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Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: What A Big Black Pot

Alchemy was originally not hard work, but it really requires patience. The reason why Qi Huan decided to blow up the pill furnace when she was practicing alchemy last time was because she didn't have the patience to wait by the pill furnace every day. That was why various incidents happened but now that she had agreed to help Mo Ye, and she had also received so many benefits from him, Qi Huan could only clench her teeth and finish up the process patiently.

After entering the Pill Room for twenty days, Qi Huan finally couldn't help yelling at the furnace, “What is this stupid thing! Why is it so hard!”

Too bad that her words could no longer bring up the spirit of those next to her. Chi Yi just raised his eyelids and stared at Qi Huan dully for several minutes, then he sighed, sniffed, and slowly threw spells into the furnace.

They were making pills from the ancient times. At that time, at least hundreds of people would need to work together to refine this kind of pill. There were only eight of them now, so the process was definitely slower. They were already quite fortunate because their cultivation level was quite decent, so they could support themselves up to now. If it was someone else of lower cultivation level, he or she would have long given up.

Qi Huan came here more than half a month later than them. Mo Ye worried that she would not be able to handle it, so he would occasionally take her place. As for the other men, they surely wouldn't have such a good life. They weren't beauties anyway, so their boss wouldn't be soft on them. Also, they followed the concept of “losing one person is equivalent to saving one person's portion of food. Although the seven of them were Mo Ye's trusted subordinates, they could not afford to cause any trouble.

After five days, Qi Huan didn't have the energy to swear anymore. Everyone sat in front of the pill furnace and mechanically casted spells on the pill furnace like a machine, while Mo Ye had been sitting not far behind them, staring at the pill furnace motionlessly, and occasionally adding unknown elixir to it.

Finally, a month later, Mo Ye announced the good news, the pill would soon be refined. At this time, Qi Huan almost fainted by the changes on her body.

Because she had been constantly consuming the power of thunder over the past month, her Taiji pattern was running faster and faster, and the speed at which a thunder was generated was getting faster and faster. Four clouds of different colours floated on top of the Taiji pattern. It was quite beautiful, but it felt a little dangerous.

The green mist on the corner of the Taiji pattern finally turned into a shape, and it turned out to be a green snake. Originally, Qi Huan wasn't attracted to this kind of cold, slippery creature. It was enough that she had to endure Little Yin, at least it was powerful and could protect people, but to have another snake inside her stomach, that was too much!

Qi Huan used the four clouds to bombard that lazy green snake, wanting to kill it. Unfortunately, no matter how big the thunder was, the snake just moved around on the Taiji pattern, dodging it. She tried several attempts for several days but the snake was still alive and well.

Recently, she was busy refining alchemy and didn't have much time to deal with her stomach problems. She decided to wait for a period of free time, then she would get rid of that green snake.

Otherwise, every time she looked inside herself, she would feel some kind of psychological barrier, which was definitely not conducive to her healthy growth.

At noon the next day, there was a thunderous sound in the pill furnace, which had always been very calm, and Qi Huan knew that the pill was about to be completed. It was not because she had experience but because she could already hear the deafening thunder outside the Pill Room. The pill had already attracted tianjie even before it was completed. She really didn't dare to imagine how it would be after the pill was completed.

Anyway, no matter what, she must hide behind everyone. She had seen the horror of leijie before, so she really didn't want to risk herself in a tianjie.

Unfortunately, things backfired. With a loud “bang”, Qi Huan only felt that the pill furnace beside her suddenly became extremely hot, and then she was pushed 20 meters away by the powerful impact. Sitting paralyzed by a wall, she raised her head, and saw that the roof of the Pill Room was gone, and a seven-coloured thunder intertwined, flashing in the sky. The whole scene looked very thrilling.

After seeing the mysterious cloud, the faces of the few people who were pushed back by the pill furnace were a little distorted. They were just practicing a simple pill, but they actually attracted a Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder by accident!

