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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Never Drink The Wine Brewed By Senior Brother

During the transition period, all the Qing Yun Sect disciples were busy, only Qi Huan had nothing to do. She had no choice. Ling Feng Zi said that he was afraid that she would make matters worse, so he begged her not to do anything. In fact, Qi Huan really wanted to help, but no one believed her.

Although practicing cultivation would take up her time, and she was also quite pa.s.sionate about it, Xu Kong Zi warned her that she must not practice during the day before the transition period, otherwise the inhalation of the sun's essence would destroy the night spirit in her body So, Qi Huan was really bored.

After walking around the gate for a long time, Qi Huan finally decided to go to the back of the mountain to look for her only Senior Brother who stayed there.

This Senior Brother of her was the third apprentice of her Senior Uncle Xu Yang Zi. He usually liked to grow flowers and raise birds. Every time she mentioned him to Xu Yang Zi, he would say that that apprentice of his was uneducated, but Qi Huan didn't think so. Those three old folks were better than the other. If he was really uneducated, Xu Yang Zi would definitely not accept him as a disciple.

Basically no one would go to the back of Qing Yun Mountain, except for the disciples who had just started their training, and needed to go there to chop wood and collect water for their training. Usually, except for the sounds of birds and beasts in the mountains, no human voices could be heard.

Qi Huan's Senior Brother lived in the Luo Hua Valley at the back of the mountain. This Senior Brother was also an elegant person. There once was no such place as Luo Hua Valley, but her Senior Brother managed to create a peach blossom forest here. The forest extended out to more than ten miles. Somehow those peach blossoms could bloom throughout the year, she wondered what he fed them, they could never wilt.

After walking around Deng Tian Cliff and up a swirling route, and then hiking another rugged mountain road, Qi Huan finally arrived at Luo Hua Valley. Standing at the entrance, Qi Huan stared straight at the peach blossoms, but she did not dare to go inside.

It was not that she suddenly became shy, but that she accidentally broke in some days ago and was almost trapped to death by the magic array. Fortunately, she was released in the end.

“Junior Sister, are you here to look for your Senior Brother?” Qi Huan was still standing in a daze. Amidst admiring the neatly arranged flowers and trees, a man's voice sounded and almost instantly, the trees on both sides moved to create a path for him.

In the middle of the path, a tall man dressed in a heavenly silk robe came slowly from the valley.

“Hey, you're so beautiful!” Since coming to Qing Yun Mountain, Qi Huan had lost confidence in her pretty appearance. She was worried that if she kept seeing all these beauties here, her self-esteem would hit rock bottom.

Qi Huan often wondered whether Xu Yang Zi had any magic tricks, such as was he able to plant a beautiful man in spring, and harvest a bunch of beautiful men in autumn. Otherwise, why was all his apprentice extremely good-looking, even his grand apprentices had earth-shaking good looks. This was so unfair for a woman like her!

But the only thing that ruined the overall beauty was that he was holding a big broom in his hand. Qi Huan shook her head. He was so handsome but he didn't pay attention to his image. He really deserved to be condemned by G.o.d. She was definitely not jealous of him though, she just felt unbearable.

“Senior Celestial Brother.” After seeing Hua Xian Zi, Qi Huan greeted him with a smile, casually coming up with a nickname for him, but Hua Xian Zi didn't mind it, instead, he smiled and brought Qi Huan into the valley.

There were definitely a lot of things that Qi Huan despised in the Qing Yun Sect, but the most difficult thing for her to accept was the names! She didn't know what Xu Kong Zi, those three old folks thought back then, why they decided to name their generation with the surname “Hua”. Qi Huan's Taoist name was Hua Huan Zi, Hua Huan, ugh, she really despised it!

Her name wasn't the worst though. Her Senior Brother was more miserable. He was such a good big man, but he was called Hua Xian Zi. However, it seemed that in the entire sect, only Qi Huan had the courage to call him Senior Celestial Brother.

“Why didn't you go look for your Junior Nephew and the rest, Junior Sister?” Leading Qi Huan to the courtyard where he lived, Hua Xian Zi continued to sweep the thick layer of petals on the ground with his broom. There were already several large piles of peach petals in the yard, they were very beautiful together.

“They are busy. Senior Brother, why are you sweeping the petals?”

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“I'm going to make wine, peach blossom wine.” Hua Xian Zi raised his eyebrows and chuckled lightly. That look of his surprised Qi Huan a little, making her take a cautious look at him.

The disciples of their generation had always been raised freely. The reason why Qing Yun Mountain could develop so well was thanks to her Senior Uncle Xu Yang Zi who had two good disciples. If it weren't for Ling Feng Zi and Ling Yun Zi, perhaps Qing Yun Sect would have long been disbanded. Even her shifu didn't know how they did it!

“Haha, didn't Senior Uncle give you the Air Cutting Silk?” Hua Xian Zi understood Qi Huan's complaint very well, he continued “Although Air Cutting Silk is not very powerful, it is still a superb magical tool.”

“Hey, Senior Brother, you also know about the Air Cutting Silk!”

“Of course I know. It is such an easy-to-use magical tool, it's most suitable for people behind the scenes…”

So, for the next two hours, Qi Huan sat and listened to Hua Xian Zi explaining to her how to use the Air Cutting Silk. Half an hour later, Qi Huan was already sweating profusely. An hour later, Qi Huan was already in awe, looking at Hua Xian Zi. This person was definitely the master of wretched. Two hours later, Qi Huan couldn't help running away.

Qi Huan ran out of sight. A green snake that was as thick as a thumb and had a body like a jasper, climbed onto Hua Xian Zi's shoulder. “I'm not afraid to teach you badly, little Junior Sister.” The green snake uttered, with a clear sweet voice like running water in spring.

“Haha.” Hua Xian Zi smiled awkwardly, he couldn't hold back for a while.

But what Qi Huan did next stunned him and the snake. She actually ran back to him embarra.s.sedly and said, “Hey, I'm sorry, could you please point me the direction to the straw hut?”

Hua Xian Zi casually pointed, and Qi Huan hurried over.

…A leaf whirled and landed on Hua Xian Zi's face, he had underestimated his Junior Sister's bearing ability!

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