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Chapter 529

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Chapter 529

Yakushi Kabuto's has an unexpectedly large number of memories, and it's also mixed with the memories of others. It took a lot of effort to find something to do with the black-robed man.

From Kabuto's memories, Yamanaka Ryo learned that the black-robed man is called Otsutsuki Momoshiki. His purpose of coming to Ninja World was the same as the Otsutsuki's clansman in the original work. –For the fruit of the G.o.d Tree.

The difference is that the Otsutsuki Momoshiki doesn't want to attract the attention of the Rikudou Sennin brothers, so he put the goal in the Kaguya's s.p.a.ce to cultivate the White Zetsu.

Meanwhile, the alliance with Yakushi Kabuto was because Kabuto's Edo Tensei came from Nidaime Hokage. And with the help of Nidaime Hokage, he could find the s.p.a.ce left by Kaguya.

During the alliance, Otsutsuki Momoshiki was refined with Kabuto's help.

After getting information about Otsutsuki Momoshiki, Ryo continued to explore why the Yakushi Kabuto left Konoha.

After many searches, Ryo found sealed memory in the back of the Yakushi Kabuto's mind.

Ryo opened this memory to know the truth about the death of Yakushi Nono.

Yakushi Nono was originally a ninja of the Roots; she was good at intelligence gathering and a medical ninja. After Ryo killed Danzo, Nono regained her freedom, and she was very happy about it. –In Kabuto's memory, Nono had a bright smile on her face.

Unfortunately, the good times are not long.

Although Danzo's dead, his followers who inherited his extreme thoughts are still there.

In the beginning, Ryo let these people return to their own clan because a large part of these people is members of the Great Clan.

And it was those people who gathered and used their clan to pressure the orphanage to continue to control Yakushi Nono to keep gathering information for them. In the end, Nono chose to compromise for the orphanage. Since then, she has been traveling between Konoha and the Great Country until Chunin exams.

In the Chunin exam, Iwagakure detonated the Explosive Tag hidden in Konoha, blowing up many buildings in Konoha, including the Root's building where information was stored. The Roots remnants went crazy for a long time, and about a year later, Yakushi Nono brought back new information.

After seeing the information, the Roots' remnants recalled that their blood and tears had been destroyed, so they vented all their anger on Yakushi Nono. A group of people yelled and cursed at Nono, but they didn't know that Kabuto saw all of this.

In his eyes, Yakushi Nono was like his mother, and she grew up caring for him and teaching him a medical ninja. Seeing Yakushi Nono was being humiliated, the Yakushi Kabuto broke out completely. He quietly came out of the dark, rallying out of chakra scalpel, trying to kill these people.

His attack was so sudden that the remnants of The Roots had no time to dodge. They can only lift Yakushi Nono in front of them, using her as a human shield.

In this way, Kabuto's chakra scalpel stabbed the Yakushi Nono. Seeing this, he desperately rushed to these Roots remnants. Unfortunately, the root ninjas are all elites, and Yakushi Kabuto pocket is not their opponent. However, since Yakushi Nono has "dead", the root remnants also dare not cause too much trouble in Konoha. So they did not have much entanglement with Kabuto and soon left.

Before leaving, the remnants of the Root cleared all the traces of their actions, which is why the later Tsunade would found no clue when investigating Nono's death.

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In desperation, Kabuto tried to take Nono's "corpse" back to the orphanage. However, he didn't expect that Nono was still breathing. After the root remnants left, In her last breathe. Nono gave Kabuto two scrolls and warned him to leave Konoha immediately.

–There were a lot of talks about Roots in Konoha, and naturally, Kabuto also knew about them. He also knew that it was Yamanaka Ryo who eliminated the Root.

Deep inside, Kabuto's hatred towards Yamanaka Ryo grew. He hated the fact that Ryo did not kill all these people hence why Kabuto pocket appeared on the battlefield of the Fourth Shin.o.bi World War and stood on the opposite side of Yamanaka Ryo's.


After reading these memories, Yamanaka Ryo was silent. It was as Kabuto thought; he indeed let those remnants of the Roots go. It also made him responsible for Yakushi Nono's death.

At the thought of this, Ryo sighed. He sealed Kabuto's chakra and let people take him along.

Looking at this, Sasuke's eyebrow frowned: "Ryo-sama, why don't you kill him? He is the caster of Edo Tensei. Many ninjas in this ninja battle died at the hands of the puppets he summoned."

Yamanaka Ryo waved his hand and said: "I will explain it after the war is over. Now, let's look at the final battle!"

"The final battle?"

"Well, depending on the battlefield, the war is coming to an end… and if my guess is good, the enemy's high-end battle power should be in action."

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