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Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Coming Down From Heaven

“Find her! And remember that you can't let her go back to Qing Yun Mountain.” Mo Ye stood up, gave an order in a cold voice, then glanced at the eight subordinates on the ground, “All of you, go now! We absolutely can't let Kun Lun and Mount Shu people see her.”

“Yes.” After receiving the order, the eight figures disappeared from the hall together.

The white-clothed woman with a confused expression beside Mo Ye looked at him strangely, “Mo Ye, are you angry?”

Mo Ye took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and stared at the woman for a long time before speaking calmly, “No, you go and rest.”

“Aren't you accompanying me?” The woman blinked her beautiful eyes, her beautiful little face looked a little confused.

“I have something to do, you go first.”


Watching the woman leave, Mo Ye tapped the coffee table next to him. Countless crisp noises echoed in the hall. After she walked out, with a “boom” behind her, the whole hall instantly turned into ruins.

“Mo Yu, don't let me see you again!” Mo Ye gritted his teeth when he said this, wishing to smash that person into pieces. People who didn't know it would think that Mo Yu was Mo Ye's arch enemy, while those who knew would also hide far away, for fear of getting into trouble.

In the Heavenly Devil Realm, in the Mo Mansion, the famous Mo Yu was lying softly on a comfortable lounger, staring at the blood-red moon in the sky in a daze, “Hey, I wonder how's that foolish son handling things? Little Huang, you tell me, your brother can pick up your mother, right?”

“Hmm…” Xing Huang nodded. He didn't make any comments about his father calling his younger brother “foolish”. In fact, the entire Mo Family believed that his second younger brother was not suitable to be a devil cultivator. Even his father always thought that his second son was talented and intelligent, that was why he could beat Xu Kong Zi and ascend to the Heavenly Devil Realm. Only he, the elder brother, knew that the most suitable person to be a devil cultivator in the entire Mo family was Mo Ye because his cultivation level was higher than his father, and he knew how to trick others better than his elder brother. He knew how to make everyone think that he was compa.s.sionate. If such a person became a n.o.ble cultivator, it would be truly a waste of talent. It was really a fortune for the Mo Family to have a son like Mo Ye because this kind of person was only given birth to one in ten thousand years.

Not long after leaving the Heavenly Devil Sect, Qi Huan regretted her decision a little. She was too anxious when she left. She took the Splitting Sword away, but forgot to ask Mo Ye for the “The Heaven Pathway”. Anyway she had wasted more than half a month helping him refine alchemy, it would really be a waste if she left just like that.

Besides, she forgot to make him promise to give him the things. To be it in another way, this whole thing was just like an unrequited love. She thought it was a mutual relationship, but now she realized that it was just her wishful thinking. She blamed herself for being too poor in making judgement.

Qi Huan sat in the small cabin and pursed her lips. No matter what, she still felt that it was Mo Ye's fault. He always tricked her, letting her always mistakenly think that she was a special person to him.

While Qi Huan was still cupping her face in a daze, she suddenly heard someone knock on the door, “Miss Qi, are you asleep?” The voice outside the door was very gentle. She remembered that person. He was a n.o.ble cultivator just like her but his cultivation base was very high, at least with her current strength, it was impossible for her to tell what cultivation stage he was in.

Had he not come forward to explain, the people on the boat would have really thought Qi Huan was a ghost. Don't I look like a G.o.ddess?! Qi Huan had been extremely depressed about this matter ever since then.

“No, please come in.” Qi Huan still had a good impression of the man who had a gentle smile on his face. To be honest, before meeting Mo Ye, he was the perfect lover in her heart.

His gentle temperament, his comforting smile, and his extraordinary talent. Qi Huan used to think that men like him only existed in novels. Who knew that after traveling through time, she could run into one at such random times. It was a pity that she was not in the mood to develop a relationship with him, even though this fellow seemed very interesting.

Qi Huan never thought that she could make a man fall in love with her at first sight. Even if she had spent three days with him, she didn't think that this man, surnamed Jin, would admire her for no reason, unless there was something in her body that he wanted.

Qi Huan shouldn't be blamed for thinking this way. She had seen such things too often. The cultivation world was like this, so she had to be careful.

“Miss Qi, the ship is about to enter the port, don't you want to go out and have a look?” Jin Xiu stood at the door of the cabin, his slender figure blocked the sun, making the small cabin a little dark.

“Ah, by the way, I keep forgetting to ask you, where is this ship going to?” Qi Huan had been patronizing her love affair that had withered before it bloomed, and had totally forgotten to ask this most important question.

Jin Xiu stared at Qi Huan for a moment, then smiled helplessly, “This ship is going to Haikou for business, but I will disembark in a while.”

