Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Waiting For A Miracle

Qi Huan originally planned to wait until Xu Ling Zi woke up before making plans, but Xu Ling Zi's injuries were too serious, his soul was always repairing itself. Although his core was reborn, it was not cultivated by himself after all so it needed time to adapt. But Qi Huan didn't have much time. She knew very well in her heart that if Dan Jie found out that she was missing, he would come to Qing Yun Mountain soon. It seemed that no one on Qing Yun Mountain could afford to be his opponent.

Although there was a saying, what goes around comes around, Dan Jie was a deity, he had already violated the heavens when he came down here privately, and he would be punished by the Five Thunders if he was found out, but Qi Huan dared not pin her hopes on the ethereal path. Although the G.o.ds in the sky were superior to others, most of them were cultivated from mortal level at first. Where there are people, there is trouble. Qi Huan strongly believed in this saying. Therefore, she was also very convinced that since Dan Jie dared to come down secretly, it meant that he was not afraid of the punishment of Five Thunders, or that he had someone supporting him, that was why his courage would be so great.

Qi Huan didn't have the strength to investigate so many problems now. The only thought in her heart was that she couldn't let Dan Jie get another Resurrection Pill, the very least she could do now was not be captured by him. She told Xu Kong Zi that she wanted to leave, thinking that he would agree, instead, he actually shook his head and denied the proposal.

“Huan Zi, your a.n.a.lysis of the deity world is right. I have to warn you about some things. Mount Shu belongs to the Dongliu Palace of the deity world, and the emperor of Dongliu Palace, Emperor Zixiao is the G.o.d of the Nine Heavens. But this Emperor Zixiao had a rival, Emperor Biliu. The two were of equal status. The Kun Lun Sect is under Emperor Biliu, a member of the Biyue Palace. This time Mount Shu Dan Jie isn't the only one who came down, but also Kun Lun Dao An. If they dare to make a move at my Qing Yun Sect, I will make them both suffer.” A golden light flashed in Xu Kong Zi's eyes. Qi Huan looked at him and felt that something was wrong, his ling qi felt a bit strange.

“Shifu, you…”

“Alas, you also noticed it too.” Xu Kong Zi glanced at Qi Huan, then sighed with a wry smile, “When I blocked Dan Jie that day, my action itself had already threatened the Nine Sects, the people above also found out about it. I wanted to drag it out for a while, but unfortunately the deity clerk in the sky came down yesterday, so I will have to ascend in a few days.” If this happened at other times, an ascension was not a big deal. After all, there were still two more elders in Qing Yun Mountain, but right now they were dealing with deities as their opponent, so Xu Kongzi's journey had become even more troublesome. If anything was not handled well, the Qing Yun Sect would be destroyed.

“So troublesome! Then, shifu, will those two immortal emperors bother you after you ascend?” Qi Huan sat cross-legged on the gra.s.s field, looking at Xu Kong Zi.

“No. Our Qing Yun Sect's ancestor is also an immortal/deity of the Nine Heavens. Although our disciples are not attached to any palace gates in the sky, we are not just for display, otherwise, why do you think Qing Yun Sect has a spot among the largest n.o.ble cultivators sects?” Since he was about to ascend soon, Xu Kong Zi didn't care about the consequences of letting Qi Huan know some heaven's secrets. She was such a treasured apprentice. When he ascended, she would be left alone so he couldn't just let her be illiterate, without knowing any history. Therefore, Xu Kong Zi was ready to teach Qi Huan any possible way he could.

“That's good then. Then, shifu, how do you plan to deal with Dan Jie and Dao An?” Qi Huan felt relieved to know that Qing Yun Sect also had a tyrannical ancestor, so she immediately discussed tactical issues with Xu Kong Zi.

Xu Kong Zi's tactics were not complicated though. He only said one sentence, “If two parties fight, the third party wins.” He wanted to use Qi Huan's Resurrection Pill to draw both of them out, and let them fight, then Xu Kong Zi would sneak from behind.

