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Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Xu Ling Zi Goes Crazy

This time Qi Huan didn't get any fair treatment. People didn't talk to her about human rights at all. She was thrown into the Wanling Cave at the bottom of Mount Shu by the middle-aged man, and he even used some kind of spell to seal all the ling qi in her body.

Qi Huan sat alone on the empty ground, staring at the normal-looking resentful spirit opposite of her. When she was first thrown in, all she could see were various forms of horrible resentful spirits. She spent the whole day screaming. Later, when her voice became hoa.r.s.e, she could not scream anymore, then she gave up. Through the only small holes on the top of her head through which light could penetrate, she knew that she had been in this cave for at least seven days.

Now those resentful spirits no longer wanted to swallow her soul and take possession of her body, but she still felt terrified of them.

Although Qi Huan's ling qi was sealed, that man didn't know that she actually had a rare night spirit in her body so even if she had no ling qi energy to support her, she could still automatically absorb more ling qi every night, but unfortunately those ling qi weren't strong enough to unlock the seal in her body, but at least they could frighten the bunch of resentful spirits in front of her a little bit.

As for her two pets, when the middle-aged man attacked Qi Huan, she tugged Little Yin on her wrist for help but that snake actually pretended to be dead. As for the little fox, it simply hid itself inside of her storage ring and refused to come out.

Every day, the only thing that made Qi Huan look forward to was Jin Xiu. She didn't know how he found her but every night, he would lie on the small fist hole and chat with her. Many times she didn't want to talk, so it was just him who kept talking and talking, which inexplicably dispelled the fear in her heart.

Qi Huan was sitting close to the ground, with countless light blue stars gathering around her body, especially at midnight, the light became more and more dazzling. The resentful spirits that lived in the bottom of Mount Shu all year round seemed to hate shiny objects because they would all stay far away from her. Jin Xiu seemed to come around this time too.

Qi Huan raised her head and glanced at the small hole on top. She could still see the dark sky outside. There was only a very, very bright moon tonight. There were no stars.

“Qi Huan, are you asleep?” A surrept.i.tious voice sounded like a thief from above Qi Huan's head half an hour later.

Qi Huan rolled her eyes. Jin Xiu must be a goodie two shoes who had never done anything bad before. He wasn't even here to steal anything, and yet he acted so sneakily.

“No, I haven't slept yet, what is happening outside recently?” Qi Huan was also not sure what that middle-aged man was trying to do locking her here. It had been so many days, he should be making some moves, right?

“No, I've inquired. That man was the Head of Mount Shu that had ascended three thousand years ago. His name is Dan Jie. It is said that his alchemy technique is very powerful. He once refined a Tribulation Survival Pill. Eat it and you can survive through tianjie.” Jin Xiu kept talking about it.

Before getting to know Jin Xiu, Qi Huan thought that he was a handsome young man, but after getting acquainted with him, she discovered that he was very extravagant when he was not talking, but he was when he was talking, he was like dancing with demons. Just use your mouth to speak when you're speaking, why do you have to use both hands and feet to make gestures, take care of your reputation, your reputation, omg! These days, it's true that no one is perfect.

“Hmph, if he's so talented, why did he lock me up and demand the Resurrection Pill from me? I don't even know what that thing looks like. Anyway, you two didn't eat the pills, right??” Qi Huan whispered, looking down at the “bracelet” sleeping around her wrist.

Of course, she noticed that there was an extra gold bead on her “bracelet”, but that thing didn't look like the pill at all, it looked more like a gold nugget. Although she wanted to taste it to see whether that bead was pure gold or not, she really didn't have the courage to open her mouth at Little Yin, otherwise she would have nightmares at night.

“Qi Huan, what did you say?” Jin Xiu asked as he couldn't hear what she said.

“I said, when is that old Supreme Elder of Mount Shu celebrating his birthday!” After his birthday, Jin Xiu should also be leaving. Although she never thought of asking Jin Xiu to help her out, he was her only companion now, if he left, she would only have these resentful spirits to talk to in the future!

“It's over, it's yesterday!”

“…Were there many people?” Well, at least that is the case in novels… The devil cultivators would always find the opportunity to invade the n.o.ble cultivators in any grant event. How come no one attacked Mount Shu this time?! Qi Huan thought regrettably.

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“Yes, I saw many n.o.ble seniors who crossed the dejie stage and several dacheng seniors yesterday. It was an eye-opener.” Jin Xiu's sigh sounded from above.

After explaining the whole situation to Xu Ling Zi, of course skipping the reason of why she ran away from the Devil Sect. Sure enough, after hearing that his Junior Nephew was involved with the people of the Devil cultivators, Xu Ling Zi didn't react much at all, but when she mentioned the Resurrection Pill, Xu Ling Zi was shocked.

Qi Huan learned through Xu Ling Zi's explanation that at the beginning, what Mo Ye said was true and okay. But the main thing was that he didn't tell Qi Huan the main purpose of the Resurrection Pill. One shouldn't blame that middle-aged man for wanting the pill because everyone would want it.

The Resurrection Pill, as its name suggests, can bring the dead back to life. It can be used as a golden pill (jindan) for normal human beings. It can save people from the great Luo Jinxian all the way to even mere common people. As long as the soul is broken up for no more than three days, the pill can also reclaim the lost soul. Such a heaven-defying thing, no wonder that Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder, that even deity couldn't compete with, appeared when the pill was refined.

It's not that Dan Jie didn't know that there was a method for refining the pill in the mortal world, but the Pill Room of the Heavenly Sword Sect was broken. He had tried it before, but the pill furnace actually blew up, and almost had him killed. Then, he heard that someone in the Heavenly Devil Sect owned the other half of the Pill Room. Now Qi Huan knew that that person was Mo Ye.

Now Dan Jie insisted that Qi Huan had the pill, and he refused to let her go. Who would dare to go against his order? He had been a deity for more than three thousand years, even if the Qing Yun Sect was powerful, they couldn't afford to offend a deity. Qi Huan just wanted to let Xu Ling Zi know about the situation. She didn't want people couldn't find her body after she died.

But she never expected that Xu Ling Zi, who had promised not to be impulsive at the beginning, would directly head towards Mount Shu Hall after leaving Wanling Cave. Without a word, he attacked several elders and captured the Head. He stood in front of the entrance and demanded that if Qi Huan was not released, he would let Mount Shu not have a single day of peace.

Although there were still two or three people on Mount Shu who were stronger than Xu Ling Zi, Xu Ling Zi had captured their Head and stood at their gate, demanding ruthlessly, so in a few hours, basically every sect heard the news. Many people had no guts to watch the excitement, but it did not mean that everyone had no guts. For example, a few half-deities who had survived tianjie but had not yet ascended to heaven were all very excited to watch the excitement at Mount Shu.

Even if Dan Jie did not care about the Head's life and death, he was still a member of Mount Shu after all, so he couldn't show that he didn't care. He still had to live up to his reputation at Mount Shu.

Moreover, with so many people around, it was impossible for him to not come forward. He had already committed a big taboo when he came down to the mortal world privately. If he wanted to kill a mortal monk, even if no one came down to arrest him, tianjie would not let him go.

So the Supreme Elder of Mount Shu had to be responsible for all the troubles in the end. On one side, his disciple was held captive like a dog by Xu Ling Zi, while on the other side, Dan Jie said that he would not let Qi Huan go, so the two sides were met face to face and no one wanted to give way.

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