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Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: An Old Friend's Apprentice

When Ming Yan and the others saw Qi Huan hung the yellow ident.i.ty token around her waists, they glanced at each other, looking even more confused. No one could figure out what Qi Huan really meant. But if what Yu Long'er said was true, Qi Huan is that fox's handmaid. Then she indeed had some courage to take its ident.i.ty token.

“Thank you for leading the way, if there is nothing else, I will go first.” Qi Huan stepped towards the three of them, staring at Ming Yan and said. However, his expression gave her a little surprise. Why did Ming Yan suddenly look so respectful towards her after she turned around?

“I'd like to take the liberty to ask, Miss, which sect were you from?” When Qi Huan was about to leave, Ming Yan glared at Yu Lan desperately, so Yu Lan had no choice but to step forward and ask.

Qi Huan was stunned for a moment. She glanced at the three people thoughtfully, and then smiled and replied, “Qing Yun Sect.” Anyway, they probably didn't know what sect was that even if she said it. There weren't many immortals that asked about the mortal affairs, after all, most of them were mortals who soared to become a deity/immortal.

“Ah!!?” ​​It was obvious from their expression that they had all heard the name Qing Yun Sect. Seeing Ming Yan gritted his teeth, Qi Huan suddenly regretted telling them the truth. It couldn't possibly be that she had run into her sect's enemy the moment she soared, right? She had been struck by thunder so many times to finally fly to the sky. Before she embarked on her journey in the immortal world, she had met her enemy first. She had nowhere to cry and no one to avenge for her even if she was killed here.

Yu Lan looked at Qi Huan with guard. He couldn't help pushing the fire-breathing Ming Yan aside, glared at him, and then smiled bitterly, “Ming Yan has a little conflict with a friend from Qing Yun Sect. Hope you don't mind him too much, miss.”

“Little conflict…” Qi Huan nodded, but her expression was not very relaxed. If it was just a small conflict, his expression wouldn't have such a drastic change…

“Err, yeah, it was a few hundred years ago, a fellow Taoist named Xu Kong Zi from Qing Yun Sect also ascended here. Ming Yan and that fellow Xu Kong Zi, uh… well, let's just say their characters don't match.” Recalling the incident hundreds of years ago, Yu Lan couldn't help wiping the sweat from his forehead. The conflict between two of them could only be explained by their horoscopes.

Ming Yan liked to bully people, thinking that those who had just ascended were easy prey. Who knew that he would be so unlucky on that very fine day when a deity who had just ascended was actually in the Second Heaven cultivation level. At that time, Ming Yan was merely in the Second Heaven stage. As a result, the two of them fought with life and death outside Ming Huo City for seven or eight months. If it weren't for Ruler Ming Huo to force his son back into the city with a kick, that battle might not stop even till this day.

It wouldn't matter too much if Xu Kong Zi didn't have any special background, but the fact was that his ancestor was also a respectable deity of Ninth Heaven, his master was an emperor deity of Seventh Heaven, and the Qing Yun Sect was notoriously difficult sect in the immortal world. Although there were few people from the sect, its reputation was much wider than other sects.

Moreover, Qing Yun Sect was famous for being a guardian. Regardless of whether their disciple was reasonable or not, if you weren't careful and you touched their disciples, you would be in trouble first. From the First Heaven to the Ninth Heaven, all Qing Yun Sect disciples would come find trouble with you.

Fortunately, Xu Kong Zi didn't bring too much trouble to Ming Yan, so Ming Yan never tasted the situation of being screwed over, but his master clearly warned him to never ever talk to any Qing Yun Sect disciples casually, and never ever cause any unnecessary conflicts with them. His master even forced him to be isolated for two hundred years so that he could reflect on his actions.

Ming Yan was a carefree Lord. He would rather be killed than being “imprisoned” for two hundred years. After he was released, he and Xu Kong Zi also became enemies. Things would be fine if they didn't encounter each other. However, in less than three or four months, they accidentally b.u.mped into each other again. The poor thing is that Xu Kong Zi's cultivation level had always been comparable to Ming Yan. In addition, Xu Kong Zi's fighting tactics qwew particularly shameless. He had never given Ming Yan any chance to take advantage of him, which was why he (Ming Yan) was so angry at the mention of Qing Yun Sect.

