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Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Married?!

Both lizard and snake were unacceptable for Qi Huan, and she firmly refused that strange thing that “appeared” in her belly. Fortunately, the seven-colour divine cloud in her stomach could not be absorbed, so she could control it at will, and she did not hesitate to move the cloud and strike another thunder on to the “lizard's” head.

After G.o.d knows how long, the cloud was getting lesser and lesser, but the “lizard” was getting more and more strange. If Qi Huan was not mistaken, she saw the cyan creature hovering in the corner of her Taiji pattern, and the more she looked at it, the more she felt that it looked a lot like the sacred beast Green Dragon introduced in the books she read.

A dragon is growing inside of me?! Qi Huan was shocked that she jumped up violently, scaring Mo Ye who had been guarding her by the side.

“Are you okay?” Seeing Qi Huan's shocked face, Mo Ye asked with some worry. Her complexion didn't look too good, could it be that she had suffered some serious internal injuries that he hadn't noticed?

“Very good.” Qi Huan just replied simply to Mo Ye, then took out a book from her storage ring, stuck her head into the pages. She let out a long sigh of relief after turning the pages over for a long time, and then fell asleep on her pillow instantly.

According to the records of “The Human Pathway”, those who practiced this exercise would surely produce four sacred beast states when successfully cultivated into the yuanying stage, but the difficulty of this kind of cultivation was also different from that of ordinary people. Whenever one of those four kinds of sacred beast was cultivated, it would trigger the nine divine tianjie.

This didn't mean that there was something wrong with Qi Huan's cultivation techniques, but according to legends, the tianjie was triggered to give the beasts an incomparable force. Qi Huan was so lucky that she already had some clouds in her body to begin with, so when the Green Dragon was born, she didn't have to protect it from tianjie.

Although she had also used those thunders to attack the Green Dragon before, it was obvious that those thunders were too weak, so the Green Dragon couldn't advance into a real dragon, but when Qi Huan absorbed the Seventh-Rank Devine Thunder, it was powerful enough for the Green Dragon to become a real dragon. Therefore, under Qi Huan's unintentional manipulation, one of her sacred beasts took root in her belly.

Qi Huan's move just now made Mo Ye jump, but he relaxed when he saw that she had only fallen asleep again due to tiredness. After a while, a blood mist suddenly appeared behind him. Ming Du Tian walked out of the blood mist, carrying the Splitting Sword that was stolen by Mo Ye.

“Young Master, the ice coffin has been split open. This is the Splitting Sword you wanted.”

“How is she?” Mo Ye didn't look back. He just motioned Ming Du Tian to put the sword on the table.

“No harm. Just need you to feed her medicine, Young Master.” Ming Du Tian's eyes showed a rare smile, finally, I can go back.

“What about the book?”

“Young Master, do you really want to give that book to her? Master told you to destroy that book.” Ming Du Tian hesitated for a moment, not because he wanted to disobey the order, but it was not a trivial matter. If all three books were really collected, let alone three books, as long as the person cultivated two books, it was enough to cause a big trouble.

“Are you questioning my order?” Mo Ye glanced at Ming Du Tian indifferently, “Or do you think my father's orders are more important than mine?” Although Mo Ye's tone was calm, Ming Du Tian could hear the coldness in it.

Without saying anything more, Ming Du Tian fell to his knees with a puff, not daring to lift his head, “I dare not. My loyalty is only to you, Young Master.”

Ming Du Tian, who once lived in the world with boundless beauty, was now afraid of Mo Ye. In fact, before ascending to the Celestial Devil Realm, he had never expected the day when he would have to serve others, but when he arrived in the Celestial Devil Realm, he finally knew that his so-called talent was actually nothing. Anyone could pinch him to death. Fortunately, he was lucky. Before his soul flew away, he was rescued. And the person who rescued him was Mo Ye's father.

Before coming down to the lower realm, Ming Du Tian had never seen Mo Ye. He had only heard Mo Ye's father mention that he had two sons, one of them was Mo Ye. He said that this son had a good temper, and he was a little bit different from other devils. He was too kind. Therefore, he had let him handle the things in the lower realm this time.

He thought Mo Ye's temper was really as good as his father said, he thought he was kind. However, it wasn't until after spending some time with Mo Ye that Ming Du Tian realized that all those kindnesses were false. The real Mo Ye was much more ruthless than his father, otherwise he would not be stationed in the two extremely dangerous locations in the Heavenly Devil Sect's Asura Domain and Killing Divine Sea.

At first, Ming Du Tian wanted to find a chance to return to his Master. After all, Mo Ye's father's temper was really good compared to Mo Ye, but later he realized that he would never get the chance to return until his death.

Mo Ye absolutely did not allow his subordinates to be disloyal, even if his subordinates were his father's people. Ming Du Tian knew this very well. This was what he had always worried about the most, that was why he was so scared when Mo Ye said that.

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“Relax, I'm just kidding.” Mo Ye patted Ming Du Tian on the shoulder, “Come on, let's go and see the task that the old man gave.”

After hearing the woman's words, Qi Huan felt a little jealous. Although she didn't know what the relationship between this woman and Mo Ye was, seeing the two of them so close, she just felt uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Mo Ye just glared at that woman, and didn't really carry her.

As a result, the woman sat on the ground and cried while pointing to Mo Ye, accusing him for having another woman in his heart, and despising her as a wife who had gone through ups and downs with him.

After hearing the woman's words, Qi Huan was stunned. It took a long time for her to realize that… Mo Ye has a wife? He's married! That d*mn b*st*rd has a wife and yet he dares to provoke me!

Qi Huan didn't bother to see what happened next. She grabbed the little fox's tail and snapped her fingers. A seven-coloured thunder flashed by, and her figure disappeared instantly.

She thought that this impulse would let her escape into the sea, but after absorbing the seven-colour divine thunder, her escape technique had also improved a lot, so she somehow escaped to someone else's ship. When the people in the other ship saw Qi Huan suddenly appear out of thin air, they thought she was a ghost, and they immediately started running around in horror. Only a young man stood calmly, shook his fan and smiled at Qi Huan.

Mo Ye returned to Qi Huan's room shortly after she left, only to find that she was not there at all. In the end, he searched the entire Heavenly Devil Sect but still found no trace of her, as if she had just disappeared.

“Where is she?” Mo Ye sat in the hall, looking at the row of subordinates kneeling on the ground. His expression was quite calm, without any signs of anger.

“Young Master, when I was at the beach just now… I..I.. I saw a seven-colour divine thunder.” Ming Du Tian stammered. Although Mo Ye didn't say anything, Ming Du Tian instinctively felt fear.

“You said she was at the beach just now?”

“I think so.”

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