Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Wan Lili

Chapter 689 - Secret Marriage Exposed

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Chapter 689: Secret Marriage Exposed

The male reporter was shocked by Li Beinian’s expression.

She glared at him and said clearly and angrily, “If anyone were to be a casualty, it ought to be you!”

The male reporter did not expect Li Beinian to be so rude. After all, he was young and inexperienced. After being scolded, his turned red and retorted, “How can you be like this? Where are your manners?”

Li Beinian sneered. “Get lost!”

“Manners? If someone were to say the same thing of your wife, would you maintain good manners?” someone said.

“Where is this reporter from?”

The male reporter was furious and shouted, “A celebrity ticking people off, how disgusting!”

“Celebrity ticking people off?” Li Beinian gritted her teeth.

Reaching out, she grabbed his collar and said through gritted teeth, “You’d better pray that my husband is safe or I’ll beat you to death!”

The male reporter was shocked by Li Beinian’s aggression and felt the stares from the people in the crowd. It certainly made him look bad.

He struggled for a moment and was about to issue a threat when suddenly, his collar was released.

Li Beinian looked sullen. She pushed the reporters aside and said, “Why aren’t you letting me in? Tell me then, where has he gone!”

Only a portion of the top and front corner of the silver Spyker was visible, its windows and windsreen were obscured by the taller car and nothing else could be seen.

Hence, Li Beinian had no idea if he was inside.

Having been questioned like this, the policemen looked a little troubled.

This observation gave Li Beinian a bad feeling.

She gritted her teeth and turned to leave.

When the policemen saw this, they were stunned, but also relieved at the same time.

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However, the next thing they knew, Li Beinian had turned around again and was charging towards the barricade!

This could not have happened to Mu Xichen, it was impossible!

However, hot tears flowed uncontrollably again when she touched the blood stains in the car.

“Take her away!” The policeman in front pushed her back and his face darkened. “Knock her out!”

Li Beinian’s expression changed drastically. Before she could react, she felt a sharp pain on the back of her neck and a tingling sensation.

An electric baton.

Li Beinian lost all her strength and fell limply to the ground.

This scene was completely captured by the reporters. They rushed to upload the news to the internet and even included a complete live video.

The t.i.tle was striking: “Female star’s secret marriage exposed! Li Beinian cries and faints at husband’s accident scene.”

It created a huge reaction online!

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