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Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Throw To Guard The Formation

After ten days on the s.p.a.cecraft, Qi Huan finally saw a glimmer of life. It was still early, and Qi Huan, who was tone-deaf, was lying on the couch humming a modern pop song. At this time, Ming Huo looked at her like a monster from the side, but his temper was good enough that he didn't interrupt her humming that sounded worse than a wolf's cry.

Suddenly the s.p.a.cecraft paused in the air, and then Qi Huan saw four identical immortals appear inside the ship. The four of them even had the same voice. The only thing different was the colour of their clothes.

“Ruler Ming Huo.” The purple-clothed deity bowed and saluted Ming Huo, his face full of respect.

“Emperor Zi Chang, you're so free to come look for me today?” Ming Huo still sat on the chair, not intending to get up, nor did he intend to let Zi Chang stand up straight.

“Who says we're here to see you! You're just a ruler!” The immortal in blue immediately became angry, as if he was going to fight Ming Huo.

“Lan Chang, don't be rude.” The deity in white lowered his eyes, and then closed his mouth tightly after speaking.

As for the deity in black, he just snorted.

These four people were quite interesting. Although they looked identical, they had completely different tempers. Are they quadruplets? Qi Huan's eyes dangled over the four of them, obviously curious.

Zi Chang ignored the other three, and continued to bow respectfully, “The Respected Tian Wu has ordered me to inform you, Ruler Ming Huo, to immediately return and station at the ​​Killing Divine Sea. There must be no mistake. If there is a delay, you'll receive heaven's punishment.”

“I understand, you may go.” Ming Huo's face became hard to look at suddenly. Just listening to the name of the place, Qi Huan knew that it was not a good place.

While Ming Huo was lowering his head and in deep thoughts, Qi Huan kept looking at him sideways, but he said he would take her to see the sect's founder. If he went to the Killing Divine Sea, then what should she do?

She waited for a long time, but he didn't seem like he was going to speak soon, so she gently suggested to him, “Ruler, shall we go to the Killing Divine Sea first?”

Ruler Ming Huo smiled bitterly and glanced at Qi Huan, and then nodded helplessly, “I have to go with military affairs, but don't worry, I will send some people to bring you to see the Respected Duan Sui when we arrive at the Killing Divine Sea.” Ming Huo could only smile bitterly at Qi Huan's overly obvious hint. He really didn't want to look like a person who couldn't keep his promise!

“Of course. Your business is important.” After listening to Ming Huo's a.s.surance, Qi Huan smiled brilliantly, fully demonstrating her generosity. No matter where the Killing Divine Sea was, as long as she was with Ruler Ming Huo, she was not afraid of being killed.

After the s.p.a.cecraft turned around, the speed unexpectedly increased more than ten times. Qi Huan stood on the bow, firmly holding the railing on the side, her face was quite pale. She finally found that besides fear of heights, she also had motion sickness.

“What's the matter?” Ming Huo's gentle voice rang in her ears, and his breathing sound in her ears almost made her faint, but fortunately, she managed to control herself at a critical moment.

She turned her head and smiled weakly at Ming Huo, “Ruler, for my life's sake, can you move aside for a bit and let me breathe alone?” Although this man smelled really good, even his breathing had a faint fragrance, why did he have to breathe in front of her. Did he know that his exhaled breath had a lot of carbon dioxide, enough to hinder her breathing? She could send him to court for attempting to murder her with his breath.

“Isn't looking at me more helpful for you to breathe?” Ming Huo blinked, looking at Qi Huan with seductive eyes.

Qi Huan felt that if she looked at him a few more times, she couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't have a heart attack. Then, she suddenly felt a burst of pain in her forehead. She closed her eyes and collapsed. Fortunately, Ming Huo moved fast enough, reaching out his arms and caught her in his arms. Looking at her pale face, a cl.u.s.ter of scarlet flames flashed in his eyes.

