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Chapter 98.1

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Chapter 98: Framed? (Part 1)

“He only fancies you on the spur of a moment. He will soon abandon you mercilessly for other women.” Sui Lei was stunned for a moment then finally spoke before turning and leaving Qi Huan.

Qi Huan stared at Sui Lei in a daze. Is she really talking about Mo Ye?

After staying in Mo Mansion for nearly three months, Qi Huan finally couldn't help it. Didn't Mo Ye know that she was missing? Why didn't he come to her yet? Although his father hadn't been making her life difficult so far, Qi Huan still felt a little jumpy, it was just a feeling, but that feeling had saved her several times.

Originally Xing Huang would occasionally come to see her a few times. However, a month ago, not knowing what happened, he and Mo Yu hurriedly left Mo Mansion, so the housekeeper/chief Sui Lei was the highest status person in Mo Mansion.

Sui Lei did not approach Qi Huan again, nor did she speak to her again, everything seemed calm.

There are four seasons in the Heavenly Devil Realm. It could be considered as winter at this time. Qi Huan was afraid of the cold, so she rarely went out, and she slept under her quilt all day. As for the big hole in the roof, it was somehow repaired by Sui Lei, so she could sleep very well now. She felt like she had received a blessing to be able to sleep soundly.

On this day, it was noon when Qi Huan got up from her sleep. She was wearing a single coat and wrapped in a heavy quilt. She heard some noises from the inner courtyard.

Usually the women in the inner courtyard did not dare to speak loudly because of Sui Lei, what happened this time?

Qi Huan dragged her quilt, opened the window curiously, and looked out.

She saw Sui Lei bringing a little girl who was a head shorter than her into the inner courtyard. She was talking to the little girl, with a gentle smile on her face, totally not looking like a cold chief, but a friendly auntie.

Of course, Sui Lei also felt Qi Huan's curious gaze. She glanced at Qi Huan's window coldly, then patted the girl's back, leading her to the most luxuriously decorated attic in the center of the inner courtyard.

After seeing them disappear, Qi Huan did not immediately close the window, but continued to listen to the women's gossip in the inner courtyard.

“She is new here too?” Someone asked.

“I heard that she is the little princess of Asura Palace. The wife chosen by the Master for the Second Young Master.” Another person interrupted.

“But I heard that Asura Emperor wants to marry his little daughter to our Master?”

“Impossible… I heard it was for Young Master…”

Listening to that group of women chattering non-stop, Qi Huan disappointedly redrew from the window and closed the window. Now only did she know that the women in the Heavenly Devil Realm could also gossip so much.

However, from what she heard from those women, that little girl was likely to marry any one of the Mo Family men, and her status was very high. Her father was Asura Emperor, so  her status should be equivalent to that of Mo Ye and Xing Huang.

If she wanted to marry Mo Yu or Xing Huang, Qi Huan had no comments but as for Mo Ye, she wasn't expecting him to want to get married. Although she also liked Mo Ye, she never wanted to marry him. In fact, it was not unreasonable for Mo Ye to say that Qi Huan had no heart because she had always believed that if two people stayed together for more than ten years, they would surely quarrel every day, not to mention, people like them lived for more than 200,000 years. If they really stayed together every day, they might get bored of each other so as long as they liked each other, why did they need to be together every day?

Of course, Qi Huan had never discussed this argument with Mo Ye. Anyway, the two of them had not reached that stage yet. As for what would happen in the future, no one could predict it. She only knew that she liked Mo Ye for more than eight hundred years, and Mo Ye had liked her for as long as her, so that was enough. Of course, during the time they liked each other, no one could intervene in their relationship. The education Qi Huan received from an early age made it impossible for her to tolerate the behavior of a man with three or four wives, even though this was very common in the Heavenly Devil World and even the immortal world.

Qi Huan wrapped herself tightly, standing outside the house to bask in the sun. At noon, the sun was not warm, and the air outside was very fresh. Besides, she had not been out of the house for a long time, so she felt very suffocated. It was rare to snow outside, so she decided to come out and breathe. Who knew that not long after she brought Little Yin out, the little girl who had lived in the main building of the inner courtyard a while ago walked towards her, and asked, “Is this snake your pet?”

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Qi Huan couldn't help but feel jealous when she saw her thin silk dress compared to her own bloated cotton-padded clothes. Sighs, it's good to have such a powerful and wealthy father. That piece of clothing on the little girl's body was more valuable than everything on Qi Huan's body combined.

“Oh… I see…” It turned out that the whole situation between Qi Huan and Sui Lei was a misunderstanding. Qi Huan breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that the man Sui Lei mentioned a while ago was Mo Yu, not Mo Ye.

Hey, what is this Sui Lei thinking? She's not blind, why did she like an old satyra, instead of a young and handsome man? Is her eyesight alright!

“Sister Sui Lei seems to be very sad, she hasn't been in good spirits recently.” The little girl wrinkled her nose and continued.

“Really.” Qi Huan sneered silently. She wasn't bothered about Sui Lei's sadness, and she even more wouldn't be bothered to clarify her relationship with Mo Yu to Sui Lei. When others respected her, she would respect others, but Sui Lei this kind of person, they weren't friends, and the worse thing was that Sui Lei even tried to make her life hard which she (Qi Huan) actually kept quiet about it, she hadn't settled this matter with her (Sui Lei).

Nevermind a.s.signing her to a broken old house, but how could she, the chief who was in charge of taking care of the inner courtyard, not know about the incident at that time? Those women in the inner courtyard were so afraid of her. If it weren't for her nasty idea, how could a man appear in Qi Huan's room that night?! Just because Qi Huan didn't want to pursue this matter, didn't mean she didn't know anything.

“What's your name, sister?” Qi Huan didn't respond much, so the little girl kept quiet for a while before asking again.

“Qi Huan. How about you?”

“My name is Yan Yin. Sister, it's so boring here, shall we go out to play?” Yan Yin blinked her big eyes at Qi Huan.

Yan Yin just arrived at the Mo Mansion so she knew no one. The women in the inner courtyard knew her ident.i.ty so they were all very afraid of her, they didn't dare to approach her, and Sui Lei's character was a bit cold, so Yan Yin became bored after only staying for a few days.

Sui Lei told her that she shouldn't leave the house casually, that was why she had been staying inside.

And since Qi Huan was also about to be bored to death, even though she was a person who preferred to stay indoors, she, too, felt a little bored after spending such a long time in a small place. When she came to this place, she had never been out shopping so she couldn't help feeling a little interested when she heard what Yan Yin said.

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