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Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Big Trouble

“You don't seem to be a smart person.” Not long after Jin Xiu left Wanling Cave, Dan Jie suddenly appeared, but only one of his souls came down. After becoming a deity, his soul split into thousands. This was a deity's power. Now Qi Huan was quite sure of Dan Jie's ident.i.ty.

“Why do you say this?” Qi Huan stopped calling him senior. She didn't have such a good temper. She wouldn't be polite to someone who had bullied her. It was good enough that she hadn't yelled at him.

“You think, just because you ask a junior in his dujie stage to make a racket in front of my mountain gate, I will let you go? Hmph, unless you tell me where's the Resurrection Pill, otherwise, don't even think of getting out of here your entire life.” Dan Jie's eyes looked at Qi Huan sullenly. More and more people were watching the excitement now. If he didn't solve this matter as soon as possible, that old guy from Kun Lun might hear the news and come here. If he got involved in this matter then the chance of getting the Resurrection Pill all to himself would be lower. This made Dan Jie very anxious.

“I've already said, I don't have the Resurrection Pill. Even if you kill me, I still don't have it.” Qi Huan sat on the ground. Even if she handed the thing over, she would also be killed. She didn't believe that Dan Jie would let her go after getting the resurrection pill. She was not stupid.

“Since you're so stubborn, then don't blame me.” Dan Jie sneered, and pointed at Qi Huan's forehead. A dark blue ball of light mixed with greyish black colour flew into her mind. “I'll let you know what it means to live like you're dead.”

Having said that, Dan Jie's spirit gradually disappeared and returned to his body. And he would never have dreamed that the powerful spiritual orb that he left behind with violence and ferocity, didn't have any effect on Qi Huan.

After the spirit ball entered Qi Huan's body, she immediately felt a powerful ling qi pa.s.sing directly at her dantian. The foreign ling qi was very overbearing, as if it wanted to break her odd meridians and eight channels. However, her odd meridians and eight channels were all covered by thunder nets. With those thunder nets, let alone an orb of ling qi, even eight or ten of it would not be able to cause any damage.

Dan Jie believed that Qi Huan's practice was just a typical practice, thinking that the spiritual orb he left behind could destroy her body and mind, but the spiritual orb, after entering her dantian, was directly swallowed by the “blue worm” on her Taiji pattern.The “blue worm” even burped, then shut its eyes with satisfaction and snored.

Although Qi Huan was quite certain that the thing in her belly was indeed a dragon, the blue dragon, one of the four legendary guardian saint beasts of heaven and earth, she still found it really hard to believe that that thing was actually so lazy. It just wriggled on her Taiji pattern every day. This blue dragon was too far from the legendary holy beast.

Of course, the blue dragon had become like this was due to Qi Huan. After all, it was a spirit cultivated by her, so it inherited part of her character. Laziness was only one of them. Fortunately, apart from being a little lazy, overall it was still good. And thanks to it, the restriction that Dan Jie left in her body had completely disappeared, to be exact, eaten by the blue dragon.

When Qi Huan looked inside herself, she could see that a spell left by Dan Jie was pressed against her Taiji pattern, which made her Taiji pattern completely unable to operate. Later, she discovered that the blue dragon went up to it and took two big mouthfuls. The huge spell was slowly but completely eaten by the blue dragon in the next following days. This dragon's appet.i.te was really good.

Besides the disappearance of the restriction, even Dan Jie also didn't notice anything wrong. Qi Huan felt a little bit happy about this. With her current cultivation level, being able to hide from a deity was definitely something to be proud of.

It's a pity that although the restriction was gone, she still didn't know how to leave this darned place.

After about a day or so, Jin Xiu still didn't show up, probably because he was afraid that he would be attacked by Dan Jie, so Qi Huan didn't care much. From the small hole on the top of her head, she could see that the sky was already dark. She had nothing to do to pa.s.s time in the Wanling Cave, so she could only practice cultivation. Although the environment was not very good, after the restrictions in her body were gone, Qi Huan found that absorbing ling qi here was 20 to 30 times faster than other places.

Qi Huan thought for a long time but she still couldn't think of the reason so she gave up wondering what the reason was.

In fact, there is a dragon-shaped mountain range on the nine sects. Legend has it that there is a dragon-shaped mountain range in the depths of the land of the nine sects. Why do those n.o.ble cultivators' sects occupy the mountain range? They are in fact occupying the dragon mountain range.

There is no such thing as death for the n.o.ble cultivators, so they do not need to be buried in the dragon mountain range after death. In order to protect future generations, they look for the dragon mountain range because the ling qi there is more than a hundred times richer than anywhere else.

And Mount Shu so happened to be located on the dragon mountain range. The closer it was to the ground, the more ling qi emitted by the dragon mountain range, but for ordinary cultivators, the ling qi here was not suitable for absorption at all. It was only suitable for cultivation after being filtered.

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Because the dragon mountain range at Mount Shu was biased towards violence, so over time, the Mount Shu disciples who had practiced here were either dead or injured, their ending would never end well, so the originally sacred place for cultivation had become a gathering place for resentful spirits. Although this place wasn't suitable for cultivation, Mount Shu would never reveal their secrets. This was why there were so many seals placed underneath. After all, this place was one of the rare dragon mountain ranges.

Phew… Qi Huan took a long breath. She habitually held her breath, almost suffocating herself to death. However, she was obedient to keep her eyes shut. She wouldn't want sand to get into her eyes. It didn't take long for her to feel the pressure on her body suddenly relieved, and Jin Xiu's voice sounded, “You can open your eyes now, we are back to the ground.”

Qi Huan opened her eyes obediently, but Jin Xiu did not let go of her hand, but pulled her quickly away from Moun Shu. She thought that he was afraid that they would be captured by Dan Jie. But he was actually worried about another thing.

In this one day or so, many things had happened, such as the death of the Head of Mount Shu, and the Supreme Elder of Mount Shu was injured, but the most serious thing was that the Qing Yun Sect elder, Xu Ling Zi was severely injured by a mysterious figure from Mount Shu, his life or death was unknown.

If it weren't for Xu Kong Zi's sudden appearance, grabbing Xu Ling Zi away from the mysterious figure, perhaps Xu Ling Zi would have been wiped out by now. In the end, Dan Jie still didn't hold back, he attacked Xu Ling Zi, and after dealing with him, it was obvious that he would proceed to deal with Qi Huan. Jin Xiu took a huge risk to rescue Qi Huan after knowing about this.

Of course, Jin Xiu didn't know that before Dan Jie made a move on Xu Ling Zi, he had already done something to her, but it was a pity that things were not as smooth as he expected.

Jin Xiu took Qi Huan and flew for more than a day, even Qi Huan herself felt a little tired, but he didn't seem to feel anything at all, in fact, he was still full of energy. Sure enough, the image of this n.o.ble son was not something ordinary people could have.

As their destination got closer, Qi Huan finally saw where Jin Xiu was taking her. Ah, the front gate is quite familiar, it looks like the Qing Yun Sect's entrance.

Seeing Qi Huan coming back, the disciples guarding the mountain gate naturally wouldn't stop her and Jin Xiu. The two entered the Qing Yun Sect. Qi Huan felt that the place was a little too calm. When she saw some disciples, she noticed that their faces seemed a little strange.

Just when she was wondering, Ling Feng Zi greeted her from the opposite side, “Senior Uncle, hey, good that you're back safely, you better go to w.a.n.g You Peak.” Ling Feng Zi's expression looked very decadent, and after saying this, he looked as if his tears were about to roll out from his eyes. When Qi Huan saw Ling Feng Zi's sad expression, she knew immediately that something bad had happened.

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