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Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: I Didn't Expect To Meet You

Everyone stared at the Resurrection Pill, no one had any intention of making the first move, except for the snake on Qi Huan's arm. When Little Yin saw its thing floating in the air, it disappeared without a word, even Qi Huan didn't have a chance to stop it. It flew up in the air, biting the pill in its mouth with lightning speed.

The sudden appearance of this unknown snake made almost everyone turn their eyes to Master Qi, the Great Elder of the Monster Sect Sacrificial Hall. Most of the beasts that came here to grab the pill were monster cultivators, and they all thought that Master Qi had instructed Little Yin to s.n.a.t.c.h the pill. Although Master Qi felt very wronged, no one believed him no matter what he said.

Finally, the crowd was divided into two groups, half of them chasing Master Qi, and the other half chased after Little Yin, except for Dan Jie.

Dan Jie was not in a hurry to s.n.a.t.c.h the pill, instead, he turned his gaze to Qi Huan and Xu Kong Zi, his eyes looking at Qi Huan were a little gloomy.

“You are An Ming Seng's apprentice, I won't touch you, but I think you will ascend soon, I hope you will have the chance to see your apprentice again.” Dan Jie sneered, staring at Qi Huan, then he left with a swipe of his sleeves.

Although those dacheng cultivators didn't have knowledge about the snake, it didn't mean that Dan Jie was like them. Even if the flying snake was inferior to those sacred beasts, it could still be regarded as one of the top monsters in the prehistoric age, so several dacheng cultivators still dreamed of catching it.

However, Dan Jie's departure was not a surrender. He would definitely not give up the Resurrection Pill, but he knew that the flying snake was bound to have something to do with Qi Huan, and it wouldn't be too late for him to make a move on her after Xu Kong Zi soared.

“Hmph.” Xu Kong Zi didn't give Dan Jie a good face either. He pulled Qi Huan and Jin Xiu and left. Originally, he wanted to watch the excitement and pick up some cheap deals conveniently. Unfortunately, he underestimated Dan Jie's plan. He didn't expect his method to be so cruel. If he was able to do so, then this time it was a big trouble for the Qing Yun Sect. Unfortunately, he was also quite helpless.

Fifteen days later, on a stormy night, a small boat was teetering in the waves. Huge waves of more than ten meters high swept the boat several times, but it repeatedly escaped the waves.

A dim light could be seen in the small cabin, and the candlesticks that were not fixed to the table seemed to have glued to the table themselves, standing tall and stable. The cabin was peaceful, as if the storm outside couldn't cause any disturbance to the boat.

Qi Huan was sitting in the cabin with a black Go piece in her hand, teaching Jin Xiu how to play backgammon. The two of them had been drifting at sea for more than ten days but they still hadn't found the correct route. This was the first time Jin Xiu left his sect and he forgot to ask for a map before leaving, that was why he was having trouble returning now.

Thirteen days ago, Xu Kong Zi finally walked on the clouds and ascended to heaven and became a deity under Qi Huan's gaze. In the end, he didn't return to Qing Yun Sect to take a last look, which was quite a pity, but Qi Huan knew what her shifu was worried about. Now that her shifu was gone, the heavy responsibility of protecting the sect naturally fell on her, the second-generation disciple.

Dan Jie's words that day were clear. He had no intention of being an enemy of the Qing Yun Sect, as long as he handed over Qi Huan, so Qi Huan only left a letter to Xu Yang Zi before leaving the sect.

She didn't believe that Dan Jie could find her all over the world. There were so many people inland, so she was going out to sea. Dan Jie couldn't possibly follow her all the way out here, right?!

And so this was how Qi Huan landed herself in this small cabin on a boat with Jin Xiu. Fortunately, Qi Huan and Jin Xiu were both cultivators, so eating was not a daily necessity, and sleeping was also optional. Although the sea was dangerous for most people, for people like Huan, a storm was a trivial matter, as long as there were no sea beasts of yuanying stage in the sea.

Along the way, she heard Jin Xiu say that there were many monsters on the seabed. Although they belonged to the Monster Sect, they were not under the jurisdiction of Qing Se. They were two different groups. The monsters on the land and the monsters in the sea had never got involved with each other's affairs. Jin Xiu also told Qi Huan that there were still a few old elders at the seabed that had lived for thousands of years. This made Qi Huan very curious. How could they have not become fossils after so many years?

Qi Huan dropped a black piece casually, watching the five black pieces in a row, she didn't care whether Jin Xiu was new to the game, she immediately put a piece of yellow talisman paper on his face.

There was no waste paper in the boat, but she had a lot of talisman papers, so they had been playing this kind of brainless game for more than a day, and Jin Xiu's body was basically covered with talisman papers.

“Ha~~~” Qi Huan yawned greatly, her eyelids drooping. She had been feeling very sleepy these three or four days. It stands to reason that cultivators who have reached the jiedan stage didn't need to sleep at all, and there is no such thing as sleepiness, but Qi Huan just somehow couldn't control her sleepiness, she really wanted to sleep.

At first, she thought she wouldn't be able to sleep well due to a change of place, on water and on soil. Who knew she started dreaming soon after she fell asleep. The person in her dream was the last person she wanted to see. In the end, she kept pinching her thighs so that she would stay awake, and she managed to stay awake for several days, but it was a pity that her pale and slender legs were already mottled (due to tiredness) at this moment.

“I'm going to catch some fish, you go have some rest.”

Looking at Qi Huan's tired face, Jin Xiu let out a long sigh of relief. Anyway, he also felt quite discouraged that he kept losing to her in games.

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Jin Xiu looked down at Qi Huan when he didn't hear her reply, and found that she had already fallen asleep. It seemed that she was really sleepy. With a gentle smile on his face, he gently pushed her hair from her face behind her ears, and quietly watched her sleep peacefully.

“Yes, I'm very lucky.” Mo Ye chuckled lightly, and gently stroked Qi Huan's face with his right hand.

Seeing his head getting closer and closer to her, Qi Huan suddenly had a bad hunch. Sure enough, within a few seconds, her bad hunch came true when she lost control of her lips.

Mo Ye's kiss was very light, and he didn't stick his tongue into her mouth. Qi Huan snorted secretly. If he dared to put his tongue in, she would bite it off. The two of them were merely touching lips, but it was enough to make her heart jump wildly and uncontrollably. And the man in front of her seemed to not have it any better than her too.

“Can't you believe me a little bit?” Mo Ye's voice was very hoa.r.s.e, full of desire.

“Then explain the relationship between you and her, I'm listening.” Although their lips had separated, Mo Ye's face was still shaking before her eyes. Qi Huan calmly watched him.

“…The person she called was not me.” Mo Ye paused. This was the only tactful method he could use to make her understand.

“That's not answering the question. I'll give you another chance to answer.” Qi Huan rolled her eyes. She didn't care who that woman was calling husband at that time. Now she only wanted to know what that woman's relationship was with Mo Ye.

“My father's woman.” Mo Ye sighed.

Qi Huan raised her eyebrows. If this matter was really so simple, she would dare to twist her head off and let Mo Ye kick it as a ball, “Are you sure she is not your woman?”

Hey, how come this little woman isn't this smart before? Mo Ye sighed helplessly, waiting for Qi Huan to become a fire-breathing dragon.

“Forget it, you cheated my feelings, now get out of my dream.” Qi Huan was extremely depressed now. She would rather see anyone else but Mo Ye now.

“Qi Huan…I didn't expect to meet you…” Mo Ye only had time to say this sentence, and Qi Huan had already woken up from her dream because her body was shaken by Jin Xiu.

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