Fortunately, they were not mortals. If ordinary cultivators encountered this thunder, they would surely turn into ashes! At this time, all of them focused their gazes on Mo Ye, they were still very confident in their master. After all, he was the only one who had survived this crazy Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder Tribulation.

Mo Ye was still sitting on the futon calmly, but his elegant white robe had turned into a blood-red armour. Qi Huan recognized that armour. It was the one she had seen in the tomb. It was the Bone Armour.

With the blood-red armour, blood-red mask, and golden bladeless sword, Qi Huan felt that the man in front of her looked very similar to the man on the mural in the tomb. Could it be that they are the same person? But how could this be possible? No way, how old is Mo Ye? That man on the mural was an ancient monk. He had soared who knows how many years…

Could it be that Mo Ye is his grandson? Otherwise, how could he enter that person's tomb so easily? The more Qi Huan thought about it, the more she felt it was possible.

When she was still in the midst of random thoughts, the pill furnace had already flown into the air, and three golden pills the size of a baby's fist flew out in a flash of golden light: Top-graded celestial pill!

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After the pill was produced, they fled around as if they had spiritual wisdom. They also knew that the cloud above them was here to deal with them. At the same time, Mo Ye, who had been silent for a long time, finally had some action.

He thought Qi Huan would have at least lost half her life even if she didn't die, but she was actually breathing smoothly now, as if… she had just fallen asleep?! The little fox in her arms stood up swayingly, holding the golden pill in its paws and shook its nine furry tails. Its originally white fur had now become pure red, and the colour of its tails had also changed colour: one black, one white, one purple, and six red.

The Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder was equivalent to two tianjie, so it directly gave the little fox four cultivated tails.

Mo Ye carefully carried Qi Huan in his arms, then looked at his subordinates whose bodies were twisted and scorched and exuded a burst of fleshy smell. They were considered to be the most injured and the most wronged.

The three thunder strikes earlier, one was split by Mo Ye, one was somehow lost by Qi Huan, and the last one fell on the seven subordinates. In fact, they had become Little Yin's scapegoat. After the little fox got the second golden pill, Little Yin also s.n.a.t.c.hed the third one. Unfortunately, the thunder strike had already struck down at that time. It knew how powerful the thunder was, so it shamelessly hid directly behind the seven subordinates and let them block the thunder.

Mo Ye held Qi Huan and stood beside his seven subordinates, watching Little Yin twisting its tail, crawling out slowly while still holding a golden pill in its mouth. Big drops of sweat rolled down his forehead, he swore, he did not raise such a shameless snake.

At this time, the subordinates also knew that they had been plotted by the snake, but it was a pity that they were badly injured, and even moving a finger was a problem, so they could only glare at Little Yin viciously.

Little Yin hissed at them, very dissatisfied with their gaze. Then, it deliberately wagged its tail, and instantly flicked away the seven ordinates. Seeing that they all became little stars on the horizon, it smiled with great satisfaction. Then it turned back into a little snake and coiled to rest around Qi Huan's arm. But this time it had a golden pill in its mouth, so from a distance, this “living creature bracelet” looked quite beautiful.

Qi Huan had inexplicably absorbed the seven-colour divine thunder into her body, and her body returned to the state when she had accidentally absorbed the tianjie during her shifu, Xu Kong Zi's transition. However, it was even worse this time, because she was not fit to absorb the seven-colour divine thunder at all. There was lightning and thunder in her stomach again.

Even if it was brightly coloured, it still looked dangerous. Absorbing this kind of thing in her stomach was like swallowing a time bomb!

Slowly Qi Huan discovered that the four clouds she had created during the alchemy process were slowly absorbed by the seven-colour divine thunder, and becoming a seven-colour divine cloud. This cloud faintly emitted a trace of energy that was then absorbed by the Taiji pattern. Slowly, the two actually formed a very strange loop.

Another thing that Qi Huan couldn't accept was that the snake in her stomach had finally evolved. This time it evolved even more weirdly. Its whole body was covered with light blue scales. It had two antlers and four claws. Qi Huan felt that it was becoming more and more like a lizard.

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