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Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: OK, That's A Deal (Part 1)

Qi Huan wanted to go back to find her little fox, so she had to walk into the formation. The power of the Seven Deadly Reincarnation Formation was not for its attack damage, but its illusion that was impossible to guard against. Formation in the immortal world was different from that of the mortal world. The illusion was not only illusory, but it could also attack the essence of the soul. Getting it by it was equivalent to shattering one's soul.

The formations in the ​​Killing Divine Sea were all deployed by the immortal emperor or the immortals of higher level than them. Their purpose was to resist the devil heads from the Heavenly Devil realm. Qi Huan did not have much research on the art of formations. She was basically a newbie, it was good enough if she didn't accidentally get herself killed inside the formation. Wanting to go out of it was basically like dreaming.

Trapped in the formation, Qi Huan couldn't find the way out, and had to resist the attack of the illusion, so she could only shrink in a corner and let Little Yin find a way out.

Unlike Qi Huan, the illusion in the formation seemed to have no effect on Little Yin. And the little snake indeed found its way out, but it went in the wrong direction. It was originally supposed to go to the Immortal Realm on the sh.o.r.e of the Killing Divine Sea, but after a lap, it went directly into the middle of the sea.

The Killing Divine Sea is not a vast ocean, but an endless wilderness. There are no creatures in the wilderness, only patches of gra.s.s. The gra.s.s is blood-red in colour, and it feeds on the blood of the countless deities and devils under the sea. The sawtooths on the blades of gra.s.s are even sharper than the fangs of a werewolf. In the Killing Divine Sea, as long as there are blood bleeds, even if the enemy doesn't kill you, you can't escape the attack of these gra.s.ses. It can be said that this place is the nightmare of the deities and devils.

The Deity and Devil Realm would go into war every thousand years, just to balance the two realms. The stronger one would survive the war, regardless whether it was the immortal world or the heavenly devil world. Qi Huan's luck was indeed not very good. It had been more than 980 years since the last battle. This was also the reason the Respected Tian Wu was eager to set up the formations at the Killing Divine Sea.

After Little Yin left, it disappeared for a really long time. Although Qi Huan was impatient, she had tasted the power of this great formation and didn't dare to walk around casually. She stayed in the formation for a while, and understood certain things. From the beginning, the Respected Tian Wu didn't even plan to let her defend the formation. He didn't even give her the formation flag. He clearly wanted to use this fierce formation to have her accidentally “sacrificed”.

Qi Huan stayed in the formation for more than two months. She had nothing to do but practiced day and night. Although she had become a deity, she had only finished “The Earth Pathway”. She didn't even take a glance at “The Heaven Pathway”.

It just so happened that now that she had time, she was able to flip through the book. After completing “The Earth Pathway”, a very strange image appeared in her dantian. At the bottom of her dantian was a yin and yang Taiji pattern. There were four great spirit beasts on the four sides of the Taiji pattern, which were the yuanying that she cultivated. But the upper level of the dantian was an image of her eight divinatory trigrams. There were two traces of thunder in it. One was cultivated by her afterwards, and the other was her ripping off from Dark Thunder Lord during Mo Ye's crossing.

Over the years, her grasp of the thunder power had risen to a terrifying level, and now she could barely produce little tianjie.

The record in “The Heaven Pathway” was different from “The Earth Pathway”. Qi Huan turned the pages of the book, only to find that there were only strange graphics, she couldn't understand the text at all. After staring at the graphics for a long time, she sighed helplessly, maybe she got a pirated book, she thought.

On the other side of the Killing Divine Sea, dozens of Devil Emperors were patrolling back and forth on the beach. The devilish qi emitted from them made the surrounding air vaguely mixed with the smell of blood. Behind them, an old acquaintance of Qi Huan was lying on a luxurious soft chair vividly, with two half-naked women serving beside him.

“Master Chi Yi, there's a snake in the Killing Divine Sea.”

“A snake? A snake from the immortal world?” Chi Yi was stunned for a moment, frowned and stood up to look at the Killing Divine Sea. It didn't take long before he saw a giant silver snake slowly surfacing from the sea. The only strange thing was that the snake had a pair of golden dragon horns.

“Hey~ isn't that Boss's Flying Snake?!” Chi Yi was one of the few people who knew Little Yin. He also knew that Little Yin had been with Qi Huan. Now that Little Yin is here, does that mean Qi Huan is also here? With this thought, Chi Yi became a little excited.

Only G.o.d knows how the days were like in this one thousand years! His (Chi Yi) boss's temper had been getting more and more irritable every day. He had been scolded by his boss countless times! If it weren't for avoiding Mo Ye, Chi Yi would never run to the Killing Divine Sea to find refuge in poor mountains and bad waters.

“You guys are excused.” Chi Yi waved his hand, asking all the devils surrounding the Killing Divine Sea to retreat, and then he stepped forward.

Although Chi Yi's overall appearance had changed a bit, Little Yin still recognized him. It gradually shrank in size and swam towards Chi Yi.

“Hey, Little Yin, it's been a long time.” Chi Yi greeted Little Yin with a bright smile, but it didn't even look at him. It just shook its tail and turned its head away and snorted.

If other snakes dared to do this to him, Chi Yi would definitely take out the snake and eat it. Unfortunately, this rude snake was purposely sent out by Mo Ye to look out for Qi Huan, so he didn't dare to do anything to it even if he had courage.

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“Where is Qi Huan, didn't she come with you?” He looked around, but found no trace of Qi Huan, so he felt a little strange.

After Chi Yi left for a long time, suddenly the sky darkened, Little Yin raised his head and the blood red sky was reflected in his cold silver eyes. The entire sky turned blood red, looking like a sea of ​​blood from a distance.

A figure slowly formed in front of Little Yin, Little Yin hurriedly stood up after seeing the incoming person, half kneeling on the ground, he greeted, “Master.” And that “Master” was none other than Mo Ye himself.

Mo Ye didn't seem to have changed at all. He was still wearing a pale Confucian robe. A lazy evil smile spread across his face that was not covered by a mask. If one hadn't seen him, one would never have thought that this famous Respected Devil in the Heavenly Devil Realm would be so harmless.

“Take me there.” Mo Ye lowered his head and glanced at Little Yin. There was no emotion in his eyes, but his voice was still calm.


“I've lived more than 800 years old and haven't married yet. If a man saves me now, I will definitely marry him~” Qi Huan couldn't see the outside world from inside of the formation. She only knew that she had been waiting inside for a reeaalllllly long time. She had already lost hope of getting out.

She lay on the ground helplessly, closed her eyes and shouted. Her voice echoed throughout the formation.

“OK, that's a deal.” A shadow appeared, covering Qi Huan's upper body. His deep and s.e.xy voice still itched her heart like a feather. The smile in his tone and the familiar voice made her open her eyes abruptly.

“Mo Ye?” Qi Huan stood up in shock, turned her head, and saw the man at a glance.

(TLN: Ohlalala~ cliffhanger hahahaha, is that really Mo Ye, or is that Tian Wu? Or Chi Yi? Stay tuned tomorrow!)

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