Thinking of Xu Kong Zi, even Yu Lan couldn't help getting cold. It was a natural rule in the deity world to make some noise before fighting but this rule obviously didn't apply to the Qing Yun Sect. The Qing Yun Sect would rather attack you sneakily. With similar cultivation level, good strength, and a sneak attack, definitely the opponent would be the one suffering!

When Qi Huan listened to Yu Lan's explanation, she was immediately happy. What a coincidence. They even knew her shifu! But Ming Yan was also quite unlucky. Of anyone from the Qing Yun Sect, he just had to encounter her shifu.

“Miss, do you know Xu Kong Zi?” Seeing Qi Huan covering her mouth and giggling, Yu Lan couldn't help but ask.

“Uh…he's my shifu…” Of course, Qi Huan could also see that when Yu Lan mentioned Xu Kong Zi, there was no hatred in his expression, but rather an admirable expression so she dared to tell the truth. However, even so, she was still a little vigilant because what she saw with her eyes might not be true. Then again, she needed to find where her shifu was, so she might as well reveal her true ident.i.ty to them. Moreover, if they dared to deal with her, even though Little Yin was a vegetarian, it was not difficult for that snake to deal with a few meat.

“…” Big beads of sweat slid down the three people's foreheads, what a coincidence! Fortunately, Ming Yan didn't bully Qi Huan. Otherwise, he would really be unlucky to be caught in both shifu and apprentice's hands his whole life.

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“Ah, so it's you, Miss Qi Huan~” After listening to Qi Huan's words, Yu Long'er couldn't help but stepped forward and looked at Qi Huan curiously. Her relationship with Xu Kong Zi was not too bad, so she knew that Xu Kong Zi had a very troublesome apprentice in the mortal world. However, if her calculations were right, Qi Huan would still need around two to three thousand years before she could soar. How did she come up so fast?

Qi Huan also didn't know other places to go for a while so after thinking about it, she decided to follow them. It would be nice to stay with Yu Long'er and the others for the time being. At least she had a place to live then, and she could follow them to find her shifu. It was killing two birds with one stone.

As for finding Mo Ye, Qi Huan had long thrown this matter behind her head. It's not that she didn't miss him at all all these years, it's just that the two of them were just ambiguous. They had a spark but that spark never turned into anything. They didn't even have much memories together anyway. Qi Huan would drive herself crazy if she thought of him every day.

But occasionally thinking of him still made her heart throb. Such a man was really unforgettable. It seemed that she still had more than two hundred years left before the date that two agreed to meet. She would leave a hundred years for herself to explore the immortal world, and then go to the heavenly devil realm to meet that man.

Qi Huan really knew how to dream. It's a pity that she had forgotten that the n.o.ble and devils had been enemies since ancient times. She wanted to go to the devil realm? Well, that's one big dream.

After leaving the tower, Qi Huan followed Yu Long'er, chatting with her, and walking to her house with Ming Yan. The luxurious palace that Qi Huan saw in Ming Huo City was indeed the place where Ruler Ming Huo lived. Within a hundred meters of the Ming Huo Palace, there were no other people besides guards.

There was not even a single bird in the sky. Of course, the birds in the deity world were not easy to bully. Qi Huan initially wanted to barbecue some birds, but after learning about the creatures in the deity world from Yu Long'er, she discovered that most of the beasts here were monsters, and most of them could transform into human forms, and they all had very high cultivation levels.

Even if Qi Huan was greedy, she didn't dare to offend others. Moreover, she might even be friends with them in their human form, it would be too stressful to eat them then. In the end, she decided that she would cleanse herself, just like Little Yin, she would convert into a vegetarian. Anyway, she could save some money too.

Except for the guards, there was almost no one walking in Ming Huo Palace. Ming Yan swaggered into the palace, completely ignoring Qi Huan. He threw her to Yu Long'er, letting her to show Qi Huan around, and then he disappeared.

Fortunately, Yu Long'er, for Xu Kong Zi's sake, was very concerned about Qi Huan. She arranged a place for her to stay, gave her gifts, and took her out to play.

She brought Qi Huan everywhere for almost the whole day before finally letting her go. If Qi Huan hadn't said that she wanted to sleep, maybe Yu Long'er would pull her aside and ask her about Xu Kong Zi's life in the mortal world.

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