Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Thunder Strike

Just when Qi Huan thought that she had entered the wolf's mouth and was about to be dissected and eaten, another person suddenly appeared on the boat.

“Scram.” Only one centimeter away from Qi Huan's pink lips, Mo Ye's eyes flashed with an almost substantively murderous look, making Chi Yi who had just boarded the boat almost jumped off in shock. 

“Bo… Boss, the thunder is here, and that person is also here.” Chi Yi took a step back and stopped when he hit the side of the boat. He wailed in his heart, I'm really dead this time! After returning home, the boss would surely be upset for a long time. He would surely be very angry, and he was very likely to send him (Chi Yi) to a terrible, terrible place for thousands of years.

Mo Ye didn't like to show off in public, so he could only stare at Qi Huan fiercely, and after hesitating for a few seconds, he let go of her very reluctantly. Opposite to Mo Ye's annoyed look, Qi Huan's mood was very good, although she still felt a little pity.

“I won't send you off, bye.” She pushed Mo Ye away smoothly, pushing him one meter away from her, keeping a safe distance.  

“Let's go.” Mo Ye gritted his teeth and glared at the innocent Chi Yi before turning around to leave. Suddenly he stopped again, a weird smile appeared on his face, and half of a book suddenly appeared in his hand.

He waved the dilapidated pages of the book, looked at Qi Huan with a smile, and said, “This is half of the book. Come look for me at the Heavenly Devil Sect and I will return the other half to you again. You owe me a kiss.” Mo Ye's figure disappeared from the boat after that.  

Chi Yi looked at the direction Mo Ye departed with admiration and muttered to himself, “The boss is really worthy of being the boss! That's such a cool trick!” It's a pity that his boss was gone before he could hear his praise.

“Hey, my book!!!” Qi Huan checked her storage ring, and found that there was only half of the book that he gave her just now. Although she knew that she could almost ascend after practicing “The Earth Pathway”, that book “The Heaven Pathway” was considered a rare book in the cultivation world, how could he do such a shameless trick!

Before she had time to figure out how Mo Ye took the book out of her storage ring, the roar of thunder outside had already sounded from the horizon. There were also some other voices mixed with the thunder. 

Qi Huan poked her head out of the cabin and she could see countless n.o.ble cultivators attacking the position where Mo Ye stood not far away. Now thunders sounded in the sky one after another, and magical tools flew around beneath the sky. Various colours of magical tools flew randomly, bombarding Mo Ye's position, but unfortunately those tools automatically bounced back before they could reach him.

The magical tools that were bounced back seemed to lose control for a moment, and fell into the sea of ​​blood, instantly becoming contaminated.

Most of the cultivators that attacked Mo Ye were Buddha cultivators. Their magical tools were all Buddhist magical tools. Although they didn't lack behind top magical tools in the cultivation world, they all became ineffective after falling into the sea of ​​blood. Half of them lost their light as soon as they were taken out from the sea of blood.  

“Everyone, he is standing in the center of the Nine Nether Formation. It is useless to attack him now. We can attack after the tianjie breaks the Nine Nether Formation's defenses.” Someone in the crowd spoke, and that person was actually Dan Jie!

Although his cultivation level fell to the dacheng stage, he hadn't completely lost his strength, so his strength was still much higher than an average dacheng cultivator. As soon as he finished speaking, most people stopped attacking. This was indeed the only law in the world of cultivation: Only the strongest one is respected.  

Qi Huan glanced at Dan Jie, with a look of disdain on her face. Last time, she thought the only shameless people were the old cultivators of Kun Lun Sect. Now it seemed that she had misunderstood the world of cultivation. People from Mount Shu were not any better either, they were all a bunch of shameless cultivators.

What about helping heavens to get rid of the devils? Tch. After Dan Jie incited everyone's hearts, he himself still didn't step back. Those cultivators didn't know Mo Ye's ident.i.ty, thought that he was an ordinary devil cultivator, but how could Dan Jie not know Mo Ye's ident.i.ty?

If he didn't know Mo Ye's ident.i.ty, he would have directly grabbed the Resurrection Pill from him. He wouldn't be afraid and waited until now. He must be thinking of making a selfish move now.

In the center of the Nine Nether Formation, Mo Ye, of course, also heard Dan Jie's words, but he just glanced at him indifferently, sneered with disdain, then looked up at the sky again.  

A figure appeared in the blood red sky. To be precise, it was a deity. A silver-black armour wrapped his body tightly, revealing only a pair of cold eyes. Numerous bloodshot thunder condensed around his body, making him look somewhat strange.

“This is how a deity looks? That's really disappointing.” Qi Huan muttered while shaking her head. From the bottom of her heart, she hated that person in the sky. She hated his look that looked down on sentient beings, as if the people below were all worthless peasants. “When I become a deity, I will kick him down, dare you look down on me!” Although the man's eyes were not looking at Qi Huan, she was still very upset. What's so amazing about being a deity! You're just borned tens of thousands of years earlier than me! Or maybe millions of years earlier... 

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The little fox jumped onto Qi Huan's shoulders, nodded in agreement, then licked its little paws, curled up and lay down on her shoulders to watch the excitement.  

Deities are really unreliable these days, it is better to rely on oneself. Then, somehow, not sure if it was on purpose or not, a thunderball suddenly turned towards Qi Huan's boat and came charging over to her.

Mo Ye barely blocked the dozen or so thunderb.a.l.l.s that fell down from the sky. When he saw a thunderball suddenly change its direction, without hesitation, he slashed his sword towards Qi Huan, and the thunderball blasted silently beside the boat.  

After Mo Ye's weakness was seen by the person in the sky, a sneer appeared on his face. His hands moved around quickly, and in the blink of an eye, the thunder on his body became stronger and stronger, and finally merged with the blood-red clouds.

Thunderb.a.l.l.s no longer fell from the sky, and the world calmed down. Mo Ye looked calmly at the clouds in the sky. On the boat, Qi Huan's body was flashing with seven colours of thunder, her eyes also flashed from time to time.  

That man actually used her to attract Mo Ye's attention. If Mo Ye hadn't done anything to protect her just now, with her current weak body, she would surely be crippled if she was. .h.i.t by the thunderball. Suddenly…

“Mo Ye, you better stay in the mortal world forever!” The rumbling thunder resounded through the world, and countless clouds finally compressed into a red cloud that seemed to be bleeding.  

“Now.” With the last strike of thunder, eight people who had been standing beside Mo Ye took action at the same time, charging towards the blood-red thunder that was at least 100 meters in radius.

This time, Qi Huan was in the attack range again, but it was a pity that Mo Ye could not save her. With a crack sound, her boat was completely shattered into pieces, and Jin Xiu's body was silently shattered into gravel, shaping into a human form, floating in the air strangely.  

Qi Huan didn't hide because she knew it was useless to hide.

When the thunder came down, the Seventh-Ranked Divine Thunder wrapped her like a thick coc.o.o.n, firmly protecting her. Qi Huan sat in the thunder light. She could feel her eyes were bloodshot due to anger. Suddenly she seemed to feel something, so she closed her eyes lightly. When she opened her eyes again, the Taiji pattern could be seen in her left eye and in her right eye, eight divinatory trigrams could be seen, but the eight divinatory trigrams weren't very clear.

Through her two strange eyes, Qi Huan saw a distinctive red thunder among the thunders that were striking down. She raised her hand subconsciously towards the thunder, grabbing it.

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