Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Han Jiangxue

Chapter 682

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Chapter 682: What Are You Actually Up To?

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Tonight's dinner party was in the form of a self-service party. The film crew rented the top floor of this hotel. There was also a balcony attached on the outside, and the environment and atmosphere were quite good.

 Director Liu was very happy when he saw Su Qianxun had arrived. He pa.s.sed a gla.s.s of wine to her and wanted to have a drink with her.

 “Director Liu, thank you for looking after me during this period. I'm not really good at drinking alcohol, so I'll just drink a little,” Su Qianxun raised her gla.s.s and said.

 “Drink less if you can't drink, but I really want to thank you. Out of all the actors, you're the one I'm most satisfied with this time!” Director Liu did not hide his admiration of her.

 “Director Liu, are you implying that my performance is worse than hers?” Rong Yebai walked over and glared at the director.

 Director Liu laughed, “You're an experienced actor, of course I'm satisfied with your performance. But after all, Qianxun is still new, so her ability to express is slightly better.”

 Su Qianxun accompanied Director Liu, drinking a little wine before she excused herself and left.

 When she left, she heard Director Liu was discussing with someone about recruiting a child actor, and it sounded like the plan did not go too well.

 Su Qianxun suddenly thought about Long Lin. The director should be fine if Long Lin was recruited for the role, right?

 Long Lin had autism but his current condition had obviously improved. In fact, a child like this should step out to establish contact with the outside world. This would be beneficial to his condition.

 When she thought of that, she took out her cell phone and gave Elder Long a call and told him about her thoughts. After she finished talking, Su Qianxun was feeling very apprehensive as she waited for an answer. She had already prepared herself to be rejected.

 “I think that your idea is very good, and it is also beneficial to Lin's recovery. Just let me know the time, and I'll have someone send Lin'er over to you.” Elder Long only muttered to himself for a few seconds before immediately agreeing to her idea.

 “Really? I'll go and ask the director, and I'll send the time to you after it's set.” Su Qianxun hung up the call very happily before she went to look for the director again.

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 She expressed her idea to Director Liu. Naturally, Director Liu was happy and asked, “Do you have a photo of that child?”

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