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Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Kill Her (Part 1)

And so, Qi Huan hadn't stayed at Mo Ye's place for long before being captured by Mo Yu and brought to Mo Mansion. It was quite a considerable distance between Mo Mansion and Qian Long Mountain. It roughly took them more than ten days even if they were traveling at the fastest speed. In any case, she had no hope of escape.

Fortunately, although Mo Ye's father's temper was not very good, his brother was a very gentle person, even his voice was very soft, as if he was afraid of frightening Qi Huan. Therefore, these days, she simply stayed by Xing Huang's side to prevent Mo Yu from being unhappy and hurting her.

Along their journey, Qi Huan finally realized the Mo Family's status in the Heavenly Devil Realm. When other devils saw Mo Yu, they would all lay on the ground and bowed their heads. The expressions on their faces were absolutely reverent, showing a kind of respect that stemmed from the bottom of their heart. In the b.l.o.o.d.y and raging devil world, there were people who were so respected. Qi Huan was really dumbfounded by this realization.

The mansion was located in the capital city of the Heavenly Devil Realm. Before seeing the scale of the Mo Mansion, Qi Huan thought that Ming Huo Palace, the place where Ming Huo lived, was exaggeratedly big. It wasn't until she entered the Mo Mansion that she felt that she was really inexperienced.

The Mo Mansion basically occupied half of the capital. In fact, there were only three people that were the true Mo Family members. Mo Ye never lived in the Mo Mansion, only Mo Yu and Xing Huang lived there. The rest were the guards, servants, and other concubines who were given to Mo Yu by others.

After entering the mansion, Qi Huan was really not sure how to feel when she saw nearly a thousand women on both sides of the door. They were all very beautiful. One man with thousands of women, even emperors in the moral world were not this exaggerating.

When Qi Huan followed them in, most of those concubines were looking at Mo Yu, some of them had eyes on Xing Huang, all of which were extremely obsessed. Of course, there were also very few people staring at Qi Huan, but the way they looked at men and women was obviously different. Their eyes at Qi Huan were very cold, so cold that she didn't even need to look at them to feel their coldness biting into her skin. She really didn't know who did she provoke. If she really did something and was hated by others, then she wouldn't feel too bad about it, but now, she was hated by other people even before she did anything. She felt so wronged!

“Bring her to go to the inner courtyard.” When they all returned to the hall to rest, Mo Yu glared at Qi Huan, and ordered the chief of the Mo Mansion who had been following them.

The chief was a young woman with cold eyes, especially when she was staring at Qi Huan. It seems that she really doesn't want to see me, Qi Huan thought.

“Father…” Xing Huang's tone was somewhat hesitant after hearing Mo Yu's order.

“Hmph, don't kill her, just torture her.” Mo Yu said in front of Qi Huan. Unexpectedly, she was happy when she heard it. No one dared to trouble her for so many years! Torture her? She really didn't believe that anyone in the inner courtyard had the ability to torture her.

She had always been the one to toss others, causing them to rather die than to suffer. She had never been tossed by anyone before, she would really like to see them try this time.

Xing Huang glanced at Qi Huan with some worry, and then sighed. The order had already been made, he could no longer persuade his father, unless Mo Ye was around, no one dared to disobey his father's orders. Although he was also Mo Yu's biological son, Xing Huang knew in his heart that his father loved him less than Mo Ye.

And so, Qi Huan lived in the inner courtyard from that day on. She realized that the so-called inner courtyard turned out to be Mo Yu's harem, no wonder Mo Yu said he wanted to torture her. It was because he knew how terrifying the women here were.

Since stepping into the inner courtyard, she did not leave the house at all. Although her housekeeper was not really polite, the room she a.s.signed to Qi Huan was still decent, at least there was a bed and bedding. There wasn't any big problem except that she could see the moon in the sky when she lay down.

There was just a big hole above her head, not a big deal. When she was hunted down in the mortal world, she had slept in a muddy swamp for several days to hide from her hunters, and she had spent days with mosquitoes.

Probably because of Qi Huan's honesty, for three days in a row, no one came to trouble her. She was happy but she had nothing to do all day, except for practicing cultivation and staring at Little Yin.

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Her carrots were all ruined by Mo Yu, out of anger. Although this wasn't her fault, Little Yin was still angry, it didn't care whose fault it was. As a result, sometimes when Qi Huan woke up in the middle of the night, she would suddenly find a snake with its mouth opened, on top of her head, drooling at her. Fortunately, she had spent so many years with this snake, so she had almost gotten used to it, at most she would just turn around and continue to sleep.

When Qi Huan could feel the man's rapid breathing near her cheeks, she suddenly opened her eyes wide. The man totally didn't expect her to be wide awake especially after the special sleeping gas. He was completely stunned at this scene.

Qi Huan squinted at the man for a long time, and she finally recognized his face. It seemed that this man was a guard in the Mo Mansion. When she entered the mansion that day, he was guarding the door.

“You?” The man who was startled by Qi Huan, was just about to run away when he suddenly felt a heavy breath behind him. He turned his head and saw a giant snake staring at him with its mouth wide open. Little Yin's saliva mixed with venom dripped on his shoulders, and soon the armour on his shoulders was corroded completely, and then gradually penetrated into his skin and bones.

“Ahhh!” Heart-piercing screams sounded from Qi Huan's room, awakening everyone in the Mo Mansion.

Qi Huan waved her hand to Little Yin, “Hurry up and find a place to dispose of the body. Also, remember to brush your teeth before making yourself big next time.” Although it was normal for monsters to have bad breath, Little Yin's breath was really not refreshing.

Little Yin glared at Qi Huan dissatisfiedly. Then, it bit the guard, who intended to rape Qi Huan, with its pointed fangs directly inserting into his lower abdomen. According to Qi Huan's guess, even if a devil's survivability was extremely strong, this one bite had probably caused half of his life.

Little Yin's poison was not ordinary snake venom. At that time, Qi Huan used its venom to infiltrate a cultivator who was going through the dujie stage. As a result, it only took roughly ten or more seconds, and those who were still alive one minute ago, were immediately corroded, even their souls were completely corroded.

Fortunately, Mo Ye said that Flying Snakes were basically extinct in this world, so there weren't any Flying Snakes even in the immortal world. Otherwise, mere human beings wouldn't stand a chance if there were a few more such terrifying creatures.

In fact, Qi Huan's thoughts were a bit redundant because ordinary Flying Snakes had no venom at all, and it wouldn't grow a pair of dragon horns. Little Yin belonged to a mutant species, that was why it had grown to its terrifying appearance now. Anyway, the stronger Little Yin was, the more guaranteed her safety was. This inhuman snake, except for being good to her little fox, treated everyone as if everyone owed it money. It wouldn't listen to anyone except the little fox.

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