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844 An Engagement Destined To Be Chaotic 24

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Chapter 844: An Engagement Destined To Be Chaotic (24)

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The tender voice of a child rang out.

That “mummy” was an absolute bomb that shocked the entire scene as every single audience found themselves flabbergasted!

Instantly, the entire hall went so silent that one could even hear a pin drop for that moment.

Qian Xun's first reaction at seeing Xiao Bai was surprise. But, when he hugged her thigh and yelled out mummy, she was filled with a deep anger.

What was this Lu Yanzhi playing at? Why did he ask his son to come call her mummy at her engagement banquet?

Even if she said that she hated him, he needn't go to this extent to get revenge, right?

He must be truly prepared to give her even more scandals, as though she hadn't had enough to deal with, such that she could not get herself clean at all!

Qian Xun was so p.i.s.sed, mad, and enraged that she almost exploded!

She heaved in a deep breath of air, trying her best to maintain that perfect smile of hers before looking down at Xiao Bai and slightly squatting over, whispering with a volume that only the two of them could hear, “Xiao Bai, why are you here? Where's your daddy? Why did you come here calling me mummy?”

Usually, Xiao Bai would always bear an intelligently cool expression. But this time around, he was acting like a small little cry-baby.

He hugged Qian Xun's thighs fiercely while speaking through snot and tears, “Mummy, don't abandon me! I'll be good and listen to you, and do anything you want me to! Just don't get engaged with this man and abandon me and daddy!”

The entire crowd was shaken as they glared at Qian Xun and Xiao Bai. Some were skeptical, some were surprised, and of course, there were some that bought it…

Qian Xun nearly fell over the ground on hearing this crying complaint of Xiao Bai.

Toward this situation, she truly did not know how to handle it any longer as she swept her gaze through the crowd below—no signs of Lu Yanzhi.

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d.a.m.n it, what was he trying to do!

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