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Li Qun Xi - 离群戏 著


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A lot of things happened on the SHIELD base, and now Rogers decided to block the Portal. At the same time, on the ice sheet tens of kilometers away, many Iron Man Armors were flying in mid-air at the location where Lin Rui and Iceman were before. Searching carefully.


JARVIS sent some Iron Man over since Lin Rui got disconnected from JARVIS. They just happened to run out of this ice field. Another location on the ice field was the abandoned base that Lin Rui had discovered before.

After JARVIS received the location, there have been many Iron Man waiting there. So after the incident, JARVIS was able to quickly send so many Iron Man here to search.

However, these dozen Iron Mans have searched this area many times, but JARVIS didn’t found Lin Rui and Iceman.

JARVIS did find that this area is different from the surroundings, but because the spatial changes here are too obscure, JARVIS can only detect some anomalies, but he cannot determine the specific situation here. In this case, JARVIS can only continue to search.


At the beginning of the eighteenth search, a strong spatial fluctuation suddenly spread from the center of this area.

This s.p.a.ce fluctuation is different from the intermittent s.p.a.ce energy detected by JARVIS before, but it is a very powerful s.p.a.ce energy level that JARVIS attaches great importance to.

“This is the Spatial Energy Fluctuation of the Magic Cube. Did Mr. Jackson really discover the Magic Cube? Or is there a Portal here, but why can’t it be detected?” JARVIS silently a.n.a.lyzed the situation when he suddenly detecting this strong spatial fluctuation.

Pū Pū Pū!

In the moment JARVIS detected this strong spatial fluctuation, the central area of ​​the ice field suddenly seemed to be blown up by something.

The thick snow layer and the ice layer below were all rippled with invisible shock waves in an instant. It was shaken away, and then it rose into the air. In the next moment, this area was already covered by ice and snowflakes in the sky.

“En? The detection signal has been severely disturbed. It seems that this is the main reason that caused Mr. Jackson and Mr. Iceman to lose contact with the outside world.” A dozen Iron Man suspended in mid-air staring at the changes in the ice field below while JARVIS continued to collect the information to a.s.sess the situation.

Hula la~

“Break it!!” Just when JARVIS’s detection signal was severely disturbed and he could only rely on some optical systems to “See” the changes below, a familiar shout suddenly came out from the exploded ice field below.



After the familiar shout came out, another strong shock wave came out from the center of the broken ice field. Then, the detection signal that interfered with JARVIS quickly recovered.

Then, he detected familiar special energy that was different from the s.p.a.ce energy of the Magic Cube, and that energy belonged to Mirage Knight! That is the internal energy of Lin Rui!

“Iceman! Get out!” After JARVIS detected the energy fluctuations belonging to Lin Rui, another big shout came out. This time JARVIS was able to confirm that the owner of this voice is Mirage Knight, which is Lin Rui.


Then, JARVIS “Sees” an Azura Arc breaking through the sky of ice and snow and rushing out. And behind this Azura Arc, an ice-blue figure rushed out following this Azura Arc.

“Absolutely freeze!” After the icy blue figure rushed out, a loud shout different from the previous two came out, the ice-blue figure that had rushed out is obviously Iceman who lost contact with Lin Rui.

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Then, the two people had quickly left the place and they were already tens of meters away from the central area when they reappeared.


After leaving the central area, Iceman immediately retracted the Absolute Frozen Domain and directly collapsed on the ground.

He had also returned from the Ice Crystal State to the normal state. No one knew what he had experienced in such a short half an hour but he looked extraordinarily weak at this moment.

“Cough! This time I lost a lot! I had a hard time training and I came here thinking that I would be able to strengthen my ability, but now I have suffered more serious injuries!” Iceman was tired as he sat down on the down.

While talking, Iceman looked at the guy sitting next to him. If Iceman was severely damaged by the overdraft of power this time then the guy beside him paid even more than Iceman, and he should be worse than him at this time.

But the real situation is similar and at this time, Lin Rui can hardly move a finger.

“Huhu~ It’s better to be injured than to be trapped there forever and die! Moreover, we have had a huge gain this time, how can you say that we have lost?” When Iceman looked at Lin Rui, Lin Rui was temporarily unable to move and he said after taking a few deep breaths.

“Of course I know that it is better to be injured than to die, but I clearly got injured because I was with you!” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Iceman went on to say while feeling a little helpless.

If it weren’t for Lin Rui, how could Iceman get involved in such a thing? How could he be injured now?!

“Didn’t you come voluntarily?” Lin Rui said indifferently when he heard Iceman’s words.

Iceman: “…”

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