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Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: I Will See You Again, I Promise

It was clear that the thunder was far away from Qi Huan, but she had the illusion that she was able to catch it. After extending her arm, she felt as if she was holding something. After pulling it back hard, a tear suddenly appeared in the thunder, and a heartbreaking, frightening roar sounded.

Qi Huan knew that she must have caught the thunder, so she pulled back hard again, she really didn't expect to actually grab it with her bare hands. Sitting inside her thunder coc.o.o.n, she looked at the blood-red thunder that was twisting in her hand in surprise. It looked a little disgusting, like a blood vessel, but it did exude a strong thunder power compared to other thunders that she already had. It was beyond what she already had.

“No~~” After Qi Huan absorbed that piece of thunder into her body, her eyes finally returned to normal. The Taiji pattern and eight divinatory trigrams became clearly distinguished from each other, and that piece of thunder was sucked into eight divinatory trigrams. At the same moment, she heard a stern wailing, and then the blood-red cloud outside dispersed without warning, even the thunder disappeared without a trace.

Is it over? That's too anticlimactic, it only lasted for ten seconds. Qi Huan felt a little unfulfilled, except for that piece of thunder, she hadn't had time to absorb the entire legendary blood thunder.

Not only Qi Huan, but even Mo Ye and the others also felt a little strange. The final thunder was really terrifying, but it only broke through the sea of ​​blood and lasted for ten seconds. Mo Ye and the others were basically unharmed.

Even if it couldn't kill Mo Ye, it would still be enough to injure him, but it didn't. It just disappeared. The current situation was really too confusing.

After the thunder disappeared, Qi Huan was still sitting in the air. The thunder coc.o.o.n that had just protected her was like a lotus, it peeled open with seven-coloured petals. From a distance, it really looked like the twelfth-grade golden lotus that the Buddha sits on.

“Return the Thunder Core to me!!” After the thunder disappeared, the man who threw the thunder, the Dark Thunder Lord appeared in the sky, but compared to his tall, frightening posture earlier when he threw the thunder, he now looked more like a bereaved dog. The red thunder that surrounded his body earlier disappeared without a trace, leaving only a thin layer of purple thunder supporting under his feet.

He was speaking to Qi Huan. The thunder that she had just grabbed earlier was the core of the Blood Thunder, the purest thunder from the Thunder G.o.d Temple. With that piece of thunder, one can produce endless blood thunders. The Dark Thunder Lord was known as the Thunder G.o.d because of this Thunder Core, it was a pity that he lost it.

Who would have thought that he would meet someone who could extract the Thunder Core away so easily. He had spent thousands of years cultivating it, how could it be taken away from him just like that!

“Are you talking to me?” Qi Huan's eight divinatory trigrams had completely absorbed the Thunder Core. Seeing the vague trigrams suddenly became very clear, she knew that the piece of thunder that she had just absorbed must be very precious. But she had already taken it, so it belonged to her, she would fight whoever who dared to take it from her.

“Give it back to me, and I will spare your life.” Even if he had lost the Thunder Core, Dark Thunder Lord still couldn't let the matter go. In his eyes, mortals were ants, this was a fact to him.

Although the mortal in front of him had become a great threat to him, he believed that his action was only due to carelessness, he believed that Qi Huan was able to absorb his Thunder Core purely by accident.

Qi Huan shook her head, a bright smile appeared on her face, “It doesn't matter, you don't have to spare my life, I haven't died before, you can try me.” Anyway, she had already offended him, so she didn't mind offending him even more. Seeing that he was in such a mess, it must be because his Thunder Core was taken away. She would really be sorry for her shifu's effort in cultivating her over the past few years if she didn't make this Lord's life worse now.

“You're looking for death!” Qi Huan obviously forgot that a skinny camel was bigger than the horse. Even without the Thunder Core, Dark Thunder Lord practiced thunder spells millions of years before Qi Huan. The thunder he threw instantly split open the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder under her b.u.t.t, fortunately, she didn't suffer any harm.

When life and death were at stake, Qi Huan didn't care whether she had a fear of heights or whether she could fly properly on her flying sword or not. She grabbed her flying sword from her storage bag and rushed directly towards Mo Ye. If she were to die, he must die together with her, although what she really tried to do was to get someone to block the thunder for her.

“Hey, you are a devil cultivator, right? So it wouldn't be any problem for you to kill a deity, right?” Qi Huan stood in front of Mo Ye and grabbed his shirt. The attack just now was too terrifying, she absolutely couldn't save herself if there was a second hit. Therefore, she decided to have the Lord killed so as to avoid any unnecessary troubles in the future.

Mo Ye smiled but kept quiet. The current state of the Dark Thunder Lord wasn't a threat to him at all. The thing that could threaten him was already taken away by Qi Huan. The Dark Thunder Lord was not even an ant to him now, far more worthless than an ant.

“Don't pretend to be knowledgeable with me, quickly get rid of him!” Seeing a second thunder coming towards her head, Qi Huan unscrupulously shrank behind Mo Ye.

“What do I get?” Mo Ye waved his golden sword, and the thunder exploded in the air.

“What do you want~”

“A thousand years later, you come to the Heavenly Devil realm to look for me.”

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“You overestimated me. A thousand years… I have only cultivated for a few years!” Although she had reached the jindan stage in less than ten years, her cultivation method was different from that of ordinary n.o.ble cultivators, so who knew when she could actually ascend, it was still a question whether or not she could ascend.

When Qi Huan wasn't paying attention, Chi Yi had already gotten rid of the Dark Thunder Lord for Mo Ye. Luckily, she didn't look up, otherwise she would see Chi Yi swallowing the Dark Thunder Lord;s spirit in one bite.

A deity's spirit is a great tonic to the devils. This is also the reason for the existence of the battle between deities and devils. They cannot co-exist, they are not meant to be together. Mo Ye knows the consequences of liking a woman who will become a deity, but he is a devil anyway, he never cared about consequences, and as for Qi Huan, well, she hasn't ever really thought things through, has she?

“I'm leaving, take care of yourself.” The sky darkened again. This time it was completely dark. The entire sea was covered by darkness. The unhidden devil energy spread wild and filled the entire sea with a blood-red colour. A blood-red door appeared all of the sudden in the air, and after pa.s.sing that door, was the Heavenly Devil realm.

“Hey, what if you died after a thousand years?” Wouldn't I be at a disadvantage then?

“…I will try to live as much as possible.” At first, Mo Ye still felt sad, but his sadness was completely shaken off by Qi Huan's words. His eyes twitched a bit, and the eight men around him almost crooked their mouths with laughter.

“Then… what if you don't recognize me?” Qi Huan's eyes became bigger, she was determined not to be at a disadvantage.

“…I won't.” She was the only woman whom he would remember in his heart. It would be hard for him to forget her!

“Just in case, right… Why don't you give me a token?” This was Qi Huan's true intention.

This time Mo Ye's face turned black. He reached out and placed his blood-red mask on Qi Huan's face, then teleported directly to the door without a word, and walked in after kicking the door open.

That heartless woman!

After watching Mo Ye walk through the door with his subordinates, the sky returned to normal again. Qi Huan slowly took off the mask, and the smile on her face gradually faded.

“I will find you.” This time, she was serious. Although she didn't want him to go, she couldn't stop it, so she could only use this method to dilute the sorrow of separation. Her shifu was gone, Mo Ye was also gone, she was left alone. There was only endless emptiness in her heart, nothing could fill it. (TLN: Leave a comment if you're crying 'cause I am ;-; )

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