“Ah? Where is Haikou?” Qi Huan was taken aback by Jin Xiu's words. Seriously? He's going to leave me alone? If he leaves, how am I going back? Although she had left Qing Yun Mountain several times, she had always taken different ways back, so she never knew how to go back. This time, she didn't even know where she was.

“There is still some distance from here. We are already in the open sea. If your sect is located inland, it is better to disembark at this port. It is very close to Mount Shu.” Jin Xiu reminded her with a smile.

“Then I'll get off the ship too.” Qi Huan thought about it and made a decision. Anyway, she knew a few people from Mount Shu. If she couldn't find the way home, she could go to Mount Shu and look for Dong Yuan first, and then ask him to show her the way back.

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“Jin Xiu, isn't your sect in the inland?” Judging from Jin Xiu's dress and accent, he didn't seem to be an inland disciple, well, at least he didn't look like one. The disciples of Kun Lun and Mount Shu were very proud, and as for other sects, Qi Huan had never heard of anyone so young but had such a high cultivation level, so after thinking about it, it seemed that Jin Xiu could only be a cultivator from overseas.

“You are Qi Huan, Xu Kong Zi's apprentice? The Splitting Sword is in your hand?” After seeing Qi Huan, the middle-aged man asked directly about the Splitting Sword, and Qi Huan immediately understood the whole situation.

It seemed that when she was in the celestial abode, she was too close to Mo Ye, and became involved in his troubles. This was inevitable. But how could he think that the Splitting Sword was in her hand? Although the sword was indeed in her storage ring.

“I don't know what Splitting Sword do you mean. You think it was me who took the celestial level sword? You really overestimated my strength.” The strength of this man was even higher than her shifu, so before she could think of a way to deal with him, it was not wise to fight him. Qi Huan was not a fool. She dared to scream at Qing Xiao because Qing Xiao was not as senior as her, and not as strong as her shifu, but the man in front of her obviously was much more powerful than Qing Xiao.

“You're very clever, no wonder Xu Kong Zi protects you so much but it doesn't matter, since you say the sword is not in your hand, I won't pursue it.” The middle-aged man seemed to be a very negotiable person. He was also extremely gentle, but the more he behaved like this, the more nervous Qi Huan became because she knew that she had made a mistake. Although this man was from Mount Shu, he was not the Supreme Elder of Mount Shu, it was obvious from the way he addressed Xu Kong Zi directly by his name.

His seniority was even higher than that of Xu Kong Zi. Her shifu had never mentioned that there were people from Mount Shu School that had a seniority higher than him.

“Thank you, Senior.”

“Then I will ask you again, you have the resurrection pill?” Compared to the gentle tone just now, the middle-aged man's att.i.tude was much more tense this time, and even Qi Huan was under intense pressure, making her almost dared not to breathe.

“I don't know what a resurrection pill is.” She did not know what a resurrection pill was, because she had never seen it before. After she woke up, she never thought about the two pills at all. She didn't even know if her pets had swallowed the two pills or not.

“Little girl, it's not a good thing to be smart in front of me.” A trace of murder flashed in the middle-aged man's eyes, but he quickly suppressed it. In his eyes, mortal and cultivators were all ants, he just wanted to know the whereabouts of the resurrection pill, even in the immortal world, that pill was actually a rare thing, and he had come down to this world for it.

The problem was that he didn't know his opponent's strength, and he didn't dare to simply make a move. Moreover, he was not the only one who wanted the pill. When he knew that that person had taken Qi Huan away, he immediately went to investigate Qi Huan's ident.i.ty, and learned that she had absorbed tianjie before and had extremely strong control over the power of thunder, and he knew that that person must have asked her to refine that pill.

He originally thought that the person would not let Qi Huan come back at all, and might even just kill her. He didn't expect that not only did she come back alive, she even took the Splitting Sword back. Even a fool would understand that that person was obviously related to Qi Huan, according to his personality, it was not impossible that he would give the remaining pills to her.

“I'm telling the truth. If you don't believe it, Senior, then forget it.” Qi Huan was not without temper. Obviously, this person was here to bargain. He didn't want the Splitting Sword, but he wanted the resurrection pill. He must have come down from above for it. She still remembered Xu Kong Zi once mentioned to her that a blood devil named Du Tian seemed to have come down from above as well.

Was it all popular these days to come down to the lower realm? Did this old man really think of himself as the seventh fairy from heaven, thinking that he could find Dong Yong to marry. (TLN: Dong Yong and the Seventh Fairy is a Chinese tale. Search on Google, if you're interested, :D) He should look at his old face, with that kind of face, he even dared to come down to scare people. Qi Huan even wondered if he had thrown away his reputation when he came down.

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