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Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: A Dragon Transitioning

“What's the matter?” Qi Huan's body was shaken furiously, being dragged out of her dream suddenly. Fortunately, Jin Xiu was unintentional, otherwise she wouldn't treat him nicely.

“I came across something big. I thought it was really raining and thundering outside but who knew that it's not, it's actually a big sea monster transitioning to dujie!” Jin Xiu grumbled. The two of them had unfortunately barged into someone's transition site.

This time even Qi Huan's expression changed a little. How many years had the big sea monster lived to cause such stormy days when transitioning to dujie, and yet, not a single dujie thunder was coming down yet? Qi Huan also knew that she had a very strange connection with the thunder from heaven, so before Xu Kong Zi ascended, he gave Qi Huan a jade charm. That jade charm was extraordinary because it recorded various thunders.

This jade charm was given to Xu Kong Zi's Senior Uncle when he descended. The contents were not of much use to Xu Kong Zi. At most, he could use it to calculate the probability of pa.s.sing a tianjie successfully. But for Qi Huan, the things recorded in this jade charm were very useful.

There are ninety-nine kinds of thunder, but there were only nine kinds that could be seen in the mortal world. As for the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder that she sucked into her body a few days ago, it did not belong to the thunder of the mortal world. It was pure luck that she managed to encounter it. This thunder was considered to be the top three powerful thunder listed on the charm, but it was not pure. Only the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder absorbed by the Thunder G.o.d Tower was the purest, and its power would also greatly increase.

These days, Qi Huan had been studying the jade charm left by Xu Kong Zi. She could control her thunder power, so she had been studying thoroughly, trying out different spells. With her current ability, she could judge the person's cultivation level just by looking at the thunder that appeared during transition.

After stepping out of the cabin, Qi Huan looked up at the sky. The sky was still covered with dark clouds. Although it was midnight, the sky was still dark and scary. With her naked eyes, she could see the thunder hiding in the dark clouds.

“This is a big deal!” Qi Huan sighed. No wonder her shifu told her to be more careful and not get into trouble when he heard her say that she was going overseas. Now it seemed that her shifu was quite far-sighted.

“What did you see?” Jin Xiu also looked up, but unfortunately he only knew that it was a transition cloud above his head. He didn't know anything else.

“Crossed the dragon gate and it will soar into the sky. We are lucky. Maybe we can see a real dragon tonight!” Qi Huan's voice just fell when suddenly an “island” appeared on the surface of the sea. The “island” caused an earthquake, and those thunder in the sky that had been prepared for a long time, finally fell like a downpour.

Qi Huan's boat was quite far away from the center of the transition so she wasn't affected. However, even though it did not affect them, it had given them quite a scare.

It's not that Qi Huan had never seen a transition before, but this one was absolutely unique. Even when the Seventh-Ranked Divine Thunder came down, it was just as thick as a bucket. But this one was different. When the thunder struck, it struck everything within a hundred miles. No wonder it took so long for the thunder to come down from the sky. This really needed a lot of effort.

“Genji turtle (玄龟)?” Jin Xiu's cultivation level was higher than Qi Huan's. With his heaven sight, he could see the world clearly. Naturally, he could see the true ident.i.ty of the island that suddenly appeared in the sea. It was a turtle, but it looked a little strange. When the thunder struck the large turtle sh.e.l.l that was hundreds of square meters wide, there were actually some cracks on the sh.e.l.l.

“A genji turtle can't draw out such a domineering thunder. Black tortoise (玄武) is more likely but black tortoise is a divine beast, it should draw out a divine thunder. This thunder looks barely like the divine thunder. I think that thing is the dragon Ba Xia (龙子霸下), I'm 80 percent certain.”

“Ba Xia? It can be this successful?” Jin Xiu nodded after listening to Qi Huan's words. The “island” had a dragon head and turtle sh.e.l.l. It indeed belonged in the dragon category, but he could see that the Ba Xia dragon was quite tired after receiving a strike by the thunder. And yet, how many more thunders were awaiting?