When he first saw Qi Huan, he discovered that her body was not right. Although a Taoist mortal couldn't be as healthy as native inhabitants of the immortal world, she would not be as weak as that. Ming Huo's true fire pupil could see that there was a black pattern on Qi Huan's forehead, but he couldn't see it properly.

Qi Huan was unconscious for a really long time that when she woke up, she realized that she was no longer on the s.p.a.cecraft. After opening her eyes, the first person in her sight was Ming Huo. At this moment, Ming Huo was not wearing his luxurious and enchanting big red wide-sleeved robe, but a crimson armor. His red hair that was always scattered behind his head was tied up in a perfect man bun. That body covered with armor was supposedly majestic, but Qi Huan felt that it looked more like a skirt on Ming Huo, looking very elegant. Even she herself couldn't wear skirts so elegantly~ Could it be the way he walked? Qi Huan decided to learn how to walk like Ming Huo in the future.

“You're awake?” Ming Huo's slender fingers were still hanging around Qi Huan's cheeks. He sat on the side of the bed, the gentleness in his eyes looked as if they could drown her.

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“I fainted?” Qi Huan asked after stiffly moving back an inch, avoiding Ming Huo's “hara.s.sment”.

Qi Huan looked around. Is he talking to me?

“Are you talking to me?” Qi Huan pointed to her nose, patronizing the latter sentence, and totally forgot that he was “The Respected One”.

“The Seven Deadly Reincarnation Formation is happening in the Killing Divine Sea now. If you can't protect me, then I'll strip off your skin.” The little man pointed at Qi Huan and said seriously, but his eyes kept staring at the little fox on her belly.

“The Respected one, sir…I just…” This time, Qi Huan finally heard his t.i.tle, but unfortunately before she could explain herself, she felt a trance before her eyes, and then she somehow appeared inside a big formation. Luckily that little man was still humane, he didn't throw her inside the formation itself. Although this time was not very safe, she could only be cautious and take one step at a time.

Qi Huan couldn't figure out why, who did she offend? How could she, a First Heaven deity, defend the formation? She'd better get a small knife and stab herself twice, killing herself.

“Huh, Duan Sui's people actually dare to show up in front of me.” A cold light flashed in that little man's eyes. His initially innocent and cute face became very cold, and then he slowly approached the little fox.

Ming Huo, who was setting up the burning sky formation on the seaside of Killing Divine Sea, suddenly remembered something, “Oh no, I forgot about Qi Huan!” The Respected Tian Wu and the Respected Duan Sui had been feuding for hundreds of thousands of years. Everyone in the immortal world knew that these two couldn't see eye to eye in things, and when they met, they just had to break each other's arms or knock off each other's legs to feel satisfied. As for their disciples and grandchildren, unfortunately, many of them had died in the other party's hand.

Ming Huo had only focused on making the formation, he had totally forgotten about this matter. It's a pity that when he returned to look for Qi Huan, the Respected Tian Wu and Qi Huan had disappeared without a trace.

Although he was a ruler, he didn't have the right to question the Respected Tian Wu, and even if he wanted to ask about Qi Huan, the Respected Tian Wu wouldn't tell him where she was. Tian Wu's strength was not just for show. Him and Duan Sui's strength was as strong as the Thunder G.o.d who never revealed his face. Although Ming Huo was a little interested in Qi Huan, he hadn't reached the point where he would do stupid things for her. Poor Qi Huan was just thrown to the back of his head.

At first Qi Huan didn't feel anything was wrong, but after staying in the formation for a while, she suddenly realized that her little fox had disappeared?! When she was thrown by Tian Wu, the little fox actually didn't follow her?

Qi Huan's expression became dark. Mo Ye once told her that there was another reason why the nine-tailed celestial fox was more famous than other foxes in its race. The core of the nine-tailed celestial fox was a nine-coloured monster dan, and this kind of dan could be refined into the legendary G.o.d-level pill.

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