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Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Life And Death

Arriving at w.a.n.g You Peak, Qi Huan didn't waste much time. She went straight to Xu Kong Zi. Standing on the top of the mountain, she could see Xu Yang Zi dangling back and forth anxiously in front of Xu Kong Zi's door.

“Senior Uncle, how is Senior Uncle Xu Ling Zi?” Qi Huan hurried over to ask.

“Huan Zi, hey, your shifu is still in there. I don't know how Senior Brother is.” Xu Yang Zi sighed. He didn't expect that Mount Shu would really dare to take action on his Senior Brother. If anything serious happened to Xu Ling Zi, then the relationship between Mount Shu and Qing Yun Sect would be completely broken.

If their opponent was only those few disciples of Mount Shu then there was nothing to worry about but the key was that their opponent was a deity, even if Qing Yun Sect was strong, they were not his opponent at all.

Qi Huan and Jin Xiu also waited outside with Xu Yang Zi. They didn't see Xu Kong Zi all day until sunset. Although they were anxious, Qi Huan really didn't know what to do.

Finally in the early morning of the second day, before the sun rose, Xu Kong Zi's door finally opened. Xu Kong Zi walked out looking exhausted, and his eyes still had unmistakable sadness.

“Shifu?” Qi Huan's heart jumped, she vaguely had a bad hunch.

“Oh, Huan Zi, go in and see your Senior Uncle.” After saying that, he patted Xu Yang Zi on the shoulder. They were brothers for thousands of years, they didn't need words to know what the other party meant. After Xu Yang Zi heard what Xu Kong Zi said, his eyes became red.

Even if he understood that life was ruthless, and he had been used to seeing other people pa.s.sing for thousands of years, but seeing that now it was his Senior Brother's turn, he really couldn't bear it.

After Qi Huan walked in, she saw the Xu Ling Zi lying flat on a wooden plank. His body did not exude any living breath, as if he had died for a long time.

“Shifu, what's the matter?” When Qi Huan saw Xu Ling Zi, she staggered and almost fell sitting on the ground, thankfully Jin Xiu had been supporting Qi Huan by her side.

“Your Senior Uncle was attacked by the Supreme Elder of Mount Shu. It was only a small injury but who knew that a deity suddenly appeared and directly destroyed your Senior Uncle's core, and he even used some kind of magical tool to suck his soul. Fortunately, I went there quickly, but unfortunately, after I brought him back, I found out that his soul was almost completely gone, I am afraid he won't be with us for too long.” Xu Kong Zi sighed. He seemed to have aged a lot suddenly.

Even Xu Kong Zi, her shifu in the dacheng stage had already given up. Perhaps really no one could save her Senior Uncle. If she hadn't called for her Senior Uncle and told him about the whole situation, he wouldn't have provoked Mount Shu… If she hadn't…

Qi Huan knelt on the ground, covered her face, mourning and weeping. Everything started because of her. She had been causing trouble since she joined the Qing Yun Sect. No one had ever blamed her, not her shifu nor her Senior Uncle, but this time, this time she had indirectly killed her Senior Uncle…

Looking at the pale and bloodless face lying on the plank, Qi Huan seemed to be able to vaguely see that the teacher that taught her alchemy. He would read the recipe to her, while watching her adding medicinal materials, more often he would point to her head angrily and yell at her. Afterwards, he would still continue to read her the recipe, and always believed that his Junior Nephew would become a genius in alchemy.

“Dan Jie, I won't let you go, you just wait.” Xu Kong Zi gritted his teeth and murmured word by word, his whole body trembling uncontrollably.

Qi Huan couldn't stop her tears. Suddenly she felt that someone was pulling her sleeve. She looked down and found that the little fox had come out from her storage ring. Ever since it achieved four cultivated tails, it could go in and out of Qi Huan's storage ring at will. Perhaps its cultivation level was higher than Qi Huan's storage ring, but unfortunately it still couldn't shift shape.