He didn't think that a sneak attack was a shameless tactic, but he kept telling Qi Huan that in a fight, it didn't matter if the opponent's strength was higher or lower than her, the most appropriate tactic was to beat him from behind, cover his face, then hit him at the most vulnerable part, and lastly, use magical tools to hit the opponent two or three more times.

After talking for a long time, Qi Huan understood quite a lot, and the admiration she had for her shifu was simply surging. She finally understood what Xu Kong Zi had been studying for so many years. Her Senior Uncle studied elixirs and another Senior Uncle studied refining equipment. But her shifu, that wretched researcher, he was simply the founder of wretched tactics.

Although killing deities was a very serious crime, it still depended on the situation. After all, these two were guilty of the laws of heaven. Although they would become enemies at that time, Xu Kong Zi didn't bother about it too much since he hadn't had the chance to get revenge, now that the jar was broken, he wouldn't care too much about the consequences anymore, leave that for next time when he ascended. 

Qi Huan was also very in favor of her shifu's plan. The only problem right now was how to take the pill out of Little Yin's mouth. Little Yin probably knew that everyone was trying to take the pill from it, Qi Huan noticed that its opened mouth was slowly closing, and it looked like it was going to swallow the pill.

Xu Kong Zi couldn't help with this problem. He really didn't have the courage to help. Finally, he patted Qi Huan on the shoulder and said, “Huan Zi, you have a long way to go, you must work out.” Then, he patted his b.u.t.t and left.

In order to trick Little Yin for the pill, Qi Huan deliberately gave a lot of compliments and good words, but unfortunately it didn't even bother to open its eyes. Finally, she sent the little fox to “seduce” Little Yin. Although both of them were male, Little Yin was really good to the little fox, so Qi Huan could only try her luck, otherwise she wouldn't dare to open the snake's mouth and grab the pill. A vegetarian monk had already dared to kill people, let alone a vegetarian snake!

The little fox's tactic was better than ten of Qi Huan's tricks. It approached Little Yin's melon head, and lightly scratched it with its paw. And just like that Little Yin obediently spat out the Resurrection Pill. It is indeed true that the wicked have their own evils. Qi Huan took the pill and kissed the little fox several times. Little Yin's eyes flickered, it let out a “hmph”, returned to its silver snake form and crawled into Qi Huan's room to sleep.

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Qi Huan took a look into her room and found that Little Yin had occupied her soft and comfortable bed. She didn't mind though, instead, she took the pill and went to look for her shifu.

“Get out.” Mo Ye stood up, his eyes calmly glanced at Ming Du Tian.

“Yes.” Ming Du Tian, who was given the order, ran out of the hall, like an athlete sprinting a 100 meters, vowing that he would never lose bet to Chi Yi and the others next time. He would never want to suffer this kind of pressure again!

“Ye, who are you talking about? When are we going home?” The white-clothed woman walked to Mo Ye, her soft body pressed against his back, her pale arms wrapped around his waist, and her face rubbing gently against his face.

“Remember your ident.i.ty. Go out if there's nothing else.” Mo Ye forcibly pulled her arm away without any pity. Although he was smiling, the coldness in his eyes was enough to scare anyone away.

“Ye, are you blaming me for recognizing you as your father… Ah… Ye!”

Mo Ye strangled the woman's snow-white neck, the smile on his face became colder, “Don't force me to do anything rebellious, don't try to be smart in front of me.”

“I, I understand.” The woman's tender pale hands tried hard to pull away from his gri[, but it was of no avail.

“Go out.” After releasing his hand, Mo Ye didn't even look at the woman. He walked out of the hall. The teacup that was brought by the woman just now, shattered, and tea spilled on the table, giving out a faintly sweet smell, a smell that was not tea.

With her hand on her neck that had turned purple with bruises, the woman sat on the ground and sobbed, but it was a pity that no one dared to approach her. They all kept their distance.

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