“Who knows. Although it is easy for a dragon child to be borned, it is not that easy for a dragon child to become a dragon. I guess it is easily forty-nine thunders.” Qi Huan was not very optimistic about the size of Baxia so with a big yawn, she continued, “You slowly watch. Our boat can't get through for a while. I think we will have to wait until the next day for all forty-nine thunders to strike. I'm going to bed.” Qi Huan took one last look at Ba Xia's huge body, then turned her head and walked into the cabin. She put all the tables, chairs and benches in her storage ring, and then took out her bed, found a soft pillow, adjusted her sleeping position, and fell back to sleep beautifully.

This time Mo Ye didn't show up. When Qi Huan woke up, there was still lightning and thunder outside. It seemed that she didn't sleep too long.

“You're finally awake! You slept for a day and a night.” As soon as Qi Huan sat up, she saw Jin Xiu appearing in the hatch of the boat. He was a gentleman. He did not walk into the cabin while she was sleeping.

“The transition is still going on outside?” Qi Huan felt something was wrong, how could a transition last so long without stopping?

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Her words made Jin Xiu's face look a little ugly, “Don't talk about it anymore, Ba Xia died at dawn, but the thunder still kept going. After Ba Xia's corpse was completely destroyed by the thunder, I saw that there was a small jade-coloured turtle, the size of a millstone, under Ba Xia's body. The turtle also had dragon veins, but it was very thin, it looked like Ba Xia's child.”

After Ba Xia and his child died, they left two inner dan. The inner dan with dragon spirit is not much different from the Resurrection Pill. Besides, the two had survived so many thunder strikes, so their inner dan was even more rare. It won't be long before the big monsters in the sea would come to s.n.a.t.c.h them.

Who would let go of such a precious thing? Qi Huan certainly didn't want to let go of such a rare opportunity, but she still knew her ability. In this ship, except Little Yin, no one had the strength to s.n.a.t.c.h that dan. She wondered if any sea monsters would want to sell it to her or not.

Sure enough, a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared on the surface of the calm sea, and the two golden inner dan rose from the whirlpool. The inner dan was surrounded by dragon patterns, and Qi Huan could still hear the dragon chants when she listened carefully.

After the inner dan appeared, Little Yin and the little fox disappeared from the boat without a trace. As their master, Qi Huan hadn't even had time to tell them to be careful. But she believed that judging from Little Yin's shamelessness, the little fox and the flying snake wouldn't be the ones to be injured.

After Little Yin went out, a loud roar suddenly came out of the sea. A hydra that was about the size of Ba Xia rose up from the sea. As soon as it appeared, the chaotic sea calmed down, and those delusional sea beasts and sea monsters who were fighting for the inner dan also became quiet. It seemed that the hydra was the overlord of this sea.

Of course, although the roar from the hydra had suppressed several sea monsters, it was a pity that Little Yin didn't care at all. It shift-shaped back to its original body that was obviously still better than the hydra. With a terrifying existence of three or four times larger than the hydra, Little Yin lowered its head and gave the hydra a vicious look, and then roared at it. Little Yin's roar was very low, but it spread across the sky like a rolling thunder, directly suppressing the hydra.

Under Qi Huan's startled gaze, the hydra turned around and ran away. Within a minute, the sea surface returned to normal, as if nothing had happened just now.

Qi Huan stared at the two inner dan with glowing eyes, and sighed. She suddenly felt that it was better to be a beast because that way she didn't even need to say anything. All the monsters and beasts just had to scream and whoever was the loudest would be the winner.

Too bad she could only watch from the outside, she was not a beast, so she would never understand what the roar meant.

“Flying snake?! I finally found you. I didn't expect you to hide in the sea.” Above the clouds, Dan Jie in a black robe suddenly stopped in his tracks. His eyes shone with cold light, and he looked straight at Qi Huan. It was a pity that Qi Huan did not notice him.

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