The little fox sat cross-legged on the ground and held a golden bead in its two small furry paws. What is this? Qi Huan was a little startled. Before she could react, Xu Kong Zi appeared beside her with a swish, shaking with excitement, “Resurrection… the Resurrection Pill! THE REAL RESURRECTION PILL!!”

Resurrection pill? Qi Huan listened to Xu Kong Zi's excitement and looked at the little fox dully. Then, she looked down at the snake still pretending to be dead on her wrist. Ah, so that golden bead is really the Resurrection Pill. However, the Resurrection Pill in the little fox's paws exuded a strong ling qi, and it emitted golden light everywhere, but the one in Little Yin's mouth seemed to have been somehow magically tweaked by it, that even Dan Jie didn't notice that it was the pill.

“Now your Senior Uncle is saved.” The Celestial level high-grade pill was not given its reputation for nothing. Xu Kong Zi's old face turned red as he held the pill. He had never seen such a high-level pill in his life.

Under the gaze of Qi Huan, Jin Xiu and Xu Yang Zi, Xu Kong Zi carefully put the pill on Xu Ling Zi's forehead. And then Qi Huan was shocked to find that the pill had gradually shaped into Xu Ling Zi's figure. It was like a miniature, palm-sized Xu Ling Zi sitting cross-legged on his forehead.

This was Xu Ling Zi's core. It had actually turned into his core directly. This pill was indeed really special. Qi Huan sighed secretly, and then continued to look down. The little core sat on Xu Ling Zi's forehead and started practicing on its own. Qi Huan only felt a strong wind around her, and her body was shaking involuntarily.

After about a few hours, ten gray shadows rushed into the core, and then it gradually disappeared on Xu Ling Zi's forehead.

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“The souls have returned, the core is reborn.” Xu Kong Zi swallowed his saliva and whispered softly.

Before time traveling at the age of twenty-three, Qi Huan only liked one person, but unfortunately, that person died. After time traveling, she fell in love with someone again, this time it was even more tragic, he had a wife. Her two first loves in both worlds all ended badly, one died of disease, another had a wife.

Seeing that she was already thirty years old, was she really going to be a leftover woman? She really didn't want to be a leftover woman!

“Qi Huan, what's wrong?” Seeing that Qi Huan was in daze, Jin Xiu asked, with his head tilted, sitting next to her. She glanced at him and saw his gentle smile, her tight heartstring suddenly loosened, and then she hugged him and started crying.

Jin Xiu was so scared that he almost rolled off the peak, but Qi Huan hugged him harder.

“You, you, don't cry, what's wrong, what happened? Talk to me.” Jin Xiu was so frightened by Qi Huan that he stammered.

“Wuuuuu, I'm heart broken, Mo Ye, you b*stard, how dare you deceive my feelings! I curse your family! Oh, you are such a b*stard…! I curse you to be struck by lightning to your death!” Qi Huan cried and cursed, not realizing that the body she was hugging was slowly stiffening.

Jin Xiu had never heard such curses in his entire life, and it was hard for him to imagine that these curses were actually coming from Qi Huan's mouth, uh…he couldn't accept the fact for a while…

Fortunately, Qi Huan did not cry for long. Ever since she returned from the Heavenly Devil Sect, she had been bearing this pain in her heart, she felt uncomfortable. She felt much better now after crying. But she really scared Jin Xiu.

After crying, she finally let go of him. Although her tears stopped, she looked at Jin Xiu's clothes, it was soaked by her tears. Fortunately, she still managed to hold up a good image when she cried. She did not snot.

Just as she reached out to wipe away the tears on her face, a snow-white handkerchief was stretched out in front of her, “Here, wipe your tears.”

“Thank you. Did I scare you?” Qi Huan's character was like that. If she didn't cry it out, she might actually get a heart attack from the pain she felt in her heart!

“*Cough, cough* I'm okay, I'm okay.” Jin Xiu coughed awkwardly, without admitting that he was indeed frightened by her reaction.

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