

And Makarov is a ten saint, a super magician that can rank in the top 10.

It’s just magic power but to think he could surpa.s.s Makarov in this aspect at an age of merely 11, he can’t deal with this.

What about the phantom lord guild members, they are all s.p.a.cing out over the corner there, they can’t react to this situation.

Controlling the magic power he moved this f.u.c.k ton of amount and as if holding a rein on it channeled them into the crystal ball like platform.


The stone emitted brilliant rays of light and illuminated every corner of that place.


The intensity of that light show hurt their eyes so they had to shield against it with their hands.

A lot of the mooks cried out like pansies and the whole place turned chaotic.

After a period of time the bright light receded and the group of people slowly recovered their blinded field of vision.

When they cautiously opened their eyes what appeared before them is a sudden change.

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The light they thought receded away did not completely disappear, it diminished to a certain extent and remained constant like a magic lamp they emitted soft glow illuminating every person present.

Turning to the middle aged man he smiled.

“With this our quest is complete yes?”

“A.. Ah!”

Returning to his senses the men forcibly laughed with sweat dripping down his face.

“Ye… yes.. it’s complete…”

“Then, about our reward…”

“Y.. Yes!”

He turned into a yesman.

“We will pay it asap! Asap!”

He nodded in satisfaction and glanced at the phantom lord members before grinning.

“He thought this job needs 3 people but who would have thought one person finished it, seems like my guild master do make mistakes from time to time…”

Leaving this line behind Noah walked out of the pavilion without turning hishead back.


Guffawing Laxus walked out in tow with Erza who had the corner of her lips raised.

What’s left is the mooks at a loss of what to do and a Mogria who had a very vicious expression on his face.

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